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Kunzzi commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Akonikun 1,112 points

A bit concerning though when the article mentions that 126 million of those people came from China. As impressive as the number is, 1 million people watching in the rest of the world is a bit sad in comparison. Not to mention the possibility of bots that the article mentions.

Kunzzi 1 point

Riot pandering to those millions of chinks with dreadful schedules for both EU and NA (even though those games were played in EU) helps.

Kunzzi commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Rolf_Dom -44 points

I think this is a great stat-line to show that EU and NA really are very close in performance, but because of the small sample size favouring coin-flip scenarios, NA has simply drawn the short straw too often.

It's actually disgusting how many tiebreakers NA has lost and how massive of an impact it has had on their international records.

Make NA win even half of those tiebreakers and they may very well be ahead of EU in terms of international success stories, or at least very close.

Kunzzi 65 points

Except tiebreakers aren't some sort of 50/50 coin flips. For some reason EU teams simply have the best mental strength when it comes to those nerve wrecking games where as NA simply crumbles. I can only guess what's the reason behind it and the reason is probably completely different for each player.

Kunzzi 1 point


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Kunzzi -1 points

I understand and accept fans shitting on underperforming players in actual physical sports because usually those people actually pay for really expensive tickets to see them live thus supporting the actual club and the player's salary. In e-sports however unless we get an LCS team funded entirely by reddit this sort of behavior is kinda lame.

I still love to laugh at NA in grudge matches against EU though.

Kunzzi commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
BigBenW 2,086 points

In before no one reads the article and says DMG% doesn't matter when he's top 3 in DPM, KP% and GD@15 on the second worst performing team.

Most impressively he's second in DPM at the tournament behind Pray.

Kunzzi 1 point

And none of it matters when Dlift gets caught like in that Jhin game against RNG and Ornn's ult.

Kunzzi commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Maxpach 835 points


Despite what happened in this game, NA proved they are not hot garbage, they came back from such a depressive lose streak, with doublelift and xmithie showing up big time.

I'm an EU fan, and I was pretty skeptikal of NA in the first days as well, but I never agreed with all those posts calling the pros unmotivated, and getting payed for nothing. TL proved those posts wrong and almost turned it around pretty amazingly.

Despite NA going home today, I think you guys didn't go without putting up a great fight so, congratulations to you.

Kunzzi 5 points

Haha no. It's just in NA's tradition to suddenly miraculously turn it one way or another - whether your'e first in groups after week 1 or 0/4 with 6 games remaining you'll always end up in a tiebreaker which you throw away.

feanor21 6 points

It's called following the script man, learn to embrace it!

Kunzzi 1 point

The script always calls for EU overthrowing NA in tiebreakers. Odd decision by Rito since they have such an obvious history of neglecting EU LCS.

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Kunzzi commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Kunzzi 1 point

TL couldn't close this game for over 40 minutes while having 10k cs lead, 5 drakes and with FNC shooting themselves in the foot by sacrificing both Caps and Bwipo to support under performing Rekkles in an adc comp. I know we are being optimistic but get real.

Kunzzi commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
David920 38 points

TSM internationally is still bad.... It's just that Liquid is bad too lol.

Kunzzi 1 point

TSM would somehow manage to turn this 5 days long group stage into a 2 weeks format to crush reddit's hopes.

Kunzzi 0 points

In time, you will know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail all the same. Dread it, run from it, 1-9 still arrives...Fun isn't something one considers when thinking about NA LCS. But this does put a smile on my face.

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[deleted] 343 points


Kunzzi 2 points

In time, you will know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail all the same. Dread it, run from it, 1-9 still arrives...Fun isn't something one considers when thinking about NA LCS. But this does put a smile on my face.

Kunzzi commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Kunzzi -4 points

This is so pathetically scripted. TL getting 3 infernals when they were ahead in early. RNG's MLXD literally stopped in middle of the game being told that he has to run it down mid in order to not be executed. FNC bringing in a player with injury who hasn't played league for a month after Bwipo had two games of his lifetime. Shit makes me physically ill.

Kunzzi commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Kunzzi 6 points

I've said it before and I'll say it hundred times more. Franchising killed NA LCS competitively - removing the fear of relegation turned it into a retirement home for washed up EU and KR pros. Expect NA teams to never get out of groups again at every major tournament.

