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What kind of toilet paper do you use?

At work, they have paper thin, rough toilet paper and it drives me nuts and causes lots of irritation on bad days. At home, I've gone through various kinds but don't really have a favorite.

What's your favorite brand, or the kind you use personally? I feel like us with IBD are much more discerning about our toilet paper choices.

Haha. I just bring my backpack into the stall with me. There's even a coat hook on the inside of the stall door.

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Original Poster2 points · 12 days ago

What kind of workplace do you work in? I work in an office and feel like that'd be really weird, haha.

Oh yeah. I work in demolition, but out of a shop so I guess it's a bit different. Haha.

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Original Poster2 points · 11 days ago

Haha, yeah, wouldn't work for me. But now I'm trying to think of a way I could bring my own in...

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Where do you live? You can definitely call CPS or your state's equivalent if you're in the US.

I was on a heart monitor for a few days, there was a little monitor I clipped to my pants with cables leading up to the adhesive pads stuck all around my chest. Since I was a small 15 year old, and the system was made to be universal,the cords were long as fuck. I can't tell you how many times I'd walk past my dresser or a cabinet and the cable would get caught and fucking yank the metal clip off the adhesive pad. I hated that fucking thing.

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Ugg, that sounds awful!

102 points · 1 month ago

They probably have a movie called Humans.

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Or most likely they also have a movie called Aliens, since why would they consider themselves aliens?

Some gummy candy is free of those, particularly organic brands you can find in stores like Whole Foods, etc. There are also cupcakes/brownies/cookies by a brand called Olivia that I've found at stores like that.

If you don't have a problem with dairy, there are lots of ice creams you could have.

I've been a stepparent now full-time for a year, part time for 2 and a half years (SO and I moved in together last year).

SO has 3 kids, 14, 11 and 3. SS3(almost 4) was 1 1/2 when I first started this whole thing. I will say that it is very challenging. We also essentially had full custody, and now officially do, so I have been parenting SS3, and especially once I got into things "full time."

I have a lot of experience with kids. I worked full-time at an after school program for children with disabilities. I have a LOT of patience and what I consider good parenting skills.

Suddenly becoming a parent to SS3 was hard. He had learned some bad habits from bad/neglectful parenting. With my SO's permission, I really took the reigns with SS3 and it was HARD. Potty training was so hard, getting him to eat healthy foods, tantrums over random crap, my goodness! No one could have prepared me for how hard things were at first. Then add crazy ex, and it's been so difficult.

However, what I've gotten is an incredible relationship with SS3. He is essentially like my own son now. He's also gotten calmer, more well behaved. And he loves the crap out of me. That relationship is SO rewarding that I would go through all the awful times again. That sweet smile, the hugs and kisses. I can't even explain how rewarding that is. I love that kid to death.

Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

Omg, that's too funny haha. I'd so look like that with these!

Where did you get that top? I like it! I'm looking for longer tops to cover my fat butt in leggings

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

I got it a long time ago at Ross, unfortunately. I've found some nice-ish tunic shirts at Old Navy. I have a hard time finding shirts with that waist band under the bust though, like this shirt has.

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Shirts like the Perfect T?

Sorry if I can't post this here.

I like the Perfect T, because of the style, sleeve length, doesn't show much cleavage so I can wear it to work. However, lularoe patterns are mostly goddy, and I'm not paying fucking $35 for a damn shirt. I'm also typically a size L or XL but the two perfect Ts I have are XXS (yay my ego??)

Any suggestions on styles similar whose patterns aren't ugly as sin and don't cost $35 for such crappy quality?


So, I'm not legally a stepparent yet, but SO and I have full custody of the kids and have a solid partnership (we're both hesitant to get into a legal marriage, but want to eventually), so feel free to ignore me if you want.

I think that being a stepparent starts with a super, really solid relationship with your partner. If you have any doubts about your relationship with your partner, I would not do it.

Being a stepparent is really hard. I have an incredibly solid, amazing relationship with my SO that is so worth everything I have to go through as a stepparent. If I did not have that, I would not continue to do this. When it comes down to it, my relationship is with SO, not the kids. I realize that might sound harsh, I love my SK's to death, but they are not mine. (maybe in the future they will be, but that's another story).

All that said, even with my solid, mature, mutually beneficial relationship with my SO, we have had "fights" over the SKs. It's hard for a bio parent to hear you vent about their kid, or have issues with them. That's why I feel like if you don't have a totally solid relationship it can be really hard.

When it comes down to it, decide if your relationship with your boyfriend is worth the stress, is worth the effort with the SK, and dealing with the BM. If it is, then go for it.

I don't think you can be too tired if you're trying for your own kids.

Being a stepparent has REALLY made me re-think wanting my own kids. I think I still do, maybe? If you're still trying, you're clearly not too burnt out by it all :)

We all have moments like this and need a break. Birth parents need this. I find the most solace in venting on here, or to my SO. Often times my SO feels the same, and they're his freaking biological kids. Take that vacay and don't feel bad about it whatsoever.

