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LaDiDaDiDaSlobOnMeKn 5 points

"Early in the afternoon, a gentleman, reported to be a professional man, gave it out that the balloon then present was not my largest and newest balloon but a small one," Coxwell would later write to the Times.

"This was a cruel libel," he added, but the rumour spread all the same. "This Coxwell," they muttered, darkly, "he's taking us for mugs."

FineGreyLine 628 points

Master idiot What a title.

LaDiDaDiDaSlobOnMeKn 258 points

The part of the article I linked didn't have his self-proclaimed title in it, but it's at the top of the wiki page

Scott described himself as a "master idiot".

Kevin_Wolf 2,191 points

In case anyone doesn't get the joke, Bolshevik and menshevik come from words that mean more and less, respectively. It's a parody of Soviet communism. Large beer is Bolshevik, small beer is menshevik, and the quip about all beer being tasty is playing on workers uniting. Nice play there.

LaDiDaDiDaSlobOnMeKn 20 points

Awesome, had no idea. Makes this even cooler, thanks!

LaDiDaDiDaSlobOnMeKn commented on a post in r/todayilearned
3nvymt 2 points

In America or worldwide? I have heard stories about Australia having some deadly shark attacks.

And it makes sense if you think about it. More people use toasters daily than people who even go near sharks.

LaDiDaDiDaSlobOnMeKn 3 points
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