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weirdbrainofyours 5 points

I’m in high school as well.

Aggressive: “Wtf guys? If I was ___, I would feel shitty if I knew this conversation was happening. Stop.” Assertive: “I know you’re just trying to vent, but I feel bad talking about people behind their backs.”

One of two good things will happen: 1) They’ll disagree with you and you’ll realize that these people are a bunch of beta bitch followers. 2) They agree with you and have mad respect for you cause you’re alpha asf.

Ladybugoleander 3 points

I like this advice. While you may not "fit in" by not gossiping, people will also respect you and know you won't gossip behind their back either. :)

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Ladybugoleander 2 points

Ugg, I HATED the shots. I tolerated them at first ok, but then I'd get anxiety about it. I wish they had a form that was just a syringe, because those pens hurt so bad! One time I even wasted a pen because I jumped right when I hit it and it didn't pierce the skin. I ended up having to have my boyfriend do them for me.

I don't miss Humira!

iluvblkdogs 1 point

This makes me so sad to read. I get my loading dose on Monday and I have so much hope for Humira. I hope I have a good experience.

Ladybugoleander 1 point

Sorry, didn't mean to make you sad! I'm sure my experience is confounded with the fact that Humira never worked for me. I'm sure it would have been different if it worked!

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Ladybugoleander 8 points

SO got a default judgment for his divorce, after a looong process. BM didn't show up to court and has abandoned the kids. SO got full custody, was awarded his condo that we live in and BM was ordered supervised visitation, with the requirement that she get a psychiatric evaluation before she can have supervised visits. So happy!!

maternalsloth 2 points

Congrats! That's huge!

Ladybugoleander 1 point

Thank you! We are so relieved and excited :)

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Ladybugoleander commented on a post in r/CrohnsDisease
ptown4life 0 points

I'm on the exact opposite spectrum of all ya'll. I can't seem to gain weight, it just falls right off of me if I don't actively cram food into my body. I eat like 6 full meals a day! And the best I can do is maintain a steady weight. Seems weight is stubborn no matter if it can't stay on or can't stay off..... Damn it.

I'm with u/NavyBOFH and u/agordon228 with the joint pain, I get that something wicked. I was told I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at like age 14 and my bone density scans show at like.... 10% under the norm thanks to several prednisone runs throughout my childhood.

Do you all want to trade some of your weight for some of my... not weight?? I'd really appreciate it <3 <3 <3

Ladybugoleander 1 point

I wish it worked that way :)

Ladybugoleander commented on a post in r/CrohnsDisease
Ladybugoleander 2 points

I had appendicitis last year. I thought it was my Crohn's or a partial blockage, so I waited and waited. It got to the point where I was throwing up even water, and my SO made me go to the ER, but I still didn't want to go because I just thought it was a blockage. In the ER, they thought it was Crohn's too, but I had a CT scan and it came back as appendicitis. My appendix had burst, and I literally almost died, like heart rate 200, blood pressure 80/60, high temp. I had to have emergency surgery and had to stay in the hospital for 6 days because of the rupture. Luckily my surgeon was still able to do the surgery laproscopicly or else I would have had to stay even longer.

As people with Crohn's, I think we have a high pain tolerance, but looking back, I could have made the process so much easier if I'd just gone in earlier. Maybe try an emergency clinic if you're worried about money, but please don't ignore the symptoms. I honestly might have died if I waited longer, like I wanted to, and didn't listen to my SO.

YesHunty 1 point

Thanks for the reply!

I actually ended up having emergency surgery to remove it last night, I'm at home now recuperating. :)

They said my Simponi was actually masking the symptoms, and I was right on the verge or rupture. I guess normal appendix's are 6mm and mine was 5cm.

Good old bodies, man.

Ladybugoleander 2 points

Thank goodness! You had me worried! I was the same way, my appendix was so big they first thought it was my appendix plus small intestine inflammation from Crohn's in the CT scan. But it was just my enormous, ruptured appendix!

I wish you a speedy recovery!!

Ladybugoleander commented on a post in r/CrohnsDisease
Ladybugoleander 3 points

I agree that I think this is hard to prove. You could try, but it probably depends on your company. If you work for a big company, odds are they could fight this pretty easily. As in, you should have known that work causes stress which can make your condition worse. Worker's comp only really covers injuries related to the work itself/that happened at work.

You could try talking to a lawyer about it. But as far as accommodation/ADA you can use FMLA or other leave but it doesn't have to be paid, it just can't affect your employment status.

Ladybugoleander commented on a post in r/stepparents
kittyjam 8 points

My initial advice would to get the Canadian version of child services involved--have you considered that? This all seems like a pretty big deal to me but I don't know how that works in your country.

Ladybugoleander 5 points

I agree with this comment. In America you can even report anonymously, so the report wouldn't be tied to you at all.

