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KraydleTM commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Datsmellysmell 1 point

Sorry I’m just replying.. I’ll definitely start saving replays and watching them. Any particular game results you do it for, or should I just start saving a ton of gameplay and go from there?

Edit: thanks for your advice and input!

KraydleTM 2 points

I still do it to this day (download replays) if I’m completely destroyed in a match (and this is Champ 3 level) I can usually pick off times where I went for boost when I shouldn’t have and general positioning errors. I’ll take note of if my tm did what I would’ve done in the same situation or if I wasn’t where I thought I’d be in others. Of course there are some matches where I just get completely outclassed and out maneuvered. You don’t gotta save several matches a day, or even a week. When I found something that was fundamentally wrong that I consistently did, I picked that part and worked on it.

Datsmellysmell 2 points

Awesome, thanks. Makes perfect sense. Much appreciated.

KraydleTM 2 points

Absolutely. Good luck man!

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KraydleTM commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
KraydleTM -1 points

I’m all for epic helping accommodate players, but for now you could try messing with some of the color blind visuals

GetCPA 1 point

Dude shut up

KraydleTM -6 points

No u

KraydleTM commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
troyikeman 1 point

So your saying not only do the bullets not go exactly where you point them.. they can go through the arms of these roid heads

KraydleTM 1 point

For girls, a bullet that goes slightly by the arm or whatever would still hit

troyikeman 1 point

Kinda stupid if you ask me

KraydleTM 2 points

I mean, it would give smaller skins a competitive advantage

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