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Blake, in my opinion. Her clones are an extremely useful tool, she's good at CQC and long range with her weapon, she's very fast, and while her semblance isn't as polarizing as Weiss or Yang, she doesn't have to charge, wait a while, or use much energy with it. Plus, she seems more combat-oriented than say Ruby or Weiss.

Edit: Sun and Blake also ripped Roman a new one.

JimDantin 1 point

Welcome to the confusing world of 3.5mm pinout "standards". The Y-splitter might not be splitting the signals properly.

See this

You need to find (or make) a proper adapter that will route the mic signal and ground to the proper locations using the AHJ/CTIA standard. the other pins should be left unconnected.

LemonadeFanatic604 1 point

Thank you! I'll see what I can do.

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LemonadeFanatic604 2 points

Burn baby, burn! This team is unnecessarily weak to Fire-types, as Slowbro and Garchomp are only two resistances to three weaknesses, Ferrothorn being times four.

Slowbro looks fine enough, although use him wisely since you're going for the Defensive EV's. His Special Defense is pretty bad unboosted, so take that into consideration.

Quite the Ferrothorn there, huh. Leech Seed isn't that great on him, I'd advise going for Toxic or something. Other than that, good set.

Make Garchomp Jolly if you're going for a speed nature. I generally think it's unwise to have three moves of one attribute (physical or special) with only one being the other, but Fire Blast is quality coverage enough. Still though, I think it'd be more effective if you just went all-out physical with EQ, Outrage, and maybe moves like Swords Dance, Fire Fang, etc. Garchomp's physical movepool is pretty good, so explore the options.

A speedy Bisharp? I'm gonna stop you right there. Smogon suggested or not, I can't imagine that being the best option. Anything with a 70 Speed stat I wouldn't even bother putting on Monster Energy, so maybe try a more defensive set?

If you insist on keeping energy drink Bisharp, then I guess the set is as good as it could be.

Nice Gengar. He'll be a nightmare awakened with a set like that. I don't know about Taunt, but as a suicide lead or something, that could work. I like it.

Smogon making all these people think that Hypnosis and Hail is a good combination....HAHA. Ditch Hail for Moonblast, bro. Also probably swap Freeze Dry for Ice Beam unless Water-types are the bane of your existence.

Overall, not a bad team, but as always, it could use some finetuning. Best of luck homie, hope this post does something for ya.

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Stop_Sign 2,548 points

Put two mirrors facing each other, stand in between them and stare into infinity.

LemonadeFanatic604 1 point

This reminds me of that one guy on Reddit who took a picture of himself, and as a joke, people questioned how he took each one. So he kept on taking pictures with different cameras and angles, and oh God it was funny.

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Sorry if I'm ultra late homie, this is my $0.02

Ditch Brave Bird on Skarmory for Toxic or something. It's a great move, but Skarmory isn't much of an attacker.

Serperior looks alright enough, although you should experiment with your mons as well. Try out a Weakness Policy, and maybe there's a better move to use than Glare.

Tapu Koko looks fine enough, as does Zygarde. Your team is looking pretty weak to Ice though. Your only resistance is Greninja, who is by no means a tank, haha.

I try to never use the same item on two pokemon, but that's just me. Keep Life Orb if you choose. Also, this is again subjective, but two water-type moves on Greninja seems really redundant. Especially considering you're not even using Ash-Greninja, I'd ditch Water Shuriken for something like Dark Pulse.

Medicham looks good. I see you're going for a speedy team, although the Special Defense tank here is nowhere to be seen. Skarmory is an amazing Mon for taking physical hits, but to truly have a balanced team, I recommend fitting in a Specially defensive tank. Maybe ditch one of your speedy glass cannons for one? Just my opinion.

Hope this helps, if you read it in the first place. XD

ThatOtherReviewDude 1 point

Thanks I think I'll try and work on my team with the tips you gave especially Skamory

LemonadeFanatic604 2 points

No problem, happy to help. :)

EDIT: Spikes is another fantastic option on Skarmory.

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LemonadeFanatic604 2 points

Let's start with an outside diagnosis. First off, I'm assuming you hate Dark-types, because 2/3rds of your team resists it, haha. You have an unhealthy amount of Fairy-type weaknesses, so I'd take that into consideration. Pretty good physical/special split as well. One complaint I have is the lack of tanks on this team. Once Magerna bites the dust, you don't have much to take hits with. Again, keep that in mind, and try to play around it.

