Rei from (Altered Carbon) is one of the most annoying villians ever by [deleted] in television

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damnit I keep making that mistake, is there a way to edit the title?

no, you need to resubmit with a spoiler-free title and delete the (removed) original

Prominent Lawyer in Fight for Gay Rights Dies After Setting Himself on Fire in Prospect Park by Bingalingalingadong in news

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I can’t see how eliminating yourself can be a forward step...

it's not, I've skirted depression, it's more a feeling of "fk it, I give up". When/if it passes, you think "dear god, what was I thinking?" or "man, how dumb am I?", but at the time it seems it's the only solution left. Horrible stuff, thankfully I only ever had one brief period so low

Kristen Stewart forgets she has short hair by PM_ME_UR_BOOBS_CUTIE in funny

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because of the rapidly-blinking lighting, which means you only see the thumbnail unless you click (hence the flair, for our epileptic readers)

In my city... by corydoncafe in funny

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All done, welcome to the club :) Yes, you can use i.redd.it or imgur

[#1|+24730|937] TIL Mark Zuckerberg was sued by 3 reporters from the Crimson, after Zuckerberg hacked into their email accounts to monitor the investigation against him. He used their invalid logins on facebook.com, to zero in on their email passwords. [/r/todayilearned] by Frontpage-Watch in undelete

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maybe he was pressured, or even paid off.

oh dear lord, your paranoia is showing :) WHO would pay me off or "pressure" me to remove ONE poxy post out of HUNDREDS I deal with daily :) ? Grow up. The simple fact is your link prevented me, as a moderator trying to check the veracity of your submission, with an adblock/paywall. We don't have time to get round such blocks for each & every post we try to verify, ergo it was removed. Simple really

So saying he's FoS constitutes abuse.

yup, I'm a volunteer who tries to reply politely and factually when I see a modmail relevant to me, I don't have to take that from you or anybody. If you don't like the QoS a subreddit supplies, post elsewhere