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Krunschy commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
SwiftLilEagle 25 points

I don't get why people are still surprised that the rewards are mediocre. I don't think they've been all that great at all to date.

Krunschy 5 points

I really liked the trails as well as the boost. They're really clean-looking, probably because they're the only rewards so far that are all particels, which is why I had big hopes for goal explosions.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Krunschy 2 points

Sure, they can't do kickoffs and saves, but that's reasonable as these are probably amongst the hardest hoops skills. However they can still put some pressure on your opponents by challenging and doing (weak) clears, allowing you to not get boost starved, which could very well happen, when your opponents play the 2v1 well. They even get some nice shots done every now and then, resulting in not much less goals, then their shots in Soccar, as saving in Hoops can be harder.
So all in all I think bots in Hoops are fine relative to their Soccar performance. However I hope that in the near future this won't be as much of an issue anyways, as they are about to take steps to incentivize people to finish their games.

DamnCinemaNachos199 1 point

allowing you to not get boost starved

They are made for stealing your boost more than they are helping.

Krunschy 1 point

I know that bots are rather boost hungry, but hoops is a game mode that has a lot of boost accessible anyways. I mean even though the area you play on is significantly smaller than in Soccar, you still have as many big boost containers as on regular fields, which were designed for 3v3 even.

Now when a bot grabs your corner boost, it might be annoying, but when they get a touch that sends the ball in their half, that means that you can pretty much choose from your corner + mid boosts, so you're pretty much guaranteed to get one then.
Playing 1v2 however, this is not the case. The enemy can just constantly keep grabing your corner boosts, while forcing you in your own half to defend. And when you get a clear, they can just retreat through the mid boosts before you get there, since you took the shot.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
abc123def456789 1 point

people complaining about banners and goal explosions that they will never use.

Krunschy 4 points

Of course people won't use them when they dislike them enough to complain about them. But they comment exactly to encourage higher quality rewards so that they will want to use them.

Spugine 297 points

I can see why people who got to champion might be upset now, not sure how I feel about the change.

I was hoping that the goal explosions would show the highest achieved rank but they seem really really rushed with the shared tiers and looking like worse atomizers.

Krunschy 93 points

The fact that without explanation it is impossible to determine which goal explosion is of the highest tier really goes to show how bad it is. I mean I can see if they're kinda similar but some more particels for higher ranks and or brigther colors wouldn't have killed them. This is particularily bad since they just decided that the reward colors don't have to correspond to the ranks achieved anymore. And to top it all of not even every tier gets their own color, as if it was that much effort when the variations are nothing but recolors.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/hearthstone
Radddddd 29 points

If you watch Firebat's new deck doctor with Control Hunter there is a game vs Warrior where he plays Rexxar on 6 and just makes beasts all game. It was somehow the most entertaining game... I think you are on to something.

Krunschy 1 point

Rexxar is just amazing vs Warriors. He simply runs them out of resources by keeping on pumping out big dudes.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/customhearthstone
Krunschy 2 points

I would argue that this would be fine at 4 mana. Sure the combo with Unleash the Hounds is there, but I don't see a problem with giving hunters a two card semi-boardclear for 7.

If you try to use that aggressively however it's probably a worse use since you have to be ahead on board with small minions preferably and trade (as a hunter mind you) before doing this to buff your guys. Even at 4 mana it's probably still more beneficial to just go face and play a less awkward card instead if you're in such a position.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/hearthstone
Krunschy 0 points

I think not only is the problem, as for why people won't do that, that with the gold reards you're encouraged to tryahrd even in casual, but also that winning is just more fun. So the more casual the queue becomes, the more incentivized people are to tryhard in there, cause it's a walk in the park there then. Without the rewards there would probably be less people doing this, but if you want casual to be, well, casual it probably needs more than that.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Krunschy 3 points

Not to disregard your play here, but watching this clip just reminded me of how much I'd love to see people being able to choose what side they respawn on (or at least make it somehow else not random). If he won the 50:50 there, this would have been an easy clear, preventing what I assume to be a game winning goal.

I really don't think a competitive game like Rocket League, which by itself is basically RNG-free, has place for RNG like that, especially when it's that avoidable.

CunnedStunt 6 points

Would you even have time to react if you had to pick a respawn location? You would have 2 seconds and no idea where the ball is.

Krunschy 3 points

I personally find 2 seconds quite lenghty during a match and I think most of the times it's rather straight forward what to pick. If you're defending it's the side opposite from the ball and when attacking, it doesn't matter that much.

I agree though that determining this can be rather difficult, especially since as the camera behaves now when you're demo'd is pretty awkward. What would be cool for that would be if the camera swung to a bird's view above your box while you're dead so that it nicely displays the 2 respawn spots and letting you pick one this way.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/hearthstone
Krunschy 1 point

As someone who is terrible at organizing their stuff I actually throughly appreciate the limit on the deckslots. Whenever I hit it, it's a really good indicator that I have way too many decks I don't really play anymore that cluster up my deck selection (which can be particularily annoying when I even forget what deck it was) and it forces me to clean up.

I can really see how 18 slots isn't that good of a limit for people with broader collections though, especially when they play wild as well as standard.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/hearthstone
Krunschy 1 point

Speaking of quests, is anyone else getting a ridiculous amount of 50g quests since the change? Despite rerolling daily I haven't seen any more valueable quest since 5 days. I never experienced something like this before despite playing for years, so could it be that they skewed with the odds a bit when they changed the quests?

havoK718 1 point

Because 90%+ of the quests are 50g now. Win with X once, win with X or Y, deal 65 hero damage, kill minions, play small/big minions, murlocs, etc are all 50g.

