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I've been watching this stuff over the last week or two, clearly the money-men of Brexit have decided that they no longer like the GFA because plenty of Brexiteers have been talking about how the GFA is 'past its sell by date' recently.

It's so transparent it's sickening. Attempting to hurt my island because of their ideological hatred against the EU. Enough is enough, the little toerags need to fuck off.

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Too true. Speaking as a Norn Ironer, Brexit has completely disenfranchised me from whatever attachment I'd felt for the United Kingdom as an entity we should be part of. I'm fully behind ridding ourselves of these Scooby-Doo like villains they've got in Westminster and waving at them as they go.

Funny thing is many in Britain would like NI flagwavers to fuck off too with their 1950s attitudes. They say they're British, but their values are unrecognisable to the rest of the UK.

These are interesting times.

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To be fair to the Unionists, the reason this is national news now is because the rest of the UK voted for Brexit.

Look we all know this country is fucked because of poor people. The disableds, the unemployed, the homeless, the immigrants, these people have completely fucked us up, and left us weaker. If you have memories of the banks and the rich being responsible, you're wrong. You imagined that.

It's logic. Think about it like this - imagine there's a great banquet, lots of food for everyone. But everyone isn't getting enough food! Ther's a shortage. Who are you going to blame, the people eating crumbs, for stealing your crumbs? or the people eating enough for two or three people? That's right, the crumb stealers.

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If you have memories of the banks and the rich being responsible, you're wrong. You imagined that.

I'm literally staggered that people have forgotten or wilfully ignored this already.

You know, Pat's been laying into the Irish pretty heavily the past while on the podcast and his streams.

I think he might actually have a crush on SuperEyepatchWolf.

Ees just leetel charch. You no even notiss eet.

-11 points · 4 months ago

Given that Germany has let in over a million migrants in the last 2 years, the german guy is about the last person on earth who can complain about a country making an obviously stupid decision.

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Given that Germany has let in over a million migrants in the last 2 years,

aaaaand blocked.

The 2 French girls had never heard of Northern Ireland, just Ireland. I gave up.

Myself and my girlfriend drank with this Texan couple in Cuba there last June. They didn't know Britain and Ireland were Islands despite having visited both.

Ignorance of some people is astounding.

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Did they know Cuba was an island?

52 points · 4 months ago

Have you watched their other shows? I was introduced to RLM through HitB, but now I think it is a middling show compared to Best of the Worst or Nerd Crew.

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Check some Previousl Recorded streams with Rich and Jack (and occasionally Jay! But never Mike.)

How dense are you?

I posited an "East Asian Union" composed of neighbouring countries in the same way that the EU is. I also posited that Japan would not join said union. That's it. It's not hard.

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Because the European Union is an utterly unique and incredibly complex creation that has no parallel anywhere in history.

It's infinitely more democratic and complex than the hated British Empire and promotes sound policy based on human rights, trade and rationality, and has been massively successful in all of the above which is why countries choose to join it, including us.

Now, what parallel does that have to what you described other than stating a bunch of countries not sharing the history of rationality, democracy and trade that we in the EU do with each other, should enter into a vague relationship you couldn't be bothered to describe?

Why are you answering with "because" when I didn't ask for any reasons?

Why do you bring up the British Empire out of nowhere? Why do you say "us" when you don't identify as being British?

Why can't the East Asian nations form a co-operative organisation in the mould of the EU? Why won't Japan take the lead in it's foundation?

It's because they'd never let another country have a hand in ruling theirs again. Not for all the one percent extra growth in GDP in the world.

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Why are you answering with "because" when I didn't ask for any reasons?

Why wouldn't I? When you post shit you get called out on it. Is this news to you in your little bubble?

Why do you bring up the British Empire out of nowhere?

Why not? It's an excellent analogy of a much more nefarious and undemocratic multi-nation body, wouldn't you say? It's an excellent and easy example of why Japan wouldn't join something odious like that, but would join something beneficial like the EU, which is tailored to benefit it's members rather than dominate them.

