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Looking for help with a project , trying to find a screw/corkscrew design that frees itself and snaps back to its first position at the end of its travel

It’s a little hard to explain but let me give it a shot. I’m modifying a cheapo staple gun to have the trigger pulled by an electric drill. Having the drill wind and then unwind a clamp seems like the simply solution but I’m trying to find a mechanism that can reset the trigger instantly after the staple is fired. Let me know if you have questions and thanks in advance !


Yeah, can it show shurmurfle? Because I can imagine a color named shurmurfle. Check mate .

But but the coal miners!

Russia is standing with FBI in the fight against Republicans ? Edit: I even confused myself (words)

Only to realize “eh, this song isn’t that great”

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A mortise is just a hole made to accept something and there is nothing stating that a mortise isn't open-ended.

By making it open ended you're making the board with the mortise significantly weaker.

So how exactly would you design a table like this?

I would joint the boards on the frame to eachother and then joint that to the legs separately just like the vast majority of tables are made. Or if I was really dedicated to making this all one joint, I would use something like this which doesn't sacrifice the thickness of any of the boards and doesn't create long, open ended slots that would be prone to breaking.

Okay, let's just stop right here because this shows you don't really have much experience in woodworking at all.

You're getting a little bit hostile and are making an assumption about my woodworking experience based on my accurate comment about where a joint would theoretically be weak. This is a joint I considered using to build a bed frame, but everything I could find on that joint suggested against it.

This sort of joinery has been used more or less since we started making furniture out of wood and we are still using it because it holds up well.

This really is not a common joint.

Why would this survive for hundreds if not thousands of years if it was as bad as you say it is?

Its a weaker joint than alternative ways of connecting 3 pieces of wood in a corner for the reasons explained above and is particularly weak against lateral forces.

Here are two threads talking about this joint. One (from /r/woodworking). Two. You'll notice that one it is not a commonly used joint, and that it is considered by most of the users to be a weak joint. Admittedly there are a few comments saying people have used it and its worked fine, but for the most part people are recommending against it, especially in thinner stock.

edit: Updated the first link to be to the entire thread instead of a particular comment within the thread.

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Everything this guy said, seriously just look at the joint. Even if we give him the Benefit of the doubt and say this is a dry fit and he plans to add glue, any twist on the legs whatsoever will crack the tiny bit of mortise left

This is their best sketch. No contest.

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Ohhh, now you fucked up! Now you fucked up!Now you fucked up!You have fucked up now. Now you fucked up!Now you fucked Now you fucked up!Now you fucked

Good lord , this repost goes back over 2 years and no one has even bothered to reword the title

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A civics lesson from a slaver. Hey, neighbor.

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Your debts are paid cuz you don’t pay for labor

No where near the point of this sub but a front page’s worth of upvotes cuz boob

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Damn, so Hale in the 2 weeks later timeline was Dolores the whole time?

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Guess I have to rewatch this whole season again! Should I start tonight ?

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