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Pretty small wiki page so here's the rest of it

The cereal box has two vertical bags inside, each containing a different cereal. One side, called the "Super Mario Bros. Action Series", consists of fruity-flavored characters and items: Marios, Super Mushrooms, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Bowsers. The other side of the box, known as the "Zelda Adventure Series", consists of berry-flavored characters and items: Links, hearts, keys, boomerangs, and shields. Inside the box is a sticker of a Nintendo character, and on the back panel is a set of twelve trading cards called "Nintendo Power Cards". It also presents now-defunct offers to win a Power Pad NES accessory or a Super Mario cereal bowl.

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Bless up we're only getting targeted a bit less than before

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During the radio-broadcast debate, Tuttle asked a series of humorous local knowledge questions rather than political questions. McMullen was unable to correctly pronounce the names of several Vermont towns, or correctly answer Fred's question "How many teats a Holstein got?" answering "Six", instead of the correct "Four".

Edit: Also, the senator he endorsed is current sitting senator, Patrick Leahy.

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