Why do you say "us" when you don't identify as being British?

I'm a British citizen with just as many rights as you. I want my country out of the United Kingdom and into the EU (and you chaps exercized incredible hypocrisy in the enforcement of both of those events, by the way, so kudos for showing the obvious hypocrisy of Little England's "Will of the People" nonsense).

Why can't the East Asian nations form a co-operative organisation in the mould of the EU?

You'd have to ask East Asian nations, but I'd generally imagine because it's VERY, VERY, VERY HARD. When there are nations who have centuries of war and war-crimes against each other (see: Germany and France, England and Ireland) it's very hard to overcome that history. Doubly so when one country (China) is so massive, so aggressive, and so determined to enforce it's will on the region. Post-War Europe took a more conciliatory approach given our shared goals and philosophies, and it was a bit of a miracle that we did.

And then the fickos got tricked into voting for Brexit, something which will only hurt them and never help them, because they're fick and easily told. No need to engage in critical thinking when a reliable Red Top is telling you that Johnny Belgian of all people is to blame for your problems!

Why won't Japan take the lead in it's foundation?

Because China fucking hates Japan, holy fuck do you know NOTHING about these regions?

It's because they'd never let another country have a hand in ruling theirs again.

Who the fuck is an Englishman to talk about this? Jesus that's like inviting a Nazi to speak at a Bar Mitzvah.

Not for all the one percent extra growth in GDP in the world.

Enjoy being poor and stupid then. Just go back to your own country and leave us the fuck out of it.

‘It may have been a nickname for him as he was resourceful and in charge of budgets at the GLA.’

Order-Order are a bunch of fuckwits. What the fuck does this have to do with the RA ?

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It's catnip to bigoted English folk. See the shite below you in this thread.

You could just do a massive series on European cities pre- and post- Soviet Russian occupation.

Good post.

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Quiet heknarf. You're here to amuse, not to offer comment.

-13 points · 4 months ago

The profits are honestly minuscule. Those profits going to our government is going to make fuck all difference..

Unless you're proposing that the government budgets another £10bn or so a year to subsidize rail, you're not going to change anything.

Sourthern Rail makes about £30m in profits a year. It's pennies, really.

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The profits are honestly minuscule.

It's amazing how your political decisions are always just economic shit of the stupidest order.

The DUP were outside the gates screaming treason when the UUP signed up to the concept of parity of esteem.

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It was fun living through this. It was fun knowing the politicians who ran your country literally viewed you as subhuman.

Like, fuck Brexiteers and their "Our sovereignty wuz stolen by Johnny Belgian" shite, that is what loss of sovereignty looks like.

Is this a tweet? I can't find it.

27 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

I wonder what London's excuse is though

London has excellent public transport. The city isn't designed for cars. In fact it isn't designed at all really.

The city isn't car friendly at all, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. There's a big emphasis on walking and public transport. Recently there's been a huge cycling push too, with "cycle superhighways". Oxford Street Pedestrianisation this year is another example at how they're trying so hard to "phase out" cars in the city

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In fact it isn't designed at all really.

This is the real answer. London might be the worst planned major city in the western world. Terry Pratchett said London wasn't built on the Thames, it was built on more London. And they just kept building and building and building.

-51 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

Yet they're the only ones taking up the responsibility of defending Northern Ireland from those who seek to annex it into another country. I'm no fan of their hard-right policies, but British culture must be protected, especially where foreign nationalists are trying to eradicate it.

Edit: No fucking wonder this sub has a reputation for hating Britain.

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In fairness the DUP surpassed the UUP by opposing the peace process so in effect they never really accepted the end of conflict. They seem to welcome every opportunity to try to provoke violence, the standoffs at Drumcree and those really troublesome marching seasons in the 90s were in the response to nascent GFA.

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There's rarely such a clear indicator that one side was the bad guy as that Drumcree shite.

Original Poster35 points · 4 months ago

This guy argued with myself and my brother for 30 minutes. He compared the school shootings to the IRA and said that the IRA bomb and kill children every single day.

