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LeadStonedPurple commented on a post in r/trees
LeadStonedPurple 1 point

Hum... I would probably buy guns and lots of ammo, and study/ learn to shoot in the meantime.

Then I would go back to, I don't know, 1400 and teach the Incas about modern war technology.

I would like to know how Europe would react to that. Would they accept Incan Empire? Would there be wars? How would their cultures assimilate one another?

And as a bonus, we wouldn't have a genocide.

berryhaute 3 points

Hey, if it works, it works. Can’t argue wit that! I think The fluff actually suits you :)

LeadStonedPurple 1 point


LeadStonedPurple 2 points

I don't do much except wash every other day with a Pantene hair conditioner (I don't use shampoo).

LeadStonedPurple commented on a post in r/lotro
LeadStonedPurple 3 points

Well, assuming you don't have the Misty Mountains or Angmar quest packs, you can always make instances until you level up.

I, particularly, like to chase deeds, so I also get LP and virtues, and Tasks, so I get reputation.

Artremis 2 points

My little 3 man squad finishing Sword Halls T2 after like 5 wipes. After that, probably all my solo Moria Raid kills.

LeadStonedPurple 1 point

Awesome! What level did you make the solo raid?

Snifflebeard 4 points

Finishing Volume I. Finally understood why so many people just don't do it. Boring as hell. When it was made it was the end game. Each new update basically added a new chapter. The story was good, but the constant pointless traveling got tiresome.

I still do it because I'm a completionist.

Also Volume II epilogue was a bit of a pain too. Everything is solo except now you have to group for a couple of instances that no one wants to do at level.

LeadStonedPurple 5 points

Yeah, there was a lot of traveling in Volume I, but I loved the story so much I didn't actually care. That end, when Narmeleth dies, oh, man... I still have her portrait at my house, in Bree.

I can only imagine what was like for her father...

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LeadStonedPurple commented on a post in r/lotro
Mantergeistmann 10 points

Is that the one where the hobbit asks you to go hunt some boar for him? And then, when the timer expires (which it will, as there are no boars in Evendim) he asks if you actually looked, instead of just running around doing other things for an hour?

LeadStonedPurple 5 points

Yes! Because there's no boar in Evendim!

Snifflebeard 3 points

Actually... there is! (I won't spoil it, but a latter addition to the game included a way to get some boar).

LeadStonedPurple 3 points

Really?? I didn't know it! Thanks, I'll send one of my low level chars there to get the damn boar! =)

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LeadStonedPurple commented on a post in r/lotro
LeadStonedPurple 1 point

I've been playing for around 6 years, have a Hunter, Captain, Rune Keeper, Warden and Lore Master (had, I deleted her).

IMO the most fun I ever had was with the Warden, it's really fun to combo. Rune Keeper is great too, you can change your attunement and deal damage / heal, as you need.

But I'm always a Hunter at heart, =)

Snifflebeard 3 points

You're still parallel to, but not contguous with, the main LOTR story. All of the Riders of Rohan content is about helping the holds that Theoden has neglected, and by the time Gandalf shows up that story line is close to finished (at Helm's Deep).

There is a war going on, and the further south you go the more obvious it is that there is a war. You can ignore the war in Bree and Moria, but you can't pretend to ignore it in Dunland, but there are flames in Rohan and open fighting in Gondor, so it's pretty hard to ignore.

You're STILL doing the same thing as you did earlier, you're dealing with secondary but still major issues that the leading actors can't be bothered with.

LeadStonedPurple 1 point

Yes, I agree with you, there's a war in the south, you can't ignore it.

I'm cool with the idea of being fighting with the rohirim at Helms Deep, but being in the same room that Gandalf and Theoden, not so much.

Anyway, thanks for your reply!

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LeadStonedPurple 7 points

It's a sunny day in the southern hemisphere, perfect for some happy metal!

Masterplan: a german power metal band formed in 2001 by Helloween's Roland Grapow and Uli Kusch. I love Jørn Lande's vocal (an ex member now), especially in Bleeding Eyes and Sail On.

LeadStonedPurple commented on a post in r/selfimprovement
LeadStonedPurple 15 points

Hi! I was in a similar situation, I don't actually have friends at work (just coworkers) and every day I fell more distant from my old friends.

A couple of things you can try (I tried, and it helped me):

Go to the gym. It'll make wonders to you mind. Really, it looks like a stupid suggestion, but I'm asking you to try :)

Find a social hobby you like. Do you like music? Running? Pottering? Crafting? Try some classes!

Maybe some voluntary work?

Do you use a lot of social media? If you do, try to stay away for a while.

Are you depressed? I was, but now I'm on medication and have never felt better. I just can't believe I spent so many years drowned in sadness, self hatred and despair.

And most important... Love yourself for who you are, but know that we all can improve.

You can PM me if you want! Want to talk about something? Let's chat!

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