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vault13rev 78 points

So, not terrifying from a human perspective, but terrifying from an anything-else perspective...

While we always think of humans as defined by their tool use, we are also unusual in that we are desert persistence hunters. Our bodies maximize our ability to dissipate heat (very little hair, but lots of sweat glands) and we rely on the very efficient bipedal locomotion over quadrupedal.

This means, on the ancestral sunbaked plains, we were the hellish terminators. Lions and cheetahs and similar would have a sprint at you, but they gave up pretty quick. Ambush predators. Humans? We just keep coming. Our height lets us see far, our two-legged stride doesn't do much to overheat us, and our bodies let us sweat off otherwise deadly levels of heat. So you could run and run and run and run until you keeled over, exhausted, and this hairless ape just finishes strolling over and kills you.

LetMeBeGreat 2 points

Honestly the prey animal’s experience would be similar to a human getting chased by slendermen.

We were fucking feared in the animal kingdom.

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baitedbyfated 35 points

Another purdue student here, dont remind me that i have to go back.

LetMeBeGreat 2 points

School starts in another day and a half man. See you on campus.

PurpleTopp 476 points

Purdue alumni here. Get back to studying

LetMeBeGreat 2 points

sigh MGMT exam to study for.

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OMGitsEasyStreet 65 points

I'm sure there are still plenty of 13 year old girls and boys who love the over sexualized "news" articles featuring shirtless super models, Justin Bieber and the Kardashians.

My 12 year old cousin eats that shit up. It's sad that that's the kind of media influencing the younger generation. That and Logan Paul.

LetMeBeGreat 1 point

12 and 13 year olds don't generate that much ad revenue though. Not the most profitable age group on Snapchat to target.

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DirtieHarry 230 points

My biggest frustration. Anyone who doesn't believe in the space race is essentially saying "we're done" to the explorative nature of the Human psyche. If we were meant to explore Earth, we were meant to explore the stars.

Edit: web dictionary doesn't think explorative is a word, but I'm pretty sure it is.

LetMeBeGreat 2 points

Also, I think the closest thing to the meaning of life is to understand the cosmos. We're basically self-aware bundles of matter. Moreover, we're pretty special self-aware bundles of matter since for the first time in 4 billion years, sentient beings have become aware of universe beyond the Earth. Other animals do not know.

Although I do not have proof, I feel like we almost have a responsibility. At the very least, we could be saving the posterity of the human race by leaving Earth.

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KypAstar 3 points

Theres a video essay out there that breaks down the genius of the soundtrack. Wish I could find it again.

LetMeBeGreat 2 points

There's something about the soundtrack, it makes you feel several emotions, from sad, to grieving, to strong, to excited, to adventurous, etc. I can literally listen to it from beginning to end.

SuckItBelaLugosi 231 points

Be at peace, son of Gondor.

LetMeBeGreat 171 points

And then The Breaking of the Fellowship starts playing - one of the most powerful scores in the series imo.

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dirtynj 1,855 points

The video talks too much about stocks/prices/investors.

Put simply, GoPro had a small niche, that was quickly caught up with by other tech companies. And then they stagnated and failed to innovate.

Their action cameras soon were realized to be overpriced. You could get a Sony Action for 1/2 the price that actually shot better overall footage. You could get even cheaper action cams (lower quality) for 1/8 the price off Amazon. For something that people were using a handful of times, this was a better purchase.

It's drone failed. Terribly. The karma was a piece of shit and never should have launched. The MavicPro was better in virtually every single area.

And then it failed to adapt to where consumers actually wanted camera. There should have immediately been a GoPro Dash Cam. There should have been indoor GoPro home surveillance cam. There should have been a super cheap (not the hero) for kids at like $75 each. People were not going to spending another $400 every year to get the newest Go Pro.

And then really, it comes down to "being in the moment" with video. 99% of the time, you will not have your GoPro on you. In those cases, cell phones do a pretty damn good job of recording video. It's convenient, capable, and easy to share.

LetMeBeGreat 1 point

Not to mention that newer phones can shoot 4K nowadays.