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Every single day. Longford has been almost completely depopulated because of it.

That second-last sentence there is going to stay with me for a while, I think.

What do we smell? We've got pubs.

We've got pubs that'd turn you white.

2 points · 4 months ago


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stares you madly in the eye

Sheer. White.

You are aware that most people that get mad about whitewashing care about representation not the accurate depiction of fictional characters.

Not like these actors can speak Japanese....

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You are aware that most people that get mad about whitewashing care about representation not the accurate depiction of fictional characters.

You are aware that representation is everybody's responsibility, not just Hollywood's? That goes doubly true for a monoculture with a history of institutionalized racism and war-crimes based on their views of other races as inferior.

Not like these actors can speak Japanese....

Yes, why would anyone assume that white actors seeking work in Japan would be able to speak Japanese? Nevermind that not being fluent in English has never prevented Asian movie stars from having successful careers in the West. I can't decide if you're racist or just ignorant.

Not sure if you're stupid or a troll but this isn't worth my time

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Congrats! You're a racist.

Probably, but not a sufficient enough reason to get it wrong.

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I don't think you're hearing me so I'm just going to stop.

Well he wasn't, was in the United Kingdom.

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He was on the island of [CHAR_NOT_FOUND] in the country of Northern [CHAR_NOT_FOUND] in a region of the world Sky News never cares about, to be fair.

Love this movie, it's my personal favorite from Miyazaki (hence my username). A relatively grounded story about a man coming to terms with his past, but still mostly lighthearted and has some fun characters.

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It's also Miyazaki's favourite character and the one he most identifies with. He originally planned to do a trilogy of Porco movies, each set 10 years apart, to examine where he was in life at that point.

Alas, the idea was eventually pared down to just "a sequel at some point" and then dropped altogether.

1 point · 4 months ago

Deos all this not seriously risk alienating the middle class nationlists population who would've been needed to buy into a northern Ireland identity??

(If they not alienated already?)

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I'm seriously one of those Nationalists (came from South Down) who went to law school in England and generally was okay with life post GFA/SAG. It's no exaggeration to say that Brexit and the ensuing ... ocean of shit it's revealed about the British people's attitudes towards good governance and non-English people has shaken me to my core. Reunification always felt like something that would come in good time no matter what I believed. For me personally it's changed my political views insofar as remaining a part of the UK is concerned - I can't honestly say our interests are aligned anymore and quite frankly I don't want to associate with a government more concerned with aging conservatives or uneducated UKIP voters and bigots than actual good governance.

A death that was hastened by his stupid decisions in life. He's not a man we should be taking conventional wisdom from.

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Napoleon won war after war after war he didn't start defending the first modern Republic against worried kings and queens, was a military genius and nothing short of the most important European to exist in the last 200 years.

Remember to sort by controversial if you want to read anything remotely interesting. Don't if you just want to be jerked off.

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-Keynote speaker at The Sky is Green Convention.

If it ever turns into a superstate, it likely will be yes.

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So it's not now, nor has it ever been to this point. But maybe it might be. And considering the quality of life and wealth of the US, how is it a mess?

How about my sandwich, has it similarly appreciated in value?

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You didn't even refridgerate it you spineless lobster!

My God, it's all falling apart. Thank God the heknarfs voted us out of that mess.

LOOKOUTITSA commented on
r/irelandPosted byu/[deleted]

I'm all for this. Sitting in an office in Toronto and it's always lovely to reminisce. One of my neighbours is this 74-year-old Japanese man who was an aerial cartographer all his life and ended up married to a Lurgan woman. Fella's as charming a guy as you'll ever meet and he's a straight up hibernophile, quoting me this and that about the illuminators and Kells and Children of Lir. What a treasure to have the wee isle so thought of by people.

I'm sitting here in a busy office in Toronto and there's two feet of slushy snow on the ground and my feed are soaked because I stepped in a giant slush puddle crossing the street and I just sat here and stared peacefully at this for a good 30 seconds.

No thoughts in my head, no nothing. Just looking and breathing. Marvellous, thanks.

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