Landorus-Therian could use a lot of work. Ditch HP Ice for Stone Edge or Rock Slide for coverage. Rocky Helmet isn't the best here, but not the worst either. The EV's are all over the place as well, so make it a simple 252 Attack, 252 HP or Speed, and 4 in whatever. (Charisma?) Since you're going Impish, if you want to have a defensive Lando, then 252 HP 252 Def and 4 whatever would be nice too, and works well with Intimidate and Rocky Helmet. It mostly depends on what you want.

Lopunny looks fantastic. Encore is a nice alternative here, and experimenting with move-sets is always recommended by me, but overall, no complaints here.

Your Latios is dirty, I like it. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

I'd put the EV's on Magearna into Defense and not Sp.D here because the Assault Vest already covers your Sp.D stat. Fluer Cannon isn't that great because of its Hyper Beam qualities; you can't do anything next turn. Use Moonblast/Dazzling Gleam instead, and I'm assuming that Magearna gets M-Blast, so use that.

Tapu Koko looks fine, but seriously, gets some Fairy STAB. I'd replace Roost or something with Dazz.Gleam.

Greninja looks fine. Maybe he could use Taunt or Ice Beam, but again, that's preference.

Overall, a good team that, with some patching up, could seriously be effective. Best of luck bro!

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LemonadeFanatic604 1 point

Aerodactyl could use some work. The lack of Rock-type STAB is the biggest problem, so ditch Crunch for Stone Edge or Rock Slide. Also, Aerial Ace sucks, so ditch that too. Just because, go Pressure as an ability over Rock Head because it actually does something in this case. Lastly, you have some options left. You could go with Roost, Taunt, Substitute, Toxic, Whirlwind, etc. Aero has more options than you'd think, even though he's still rather limited.

Ditch the Black Sludge on Gengar, he's not meant to take hits. With that move-set, a Life Orb or Choice Specs here will do wonders for you. Ditch Confuse Ray for another move, I think another coverage move like Thunderbolt or Hidden Power Ice/Fire will do you better.

Infernape looks okay, but depending on what you want, he could be better. Flare Blitz is the way to generally go with him, as he doesn't take hits anyway. That or you could go with the old Iron Fist+Fire Punch set, along with some other moves if you want.

Slowbro should have Hydro Pump over Surf, although that's mostly preference. Yawn sucks, ditch that for Slack Off, which heals you by half. Not bad, eh?

Garchomp could have a way better movepool. If you're going to have three physical moves, unless you're using a Pokemon with U-Turn or Volt Switch, then you should just go all the way and keep it exclusively physical or special. Fire Fang, Dragon Claw, and Swords Dance are all excellent options here.

Magnezone is OU this Gen, actually. Electivire is still great here, as is Jolteon. Pick whichever one you think will fit your team best. Because of all your speedy offensive Pokemon, I highly recommend to NOT actually go with Jolteon here. Electivire or Magnezone are both great options here.

Good physical/special split, nuff said there.

Some types to be aware of: Ice, Psychic, Water, Ghost, and Dark do a small number on your team. Ground is also a threat should you lose Gengar and/or Aero.

That's all I have to say. Good looking team, but it needs a lot of change. Hope I helped in that regard, take care homie!

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Well, I'll start off with the outer judgement. You have two Electric weaknesses with no resistances and one immunity, that's certainly a problem. Also be wary of Fire-type Pokemon as well, you have two resistances, but also two weaknesses. A part of your team also does not appreciate Rock-types, so again, be wary of coverage.

Nice physical/special split here, and the types are all different, so that's good too.

I know I'm going up against Smogon sets here, but this is all my opinion. It mostly depends on what you want, but these are some suggestions that I feel will make your team stronger.

I never cared for Freeze-Dry, to be honest. Ice Beam is generally the preferred coverage unless you REALLY have a personal vendetta against Water-types, haha.

Hypnosis is inaccurate as all hell, so I'd ditch that for Moonblast or something. Also, Snow Warning and Hail on the same Pokemon just screams redundant. You can keep Hypnosis, but definitely ditch Hail.

Gallade looks great, although he has more coverage than you give him credit for. Ice Punch, Leaf Blade, experiment! He has some cool tricks up his sleeve, so don't be a slave to Smogon here.

That's a Garchomp if I've ever seen one. Nuff said. I'm not sure about the Z-Move, but it's all personal preference.