Taking care of kids is hard. It's rewarding yes, but it's hard and even more so when they're not your bio kids. We all need supports in place to take breaks and re-coup. It's normal and natural, you should not feel bad about it at all!

We also typically don't fund "institutions" like these or Residential Habitation Centers because of their bad reputation and how they are perceived by the public at large. Politicians always pat themselves on the back for reducing funding and reducing the number of beds and people at these kinds of facilities without funding any real secondary option for them.

I wish people would realize that these kinds of facilities are necessary.

Haha, I actually like to scoop up the super cheap ugly resale TCs to wear as pajama pants

Original Poster10 points · 1 month ago

I’m sure they are super comfy! The original retail prices are what kills me. The girl who posted these had probably a thousand dollars worth she was selling for $5 a piece.

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Oh definitely. I cannot imagine paying that much for these! So sad :(

Never miss my once a week date with my wine on the patio by the chiminea and hummingbird feeders. Even have a patio heater for cold months. I’m dedicated like that!

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Oooh! That sounds so nice! I want to start this!

8 points · 2 months ago
  1. Gym.

  2. More gym.

  3. Game time (watch sports or game on computer)

  4. Hang out with bestie.. which is usually at the gym.

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Good for you! I wish I had the motivation/energy for the gym :'( What's your secret??

I think it's best to take a brand that needs to be refrigerated, and it should be 3 billion cfu's per pill that you take three times a day. It's best if they're in a capsule, so you can just empty them out into some water. Us Crohn's people can have some trouble with the capsules themselves. Beyond that it depends if you have issues with dairy, etc.


Tips for finding veins?

My last Entyvio infusion I went through three nurses before they were finally able to start an IV. This time around I drank TONS of water the day before, TONS the day of, today, my bladder was bursting by the time I got to the infusion center. But I went through three nurses and they couldn't start the IV, they had to send me home and I have to go back tomorrow :(

Any tips? I drank SO much water, but I also have severe Crohn's in my colon, I can't exactly get super hydrated. I was also warm, and not even nervous or anything. I'm so bummed right now and don't want the same thing to happen tomorrow!

So my veins are pretty hit or miss. Sometimes they will be bulging and other times they seem to hide . I've found a few techniques to improve the success rate.

  1. Hydration. This can be difficult during a flair, but try to drink as much as you can.

  2. Heat. On my way to the infusion I'll keep my car on the hot side. I may show up a bit sweaty but it seems to help. Also as others have mentioned a heating pad will help. I've also had a nurse that kept a hair dryer handy.

  3. Exercise. Just before the infusion try to get your heart pumping a bit (also difficult during a flare). My infusion place is on the fifth floor of a building so I'll take the stairs up at a brisk pace and keep a jacket or sweater on to keep my arm warm.

  4. Experience. Take note of locations that work well and don't work well. Some nurses have preferred locations that might not work well for you. Just let them know and they will usually accommodate. Also try different needles. I don't know the exact information, but I had one nurse that used an older model of needle, it created a mess, but also went right in without all the twisting and turning to get a good connection.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I was able to read this before I left today, and I did all of it! They finally got a vein where I've been trying to tell them is a good vein, but deep. This nurse listened and was actually able to get it. Hurray!

Thanks so much for the advice!!

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I wanted to update and say they found a vein today!! I drank tons of water, cranked the heat in my car, ran up steps to get to the appointment, they used a heating pad and a pediatric needle. It still took 3 tries.... But they got one!!

Thanks for the advice everyone!

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

What are your tips on benadryl? It usually gives me a "hangover" and I feel groggy for most of the next day. I've tried kava root before. In a "tea" form where you seep it in hot water for several minutes. Did your doctor prescribe it in a different form? Pill, etc.? My doc has me on B12 and vitamin D.

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I don't feel that way with benadryl, but you could try half a dose. If half a dose makes you too drowsy you could try melatonin instead.

I take kava kava root as an extract. I use this kind that my doctor recommended:

There are different sites that sell it, just wanted to show you the brand. I take one dose in water once, sometimes twice a day.

I feel you!

I don't know if you wanted any advice, but here's what I've got that's helping me through it:

I've found taking benadryl at night before bed to help a ton. And I also take kava kava root (I got through my pcp) to help a lot. I also use a magnesium drink called "natural calm" that I drink about twice a day that helps with what I call "prednisone heart". Also surprisingly vitamin B12 helps, although you'd think it wouldn't. I also take potassium supplements like crazy to help with the water retention.

I don't know if you wear makeup, but bronzer is my best friend right now thanks to moon face :)

I'm sorry! That's definitely disappointing, but just try to focus on how you're feeling. It can take awhile for our guts to truly heal and for that inflammation to go down, but if you're feeling better it's definitely a good sign!