LetMeBeGreat commented on a post in r/videos
ogie381 341 points

It provides really mundane, yet cool insight into a normal day/night of regular people in Japan. I love it. Things like this help to show how, really, we're all doing the same things: eating with our friends, going out with our family, having tough conversations, being silly, and just trying to make a living. Thanks so much for this!

LetMeBeGreat 22 points

After watching this I really want to go visit Japan...

LetMeBeGreat commented on a post in r/funny
OGraffe 415 points

This can't be correct. If this was a Purdue student, more bar graphs would be involved.

LetMeBeGreat 6 points

Ahh STAT 350, good memories.

SuitableProgram 5 points

HSSE indeed

LetMeBeGreat 22 points

goes on reddit "Hey! Purdue's famous!"

goes on comments "Oh.. Looks like everyone that upvoted goes to Purdue."

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Pelvic_Sorcery420 251 points

Honestly the prey animal’s experience would be similar to a human getting chased by slendermen

LetMeBeGreat 21 points

Holy shit, we were fucking feared in the animal kingdom.

Feelin_Arkansaucey 2,109 points

That and humans sacrificed strength for dexterity. No ape could ever thread a needle.

LetMeBeGreat 2 points

No ape could ever beat me in Fortnite.

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LetMeBeGreat commented on a post in r/AskReddit
thebriss 50 points


LetMeBeGreat 4 points

Can someone explain the potential implications of not following #3 😰 almost did a #3 recently for the first time which is why.

LetMeBeGreat commented on a post in r/submechanophobia
LetMeBeGreat 2 points

I coincidentally just came across this! I think I posted the picture of this scene a while back that you're referring to.

And yes, the whole scene totally deserves a repost!

LetMeBeGreat commented on a post in r/AskReddit
BloodyCleaver 1,101 points

Why college at a uni with lots of green space was awesome. No one questions you just taking a nap under a tree.

LetMeBeGreat 10 points

It's weird if you don't take naps all the time in college. Also in libraries and uni centers. Also hammock naps.

LetMeBeGreat commented on a post in r/UpliftingNews
ArrhythmicEvent 30 points

This is exactly what my Mom did (At the advice of her accountant.). She lived off the interest from her very healthy investments for 5 years and put 2 kids through Carnegie Mellon for free because we were technically a "Low Income Family". (She still paid taxes from the claimed income of her investments, but the yearly gross was low enough to put us under the minimum threshold for the grant.)

Had she continued working her 65K job for those 5 years the government would have taken roughly 15K per year in taxes, leaving her roughly 50K take home after Taxes. Which means her total take home would be 250K in those 5 years, which would have then gone to paying for the 400K in Education, Leaving her 150K in debt to the college.

Not working allowed her to have 5 years off work to travel the world while essentially getting paid 80K per year by the government for our school. All we had to do was keep our grades above the threshold to continue to be eligible for the government assistance.

LetMeBeGreat 4 points

Your mom seems pretty smart and I don't blame her for taking advantage of the system, but the system seems pretty flawed.

LetMeBeGreat commented on a post in r/space
[deleted] 98 points

what the fuckkkkkkkk omg wow

LetMeBeGreat 5 points

This feels well ahead of our time!

ckanderson 2,021 points

Honestly feels like we just skipped 10 years into the future watching this on a casual Tuesday afternoon. So surreal. Absolutely badass.

LetMeBeGreat 3 points

It really does doesn't it!

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erickgiff 1,710 points

I honestly didnt realize this until one day I was sitting down looking at one stupid Minecraft meme video on instagram and realized how fucking beautiful "Sweden" is, would be lying if i said it didn't strike an emotional chord or three in me...

it definitely helps that the solitude in minecraft singleplayer can be fucking beautiful sometimes because of this fucking amazing music

LetMeBeGreat 1 point

I played Minecraft for only a few minutes, but the first thing that caught my attention was the music. Years later I still haven’t touched the game but have songs like Sweden saved on my Spotify for when I’m feeling a little gloomy. The soundtracks are absolutely beautiful.

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