I'm a mandated reporter. So if someone told me this, even if it was about a mutual friend and not my SS, I would have to report it. Then it's up to child services to investigate and make a decision. What's been described is definitely signs of abuse in the form of neglect and should be reported!

elementfanatic 2 points

Good luck! Hope it puts you into remission!

Ladybugoleander 1 point

Thank you!!

[deleted] 2 points

Woohoo! Hope it kicks your IBD to the curb!

Ladybugoleander 1 point

Thanks! Me too!

Ladybugoleander commented on a post in r/CrohnsDisease
vsgro 1 point

How long did it take to get the powder ordered and in your hands, and was it w your regular GI? Im going to buy ensure but am going to pursue this option immediately

Ladybugoleander 1 point

It was through my primary care physician, but I think a GI could order it. You can also just purchase it online, but it's more expensive that way. At first my doctor ordered it, but now I just order it through prescription online. It takes only a few days.

Here's a link to the product, they have it on various websites. But like I said, it's retail price, if you get it through a doctor through a prescription it can be cheaper:

Ensure is good, but for me there's something about it that upsets my digestive tract, and it doesn't happen with the Elemental Diet. If you have trouble getting it through your doctor, and are still interested, let me know.

vsgro 1 point

What did it cost prescribed? And in what increments was it prescribed per month? And thank you!

Ladybugoleander 1 point

It was around $90 per big bag, but my insurance doesn't cover it and I can't even use my HSA for it.

And it depends on your calorie intake and whether you're doing a full or partial diet. I think it's a little less than 2 bags a week if you're doing a full diet at around 1800 calories a day. But like I said, it depends on your needs and whether you're doing full or partial diet.

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Ladybugoleander commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
Ladybugoleander 2 points

100% doesn't really exist if you have enough statistical data, especially if you're talking about the entire human population. Maybe it does within a given time frame of life, but then how do you define "just right?".

Ladybugoleander commented on a post in r/videos
dizzykitty 6 points

I think when we had to do this in school i think we used straws. Also the limit to how many straws we could use was super low. Also, the teacher didn't teach us anything about the physics of bridges. also, cell phones would have landed us in detention.

Kids have it so easy these days.

Ladybugoleander 1 point

Lol, my favorite comment!

covercash 1 point

Do you know if they gave you IV Benadryl before each Remicade infusion? It’s very common and that’ll make you super sleepy!

Ladybugoleander 1 point

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they did to avoid a reaction to the remicade. They don't do the same for Entyvio?

covercash 1 point

They might at first, but after a few infusions you can ask them to taper you off it. As they lower the Benadryl dose at each infusion, pay attention to your body for any itchy skin, rashes, scratchy throat, difficulty breathing... all indicators of a possible allergic reaction. If you don’t experience those things, you can safely get future infusions without the Benadryl cocktail!

Ladybugoleander 1 point

Awesome. Thanks so much for the info!

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Diarrheadrama 13,762 points

I was a caretaker for mentally challenged people for a while, once we suspected that this guy had eaten a rubber glove and to be sure we had to give him an enema to see if it something came out. People who are severely handicapped and stuck in a wheelchair don't have bowel movements that often, sometimes they can go close to a week before things start moving. That was the case with this guy, he hadn't taken a shit for like five days before this. He was given the enema in the bathroom and a few minutes later gave birth to a beanbag chair size turd on the floor. I then went to the kitchen and got a fork which I used to mince up the shit like i was portioning out a humongous sloppy joe. The glove wasn't there. I didn't eat for like three days after that.

Ladybugoleander -2 points

Glad you don't work with "mentally challenged" people anymore. We don't say people are "stuck" in a wheelchair, and don't call them handicapped. Welcome to 2018.

SaneMann 0 points

Welcome to 2018.

Very apt because the politically correct terminology for the people OP took care of seems to change every year.

Ladybugoleander 1 point

No, not really. It's just taken this long for people to start using people first language, and for terms like "mentally challenged" to no longer be acceptable. The preferred terms certainly don't change every year...

Ladybugoleander commented on a post in r/CrohnsDisease
Ladybugoleander 1 point

I get horrible side effects from prednisone. Anxious, pounding heart, sweaty, can't sleep. I get super bloated too. I'm on it right now, and my GI said it's ok to take benadryl at night to help me sleep and that's helped a lot. Maybe you could give that a try?

Ladybugoleander commented on a post in r/stopdrinking
kaybeem50 2 points

You are strong! Strong for leaving and strong for resisting the urge to drink! Since it sounds like the ex is a trigger, why take his calls? You don’t have to answer, just wondering why you don’t completely sever the tie. Keep up the good work and the walks.

Ladybugoleander 1 point

I agree. I also left an unhealthy relationship, and it took a long time to cut ties, but it's so necessary. You need a cold break!

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