Toxapex looks great. Again, nuff said.

ERROR. DOES NOT COMPUTE. You can't have two Z-Moves, buddy. Either its Garchomp (replace with a Life Orb or something) or Volcorona (replace with Leftovers or something....Weakness Policy?) that's gonna have to lose theirs. Good moveset, although I personally prefer Giga Drain over Psychic. Again, experimentation, but again, personal preference.

I always become skeptical of Smogon when they put Brave Bird on Skarmory...He's not an offensive Pokemon, and his attack stat shows that. Try replacing that with Spikes, and tell me how much better you're off. ;)

Overall, a great team, but it doesn't have to be all about Smogon mate. Part of the fun of Pokemon is making the Pokemon your own, with customized coverage moves, purposes, and names. I recommend checking out the Pokemon you have further, and making a moveset balance that no type (or very few) can counter.

Good luck bro!

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Zygarde should go all-out Attack EV's, ditch the Sp.D EV's. Ensuring that he hits as hard as possible is vital. Also, yuck, THREE ground-type moves. Ditch two of them and replace them with Outrage and another move of your choice.

Porygon-2 needs some improvements. Ice Beam and Pain Split are good, but ditch the other two moves for something like Tri Attack, Recover, Toxic, etc. He's meant to be a super-tank that can handle big threats. I myself have defeated the Primal Pokemon with him, so use him wisely when you need a lot of bulk and some alright power. Also, Analytic is useful as well, so if you plan on going last, that may be a better option.

Discharge and Thunderbolt is highly not advised. This ain't Doubles pal, Discharge is worthless in Singles against Thunderbolt. Also, the Z-Move is fine, but I recommend a Life Orb more. This ensures that Tapu Koko hits harder on all fronts. Dazzling Gleam would be wise.

Well balanced typing here, even though the double Ground-typing isn't a good thing. Still though, Quagsire is different enough, so it's fine.

Arcanine looks good, but you couldn't find a better move than Iron Head? I think he gets Wild Charge, use that instead. Also, with that moveset, you're better off with Choice Band.

Seismic Toss on your Mega Medicham needs to go, pal. It's worthless on a Mon like Medicham. Recover is also not advised. Try using Zen Headbutt, and maybe a boosting move like Bulk Up. Take advantage of that massive power!

Special attacking Quagsire? I can't advocate that. Ditch Ancient Power and Earth Power. Stockpile and Curse are good boosting moves, try one of them out. Also, if you must have an offensive ground-type move, go with Earthquake, obviously.

Overall, a good team with some iffy movesets. Change those around and you're in the clear for a potentially threatening team. Otherwise, you don't have the coverage to be much of a threat.

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Weavile needs more changes than North Korea. Never-Melt Ice isn't a very great item, try Life Orb or Choice Band instead. She's not meant to take a hit, so ditch Hone Claws for sure. Aerial Ace is also weak coverage that's not very useful. As a Weavile fan myself, I highly recommend moves like Low Kick, Ice Shard, Knock Off, even something like Fake Out can be useful for ridding the opposing team of Focus Sash.

Gengar's movepool is certainly lacking. Ditch the non-STAB coverage for something like Destiny Bond, Thunderbolt, or even Focus Blast. The problem with those moves is that they're not useful enough coverage compared to something like Thunderbolt, and they're not even STAB to hit really hard.

Hold back with the entry hazards, mate! XD Replace one of the hazards with Rapid Spin, as you won't become victim to them yourself.

Side note: Your team gets destroyed by Fire. I'd add a Dragon or Water type somewhere here. 4 weaknesses and no resistances? Slap me silly and call me Sally.

Celesteela's not meant to be an offensive Pokemon. Use moves like Roost, Toxic, Leech Seed, etc. Celesteela is a Wall, not an Infernape.

Ninjask needs more. Ditch Silver Wind and Endure, probably Toxic too. Use stat boosting moves and substitute if you're going for a Baton pass team.

Finally, Tapu Koko should have a Life Orb. Thunderbolt is more accurate, but I'm speaking subjectively there. Acrobatics sucks, use U-Turn instead.

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Probably around July of last year. Nothing to do but Summer School packets, and my best friend couldn't show up to talk a lot of the time. Killed my self-esteem for a while, I'm certainly doing better since.

EDIT: Year prior I had a bed bug invasion and went to the hospital for different reasons. That's another "precious" memory.

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