I know it's hard and scary, but I feel like with Crohn's we definitely have to focus on the now. We all have SO many things that could go wrong and scary complications that if we focus on that, we're ruining any good moments we have now. I know it's way easier said than done. For me, I've found meditation, specifically mindfulness meditation, helps a lot, but I still fall into that trap sometimes.

Sometimes it can also be helpful to give yourself 15 minutes of negativity. Set a timer. Write down, scream, think about all the horrible shit and worries, but once that timer is off, let it go. This can also be really relieving and relaxing. You admit you have these worries, you express them and then just let them go and focus on the now :)

Hopefully something I said is helpful. If not, just know that I totally understand and am here for you! <3

I'm so glad for you! It's nice to be understood and having a diagnosis can be so relieving. I hope through therapy and treatment you're able to work through these issues.

I had situational depression for something going on in my life (non-Crohn's related} and now I continue my therapy just to have support through my Crohn's. I'm a big advocate for therapy, especially for anyone going through a chronic illness. We go through SO much and it's hard to keep it all together.

Good for you for seeking treatment and help. It's never a bad thing to ask for help, we all need it at some point. :)

I used to get this all the time. I had a doctor explain it as basically a fever, but not. Your immune system is working overtime and making you hot, but not to the point where your actual body temperature changes.

I also had undiagnosed hypothyroidism that I got medication for, and changed my diet a lot (no more gluten, soy, dairy, nuts) and I don't feel that way anymore.

I’m in high school as well.

Aggressive: “Wtf guys? If I was ___, I would feel shitty if I knew this conversation was happening. Stop.” Assertive: “I know you’re just trying to vent, but I feel bad talking about people behind their backs.”

One of two good things will happen: 1) They’ll disagree with you and you’ll realize that these people are a bunch of beta bitch followers. 2) They agree with you and have mad respect for you cause you’re alpha asf.

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I like this advice. While you may not "fit in" by not gossiping, people will also respect you and know you won't gossip behind their back either. :)

This makes me so sad to read. I get my loading dose on Monday and I have so much hope for Humira. I hope I have a good experience.

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Sorry, didn't mean to make you sad! I'm sure my experience is confounded with the fact that Humira never worked for me. I'm sure it would have been different if it worked!

Ugg, I HATED the shots. I tolerated them at first ok, but then I'd get anxiety about it. I wish they had a form that was just a syringe, because those pens hurt so bad! One time I even wasted a pen because I jumped right when I hit it and it didn't pierce the skin. I ended up having to have my boyfriend do them for me.

I don't miss Humira!

Congrats! That's huge!

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Thank you! We are so relieved and excited :)

BM broke up with her loser boyfriend that nobody has trusted since he came in the picture. And now she doesn't have him for childcare, so she needs help, which mean FH will probably get more time with his children. Thank goodness.

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Hurray! In some ways, I'm glad the BMs and BDs don't get a major say in the other's significant others, but that's hard and scary when they're with some loser you don't trust.

Are you excited to see the kids more too?

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I'm on the exact opposite spectrum of all ya'll. I can't seem to gain weight, it just falls right off of me if I don't actively cram food into my body. I eat like 6 full meals a day! And the best I can do is maintain a steady weight. Seems weight is stubborn no matter if it can't stay on or can't stay off..... Damn it.

I'm with u/NavyBOFH and u/agordon228 with the joint pain, I get that something wicked. I was told I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at like age 14 and my bone density scans show at like.... 10% under the norm thanks to several prednisone runs throughout my childhood.

Do you all want to trade some of your weight for some of my... not weight?? I'd really appreciate it <3 <3 <3

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I wish it worked that way :)

I had appendicitis last year. I thought it was my Crohn's or a partial blockage, so I waited and waited. It got to the point where I was throwing up even water, and my SO made me go to the ER, but I still didn't want to go because I just thought it was a blockage. In the ER, they thought it was Crohn's too, but I had a CT scan and it came back as appendicitis. My appendix had burst, and I literally almost died, like heart rate 200, blood pressure 80/60, high temp. I had to have emergency surgery and had to stay in the hospital for 6 days because of the rupture. Luckily my surgeon was still able to do the surgery laproscopicly or else I would have had to stay even longer.

As people with Crohn's, I think we have a high pain tolerance, but looking back, I could have made the process so much easier if I'd just gone in earlier. Maybe try an emergency clinic if you're worried about money, but please don't ignore the symptoms. I honestly might have died if I waited longer, like I wanted to, and didn't listen to my SO.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Thanks for the reply!

I actually ended up having emergency surgery to remove it last night, I'm at home now recuperating. :)

They said my Simponi was actually masking the symptoms, and I was right on the verge or rupture. I guess normal appendix's are 6mm and mine was 5cm.

Good old bodies, man.

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Thank goodness! You had me worried! I was the same way, my appendix was so big they first thought it was my appendix plus small intestine inflammation from Crohn's in the CT scan. But it was just my enormous, ruptured appendix!

I wish you a speedy recovery!!

Lol. My morning commute every day!!!

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