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How does one get in these scrims ? I’d really like to play !

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There’s a few different discord servers you can join that host scrims or snipe lobbies on the regular. Fortnite player league is one of them

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How do snipe lobbies work?

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They’re hosted in a discord server, usually. A lot of people will join a voice channel for solo, duo, or squads (or dependent on whoever’s hosting, whichever he/ she prefers) with their mics muted. At some point, an admin will come in, confirm the last game is over/ announce what mode and will begin a countdown for everyone to que at the same time. Not everyone gets into the same lobby, and there are usually quite a few lobbies, but you can guarantee competitive players will be in the lobby, maybe even a pro or two.

This is actually a really good question ngl. Like in junk junction how a bunch of compacted cars gives less metal than a chain link fence

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That's not the point he's making. He's saying hitting the same object should net you the same mats every time. Currently if I drop into a game and hit the Durr Burger head I might get 80 metal, then drop the next game, hit the head again and only get 70 metal. (just example numbers)

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Ahh okay, I get it now. I work night shift and wasn’t really awake yet.

I figured graardor would at least be a chevy, if not a Ford

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Can't forget sweaty springs and areas around. A lot of fighting happens at the divot or areas around the divot as most circles move in a way to force rotations by or through it. Always keep in mind rotations when you are looking for high kill games.

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For some reason I always get a lot of kills when landing salty but hardly actually clear it. It’s weird.

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I don’t get why so many people use streamer mode when they have absolutely no following. How are you going to get your name out there if it’s not.. out there? No wonder nobody follows you :/

I haven’t been this stressed over fortnite since I got in my first top 2 in solos

SMS’s got nerfed, tommy guns fire blanks sometimes, and materials got buffed. Metal is all around best material now. Shotguns still suck.


This is more of a QoL request, but I don’t see why not. I’ve built a lot of 2x2 bases which is a waste of now precious mats to secure a supply drop. Just have it drop in the center. Let us place that one floor and have the feels good moment when it hits dead center on it


EPIC has way bigger tweaks to fry before worrying about something like this, i think.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Horn on atk added btw. /s

You’re right tho

Someone sitting there on green would ruin my good mood.

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Original Poster5 points · 7 days ago

He’s probably had a hard day, just give him some time :D

Fortnite be absolutely wild

I thought this was like a super smash bros symbol. super smash royale

Try bringing that in through TSA for a cosplay event lol


This post is entirely comprised of complaints strictly regarding values that can be altered. Performance issues and bugs will not be addressed. That being said, here is an ideal update based on the Numerous posts in reddit as well as Streamers suggestions.


Pump shotgun

  • Base damage increased from 80-85 (green-blue rarities) to 86-91

  • Headshot Multiplier changed from 2 to 2.35

  • Damage fall off slightly increased

Pump shotgun headshots at PB range should be able to 1 shot anybody. The Max headshot damage for the green pump with this formula equals 202.1. This rewards skilled players who are able to close the distance between opponents and be able to land every pellet on the opponents head. With spread being the way it is, it is impossible to land a 200+ hit from any farther than point blank.

Heavy Shotgun

  • Base damage increased from 74-77 (epic-legendary rarities) to 77-81)

Overall, the Heavy shotgun sits in a pretty nice place, but with a change to the pump in discussion, many people worry about the pump over taking the Heavy. This helps mitigate that effect. The epic Heavy can not 1 tap, but the Legendary can. The heavy has a faster fire rate, accuracy, magazine capacity, and slightly less fall off damage than the pump, making it, in general, more viable than a pump.

Tactical Shotgun

  • Base damage increased from 67-70-74 (common-uncommon-rare rarities) to 71-75-80

*The Tac shotguns also sits in a pretty nice spot, but dealing so little damage can be horribly detrimental to it's viability, especially in this ideal update where shotguns get buffed.

  • Double pump remains disabled

  • Pull out delay disabled for all shotguns when editing


  • Accuracy increased by 15% (universal)

  • Spread reduced from .25 to .2 (universal)

Suppressed Pistol

  • Damage increased from 26-28 (epic-legendary) to 28-30


  • Headshot multiplier increased from 2 to 2.5

Hand Cannon

  • Fall off damage heavily decreased


  • Fall off damage heavily decreased



  • wall starting health increased from 80 to 90

  • ramp/ roof/ floor starting health increased from 75 to 80


  • wall starting health increased from 80 to 85

  • ramp/ roof/ floor starting health increased from 75 to 80


  • A new structure of the same type cannot be placed in the same spot for 0.3 seconds. (Example because i have no idea how to make this not sound misleading: You are fighting a player. He builds a 1x1 to heal/ reload weapons, aka 'turtling'. You shoot the wall, he places another. you shoot that wall down immediately. your enemy can no longer turbo build for safety for 0.3 seconds due to this cooldown. Please note that this is my own personal take on how to get rid of turtling, and no outside opinions have been shared over this.

Assault Rifles


  • Automatic Assault Rifles (M4 and Scar) Accuracy increased 10%

Burst AR's

  • Burst Assault Rifles (Burst and Famas) Accuracy increased 20%

Burst Assault Rifles have always found their niche in other games as not being able to deal as much damage as a regular assault rifle, but have comparatively higher accuracy. An accuracy buff would be not only practical, but natural.


  • Can be mounted on the ground/ ledge/ window for improved accuracy


  • All SMG's damage to structures decreased by 10%

As mentioned in the title, this is a collective list of changes based on the generous commenters of Reddit and Twitch streamers summed into a single ideal update. I personally think that, should this update be made reality, that the game would be far more balanced, incentivizing more aggressive and fun play. Let me know what you guys think, as I'd genuinely like to see open discussion on this, preferably civil.

TL;DR: Shotguns get damage buff, AR's get accuracy buff, SMG's get nerfed almost all around except for damage, 'Turtle' building nerf, and newly built structures buff.

Edit 1: Oh god formatting


I agree on almost everything except the base damage increase of the tac shotgun. The firerate is high and its easy to use. It's in a good spot now.

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

I dunno, it has more spread. I just got out of a game where I hit 4 40’s in a row from about 10 meters away. Fast fire rate, sure, but I don’t think it’s compete against any other gun at that range.

My bad, I misunderstood what you meant. And I get where you’re coming from when it comes to turtling. The only problem right now as it stands is that a lot of the guns (like the minigun and LMG) can easily destroy structures due to the reduced health, so being aggressive and pushing is much much harder than it was pre-patch 5.10.

I mean, it’s so bad to the point I could barely push a dude with a famas...think about that for a second lol

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Original Poster2 points · 10 days ago

Starting health buff :) I know that won’t fix it per say, but it would help alleviate, if only slightly

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We just gonna ignore the fact he’s straight tossing a baby 😂

I work in eSports. Most contracts won’t take any money from the players winnings. If they did, it’d be a lot harder to sign ANY player. If there is anything taken out, it’s usually so the organization does the taxes for the player/ team. But there ARE some orgs that will take a small portion of winnings from the player to help fund travel/ lodge/ food/ transportation/ on site management.

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