Kunzzi commented on a post in r/wowservers
Kunzzi 4 points

As a warrior - Cataclysm and WoD were by far two worst moments in our history, for two different reasons. Cata with its retarded "all over the place" ability and talent design and terrible abilities like Throwdown - a stun that due to lag, bugs and crappy tracking had shorter range than actual melee attacks... really? You know that this ability was actually unusable if you faced Russian teams in arenas because of the desync between what you see on screen and their actual position? You could stand literally on them while they have 50% slow on them and you would still get informed that you're out of range to use it. Warrior just sucked. WoD on the other hand is different, warriors were broken but completely braindead both in PvP and PVE. I'm not ashamed to admit that playing the retard friendly thunder cleave through WoD was the only time I got gladiator on retail. PVE was even funnier especially in 6.2 during HFC - get raid set, apply rend and forget about everything else while spamming mortal strike. Every other xpac was alright with best being Wotlk (Arms) and Legion (fury)

Kunzzi commented on a post in r/wowservers
Kunzzi 2 points

Vanilla - Most nostalgia, best feeling of "old school WoW" where you are forced to group up and meet people because you can't even solo majority of quests, fun experience

TBC - Best pve content hands down, ye sure WoW made massive progress in terms of complexity behind mechanics of bosses but TBC was simply done just right, no HC/Mythic bullshit, same difficulty level for everyone so gear still meant something, hc dungeons being actually hard etc. Just so so good

Wotlk - Best PvP both in terms of fun and balance, all classes had two or more specs that were more than viable in 2v2 or 3v3, imo ruined by the end with ICC gear forcing players to grind PVE and giving smourne players broken edge, also personally I hated the removal of 2v2 bracket titles because I was always playing 2s with my brother and playing 3v3 forced us to get an outsider. Still loved it as a warrior main I guess - rip armor pen.

Cata - Dogshit, simply dogshit. From terrible dumb revamps like Balance druid and Paladin, through even more PVE grind with specs like retri being unusable without judgement's holy power gain from t13 2/4 pieces, to unusable abilities like throwdown against Russian laggers that were introduced to European servers. People who defend its PVP are simply shills who were on the broken side of balance (talking about warlocks and rshamans making up for 50% of class representation in season 11 glad teams) - Generally casters shill for it saying it's the best exp ever while melee classes hate the shit out of it (unless you play rogue I guess but Cata rogue was simply broken so badly that cata rogue glads couldn't hit 2.2k in MoP)

MOP - 2nd best PVP - although admittedly its first pvp season was absolutely shit with garbage like 1shot frost bomb mages, Avatar arms warriors ccing from 100 to 0 with gag order and BM hunters getting gladiator with 1 button macro because of stampede ignoring pvp defense for 6 months it got better and by the end of exp it was great, 2nd best PVE, best world content imo but people still shit on it because it's a "kid's expansion". It was genuinely good, maybe even great.

WoD - no words, fuck this expansion although thanks for free gladiator with broken thunder cleave I guess? The whole expansion had 1 redeeming quality named "gladiator stance" and that shit only lasted for a month b4 it got nerfed into oblivion.

Legion - Weak PVP, really fun PVE which could be the best we ever had if it wasn't for the fact that Blizz brought tons of RNG and grind. I got burned down after grinding Maw of Souls for 1126 times (yes that's an actual number in my DBM b4 I quit) to get my BIS legendary for arms (which btw never came)

Kunzzi commented on a post in r/wowservers
Kunzzi 4 points

I already said it and will say it again. The staff at Ascension is the least qualified group of people to run anything, even a tool booth. After thousands of complains and frustrated posts from players on twitter/forum/reddit what do they do? Block people on twitter, close threads on forum and shill while downvoting on reddit. This server is a circle jerk, nothing more nothing less, every change made in the game is made around money and old guard of players who simply want to continue 1shotting newbies while never being truly challenged because this server is their escapism from being garbage 1600 rated players on retail/blizzlike servers. Don't bother. By "auction issues" they meant people literally exploiting a 4 years old AH dupe and even older issue of being able to buy everything for 1 copper. Fk verydad.

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