It's true by SilentWalrus92 in funny

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I feel this one is too real to get upvoted

And so we wait... by jumpinjellibeans in Thisismylifemeow

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Some say they are still in that garden today

Daily /r/hqtrivia 9PM ET Discussion/Referral Thread - 04/10/2018 by AutoModerator in hqtrivia

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Code: Collinmullahy

Can I please get some love, I feel like I’ve given a ton of referrals and received none back

Booker Dewitt is a handsome boy and he knows it too! :) by Pugleesi in pugs

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Goddamn it, now I need to play all of Bioshock again

HMC while I climb the fridge by manb00bx in holdmycosmo

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This is like the 5th video I've seen like this!! How do people think refrigerators are mounted?