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My step-grandfather was a Compaq computer scientist throughout the 80s and 90s up to the HP buyout. He got me into PC gaming with Return to Castle Wolfenstein when I was probably 12. He even took me to pick up Battlefield Vietnam on release date.

Always loved his shooters and Prince of Persia, and hated digital distribution so he bought physical copies as often as possible. I'm going to try and recover his steam account at least.

And before anyone feels super old: He was in his 70s. Definitely the oldest gamer I ever knew.

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Please tell me he had half life 2 on his steam

No they're not. Mitchell doesn't exist. HDTF isn't canon.

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I wish there was a way to get it off steam

Does that mean Freedom got fucked by America.

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No, it means liberty got fucked by America

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"And I Trying"

God damn it, it was so close to being good

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A single typo doesn't make it bad.

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My mild OCD says otherwise

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A few years ago I'd moved in to a new (and my first!) apartment, and the cold winter months kept me from really running into many neighbors. I was making an active effort to at least be nice and friendly if I ran into anyone.

It was the last day of winter, I'm heading to work, and a neighbor is sitting outside on a bench, reading in front of the apartment building. This was an old dude, like, if he said he turned 30 on D-Day I might not be surprised. I wanted to say something, he was reading - enjoy you book? have a nice last day of winter?

Instead I made intense eye contact with this old guy, and said "Enjoy your last day" and hurried off. I was mortified but it was too late - and my delivery was awful since I realized what was happening part way through so it was sorta monotone and aggressive

I only saw him around the building one other time and we politely avoided eye contact.

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Ladies and gentlemen, right here we have a new "are you fucking sorry".

Kzero01 commented on

Day 382

Still trying to get the joke, but I'm afraid I will not be clever enough to get it, considering food ran out weeks ago. Water yesterday. I'm afraid this is the end.

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There were 8 of us

edit: grammer

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That bit in the sewer when it's dark and there are those giant aliens around every corner, that bit was the toughest for me.

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Nah, at least these aliens don't shoot at you with an assault rifle. Worst part for me was the storage with black ops literally everywhere. I gave up after the 10th try and just turned on god mode for a while.

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I had a similar rule as a kid and now I find it impossible to binge a show. My record is 3 30 minute episodes.

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This is a really healthy habit I wish I had

That ain't even the worst part of the movie. I went to Wikipedia to see the reviews and in this movie, the Ludacris dog gets his balls fondled (he's undercover as a show dog and judges do that to dogs).

Some other dog tells him that if he wants to complete the mission, when the human touches him there, he needs to go to his "happy place".

To quote the Nostalgia Critic, "A Family Picture".

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it's a meme you dip

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Been a while since I heard 'you dip'

this man knows the best thing that goes with cigs

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Everybody in this sub knows at this point. Oh, and don't forget about a good book.

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I bet it's just GPDR load of texts :)

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Then why different update sizes?

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with her horehead

Bro'heads before ho'heads.

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What have I done

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