Krunschy 1 point

Wait, did they make some 60g quests 50g (with less requirements) as well? Because I'm pretty sure the odds of getting a quests higher than 50g were higher than 10% before.

Edit: I looked up all possible quests and came to the conclusion that there are a total of 63.5 (I counted Tavern Brawl quests as 0.5 since you can only get it half of the week) different quests one can get each day, counting class quests as 9 different ones (However since there are class quests in 60g aswell it shouldn't make much of a difference). So if each quests is equally likely, the odds of getting a 50g quests are about 75.6%. It might be that they skewed with the odds a bit, but 90%+ for a 50g seems a tad extreme, after looking at it this way.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/hearthstone
Krunschy 2 points

This is the point where he's supposed to just Dire Frenzy them back in. How could control Hunter possibly not be a deck yet with such great value?

NotFx 3 points

I know you're joking, but I feel like I should point out that Dire Frenzy only works on beasts.

Krunschy 1 point

Whoops, my bad.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Krunschy 4 points

The thing with costumisations like these that affect everyone is just how one would go about implementing them. What would make the most sense is to only display it on your screen, however people do care to display their items to other players, else they'd be using mods.

However if you display it on everyones screen, not only do you run into the problem, that multiple people might have a trail skin, but also could it be a problem that it bugs competitive people when the ball becomes too flashy. So then again you'd have to offer the option to not display trail skins, which in turn would make these trails considerably less important for most people (since it would only need one flashy trail for many players to permanently disable this feature).

So all in all, if you want that (and play on PC) it's probably best to just figure out how to skin it using alpha console (which shouldn't be impossible, since there are people who already skinned other non-costumiasble parts like the ball), since even if they were to introduce this in the game, it wouldn't be much different.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/hearthstone
Queuebatt 6 points

The elusive mechanic isn't the problem, it's the random cheating out of the minion. No-one would ever play Tyrantus in a tournament if you couldn't get it out on turn 6, and if it ever did become something you needed to consistently worry about, there are non-targeted answers and minion ability based answers out there for it (just not available to every archetype of every class).

I don't even think it's a problem that Spell Hunter can get solo'd by Tyrantus necessarily. When you build Spell Hunter you have to be aware that you have no answer for a Tyrantus in your deck other than lucking into a poisonous charger/rusher off your DK, and you know that Spiteful Druid has a 1/5 chance of rolling Tyrantus off their Spiteful Summoner. That is probably part of it being an unfavourable matchup, honestly.

Krunschy 1 point

The elusive mechanic isn't the problem, it's the random cheating out of the minion.

That's kinda what I was getting at here. As said, Tyrantus as a card is fine, since it's too slow, but when you get to cheat it out it becomes a problem. Arguably however Tyrantus himself is part of the problem too, cause even though it's pretty useless on its own, it makes it so that when designing cards one has to be particularily careful with "cheating out" mechanics, and if not, stuff like this happens. Pretty much similarily to how Voidlord wouldn't even be that good if it wasn't for Lackey. Voidlord definitely isn't a problem card on its own, but the circumstances make it feel like it was.

I do think however that it's problem that there are decks out there that downright get solo'd by Tyrantus. Of course one can tech against it, worst case even with stuff like Voodoo Doll, but you only have 30 cards in your deck. Throwing in a tech for one speific high roll of one specific deck probably leads to a worse deck all around, since it's just way too uncommon. So if you're building your deck competitively, you need to take the risk of getting bodied by that highroll, which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

Queuebatt 1 point

So if you're building your deck competitively, you need to take the risk of getting bodied by that highroll, which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

Maybe, but unfortunately people getting bodied by high rolls has been an integral part of the game since 2016.

Krunschy 1 point

Yes, and in certain aspects of the game, like card draw you have to have that. However in this particular case, it's rather unnecessary and unasked for, so I'd much rather have this not be a thing and make Tyrantus gain its text using a battlecry for example.

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Krunschy commented on a post in r/hearthstone
VegardKrogstad 76 points

Can we discuss how awful the art is?

Krunschy 4 points

Though it's quite bad when you take a closer look, it's hardly noticeable when you don't. And as an icon I really like it, also because its shape is very recognizeable. So if they were to change it, I would prefer if they just improved on the existing image rather than making an entirely new one.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Krunschy 1 point

I would also love this just to get a bit of a better feeling as for how fair the lobby was. Right now when the you see that the enemy rank is on average higher than yours, you have no idea whether it was just supposed to be a more challenging match or whether they just ranked up.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Krunschy 10 points

I just wish one had the option to hide forfeit votes, either in general or as a button below the vote button. It's so annoying, discouraging even, to have one your screen and there's no way to get rid of it other than to wait it out.

Krunschy commented on a post in r/hearthstone
Roseandrewm 26 points

How dare someone play good decks! Everybody should play their trash priest homebrew deck with 30 legendaries. Damn netdeckers ruining this game!

Krunschy 29 points

I love how, even though he deleted his comment, one can make out exactly what he said just from this reply.

[deleted] -28 points


Krunschy 11 points

I indeed have no experience with making posts so bad, they get deleted! You sure got me good there.

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