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catkinfood 47 points

There was still interaction just no handling, I personally hand fed this fox treats and ensured he had the appropriate enrichment to have a fulfilling life. He just wasn’t handled, unless needed medical attention, just like hand rearing in a zoo

Edit - spelling

KnowledgeableNarwhal 2 points

What a great experience, thanks for sharing

oh_ok_i_guess 50 points

Your GIF ends too soon... Gotta have cat roll/cuddle in there at the end.

KnowledgeableNarwhal 4 points

Sadly limited to 15 seconds worth when I use video to gif on imgur

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cynic_male 5,901 points

My footwork was like that just trying to stand up straight on the bloody things three weeks ago.

Seriously, thanks for this. I'm showing my kids this video and asking them why they can't do anything close to what she is doing after they were making fun of my attempt the other week.

KnowledgeableNarwhal 1,637 points

This is hilarious! I'm the same way, I've got 0 rollerblading skill but I enjoy watching talented people do it.

KnowledgeableNarwhal 714 points
KnowledgeableNarwhal commented on a post in r/gifs
KnowledgeableNarwhal 668 points

I don't know anything about roosters, but are these healthy? Is this a mutation or something? They're just so bizarre.

missjardinera 978 points

They're fine, they're just posturing. Here's what they look like otherwise.

KnowledgeableNarwhal 10 points

Crazy how they're able to do this. Thanks for the info.

Bostonterrierpug 2 points

Where is the version of this with the Yoshi sounds?

KnowledgeableNarwhal 2 points

Second highest comment

TranquilParagon 4 points

I did not even know Eyebleach was even a subreddit! I am happily surprised!

Please stranger take my upvote.

KnowledgeableNarwhal 1 point

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p_hennessey -8 points

OP, did your keyboard have a seizure? What the hell is that supposed to say?

KnowledgeableNarwhal 8 points

I'm not sure, my keyboard had a seizure.

JstnJ 12 points

It's called wakeboarding...for the record

KnowledgeableNarwhal 6 points

My bad, I'm an uncultured swine.

HauschkasFoot 1 point

My bad, I’m an uncultured swine.

...for the record.

KnowledgeableNarwhal 8 points

My bad, my English is pour.

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JeffHwinger 7 points

Nah, it was from his stand-up special in 2004. Comedy gold.

KnowledgeableNarwhal 8 points
Trojen12 17 points

What's with the guy holding a price scanner on the right.

KnowledgeableNarwhal 25 points

It's a Speed gun I believe

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