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He entered is rat turd car in a car show with few participants.

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What kind of car?

👏👏 almost rear ends cop ...

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The guy getting pulled over stopped in the middle of the road, forcing the cop and biker to stop...

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Y is this pinned

Anyone know where i can buy the top left+right legos

The X5M, X6M! There’s a single M760IL in Dubai that has it IIRC but I’m not sure if that was an available option or a special request.

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Thanks! So none of the 3,5,7s have it? Only M series?

Correct, it’s a fairly new colour so I assume it’ll be standard in the next few years, ( only with M series), just those models were refreshed in the last year or so.

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Oh wow. I’ve seen that color around my town I didn’t know it was an m2, that’s why i asked ty

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Google it haha, it's an Obey 9F (R8) and a Rapid GT (AM Vantage)

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Yo! I’ve always looked for somewhere with all the cars and their real-life counterparts. I know some, having gone back on after experiencing more car knowledge, but I’m still curious

The gta wiki will tell you what it's based on if you search the car.

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There were two ads. One posted for 8k and another 7.5k. He probably got a better deal though

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Super jealous

But did you thank your bus driver.

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Is this a meme? I’m so confused

Last sale on StockX for a DS pair was $280. I’d be willing to go $250 on them.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

The last sale tab is pulled from lots of sites, not just stockx i believe. Currently $299 DS, I can do $300 shipped us

Woah whaat? Why are you at the pentagon?

What does that mean lol

Fossil fuel?

Original Poster2 points · 2 days ago

Yeah she burns a lot of fuel

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No, California has to get it's cut. I had heard the costs involved in getting a part legal could number in the 10s of thousands for a part manufacturer, so a lot of them don't bother.

IMO they should test the emissions and if it passes, it passes, no matter what's under the hood.

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That’s really dumb. I can’t see why California would care, especially since other states don’t.

California politics is driven by LA and San Francisco. The former was covered in smog so bad there were some days you couldn’t breathe, the latter cares so deeply about the enviromnent, no amount of regulation or hassle for the end user is too much.

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Sheesh. That sounds like it has to suck for a car enthusiast! Bummer for such a nice state

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Checkout the balls on this guy

No, pictures only

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Would you recommend the site for getting a personal vehicle? It seems solid

It will list If it's mechanical or body.

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wait where ???

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I believe it’s like a side shot of a green and pink noisebomb 370z. One of the loading screens

22 points · 3 days ago

Sorry for your minor inconvenience but... wheels, not rims.

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What’s the diff?

9 points · 3 days ago

He's being picky; there are three parts to a wheel, the hub (attaches the wheel to the car), the spokes (which radiate from the hub for structural support), and the rim, which is the dish-like "outside" of the wheel which seals against the tire (the rim also has varying internal design on the "outside" of the dish to help the tire seal, normally dependant on use-case and the material the wheel is constructed out of).

However, people like you or I know what OP is talking about when he says rims, because it has entered colloquial language (colloquial = slang). If something has entered colloquial language to such a degree that most people will recognise what the person is talking about, its considered correct language.

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Wow! What a reply, thank you

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