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And still true today!

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A good sock to the jaw works nicely, too.

So many costume gags in this episode! My favourite is the moth dressed as a ghost who keeps eating pieces of his costume every year and eventually is just in normal clothing.

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Hollyhock! You are such a sweet little freshman.

“Yeah he’s really funny, but like soulful funny, you know?”

“Whaat I don’t like him.. His jawline is like... dumb”

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I thought it was genuinely sweet that Bojack remembered all the little details and was asking questions about Hollyhock’s classes and schoolmates. It was a subtle way to show that he actually cares about her and the things she tells him.

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Cosmetics are a real thing

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Get a small, hard object like a marker or chapstick, stick it on the hickey and grind the tip in over and over for a good 10-15 minutes. Hurts like hell, but it breaks up the damaged blood vessels and makes the hickey disappear. Works every time.

Orrrr you could just put some makeup over it for a few days until it goes away... Not sure what the makeup is called, maybe concealer. Dunno.

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I’d rather spend 15 minutes and have it gone permanently than have to apply makeup every few hours for several days.


Instant pots are on sale for $80 at the hardware store. What are your opinions on this device? Do you find ways to use it fairly regularly or does it mostly sit under your counter? Do the various functions actually work well and make life easier, or is it just simpler to make rice on the stovetop, for example? I had a crockpot for a while but gave it away because it was gigantic and not suited for cooking for one, but I’m thinking of trying this thing out and seeing if I can’t get more use out of it.


I like mine, but as with wny gadget, I was already making things that the IP could make. The machine just made them faster.

It's able to do things like:

  • Make stock (1 hr in the pressure cooker vs 8 hrs in the slow cooker)

  • Make beans and lentils quickly, even without soaking - biggest advantage is I can turn it on and walk away instead of having to babysit it

  • Make rice - again, set and forget frees up time to make other parts of the meal, so I'm more efficient

  • Make yogurt - easily done on the stove and in the oven, but easier in the IP, and can be done all in a single cooking vessel

  • Make plant milks, esp soy milk - if you make this on the stove, it can spill over and it's a PITA to clean. No risk with the IP

  • It's also the biggest container in my kitchen, so it doubles as a mixing bowl

So it replaces a rice cooker (not perfect rice, but pretty good for me), a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a yogurt maker, and a big mixing bowl. I got rid of multiple appliances in favor of this single appliance.

It doesn't always cook things faster, but it makes it easy to 'set it and forget it', freeing up times for other tasks.

It doesn't make me cook more than before, it just makes the time I was already gonna spend in the kitchen more efficient.

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Thanks for the in-depth comment. It sounds like it could be very useful for me, I’m a student and won’t always have a lot of time to hang around in the kitchen to watch stuff I’m cooking. Plus rice and lentils are cheap pantry staples, so I should be able to cook them well!

It's not a gimmick -- but you should treat it as a pressure cooker or "fast crock pot", not as a be all end all of kitchen gadgets with a million uses. You can use it for a lot, but its really just a great easy to use pressure cooker, and lots of its "other" uses can be done better in different ways.

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Cool, I haven’t used a pressure cooker before but I’m always up to learn. I am looking to add more beans and lentils into my diet so this tool might help me out with that.

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I’m actually reluctant to share this tip, because it’s my secret to amazingly flavorful pasta sauce. I make a typical tomato sauce - sauté onions, add a bunch of minced garlic and tomatoes, herbs, blah blah. But the secret is to take a small to medium sized eggplant, slice it, and char it really well on the grill. Then chop the grilled eggplant up and add about a half or 3/4 cup to your sauce, then take your emulsion blender and purée that. It adds - I hate to be cliché - umami, that never fails to draw wows.

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My first time making ratatouille, I not only made four times the amount that I could ever eat by myself, but I also overcooked it to the point that it was basically vegetable mush. Instead of throwing it out, I blending everything together, and WOW, the roasted eggplant blended in with the tomatoes made a sauce way better than I ever achieved on a stove top. I’ve made roasted veggie sauce a few times now, the flavour is great.

That's funny, because that's exactly how I came up with this idea. My SO made cooked-to-mush ratatouille that I tried to save by roasting the crap out of it in the oven. :)

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Great minds think alike! But yeah, throwing some different roasted veggies into a sauce really adds a good depth of flavour that you can’t get from tomatoes and herbs alone.

Levangeline commented on

Define “as much”.

Some animals are far more sophisticated than human in terms of sensory or physical adaptations. Others have been around for hundreds of millions of years longer than we have because they are perfectly adapted to their environments.

I'm sure that happens a ton.

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I know, I remember. Something like this happening once or even a few times, while being a tragedy, doesn't indicate a trend.

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No, but it does mean we should work to correct people who think it’s alright to turn their loneliness into resentment against other people.

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the other leg is present, bottom right of the picture. everything else is completely wrong tho.

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I do see it. The perspective and placement of it is bonkers enough to make it look disconnected entirely though.

Ah well, apparently pointing out OPs mistake made them upset...

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Downvote wasn’t from me. I see the other leg, but it appears to be detached and running away from the headless abomination on the poster.


BF and I just moved in together. I love to cook, and love experimenting in the kitchen. BF doesn’t cook at all, but takes care of his own meals for breakfast and lunch (cereal, canned soup, etc.) When it comes to dinner time however, he usually ends up splitting whatever I’ve cooked, and we share the leftovers for subsequent lunches. He does his share of the labour by cleaning the dishes afterwards (a job i hate), but do any of you have tried-and-true strategies for splitting the cost of groceries? We each have things that are pretty exclusive to our tastes that we will purchase for ourselves, but it gets a little tougher when I’m buying things he wouldn’t buy himself, but ends up eating when we share meals. Not to mention replenishing pantry staples like oil, spices, baking supplies, etc.



Some people just like to over plan when they're excited about something and see/have been warned about potential hangups. OP strikes me as that sort. She's excited to move in with her BF and wants to think about/plan all of the major aspects. Nothing wrong with that in moderation necessarily.

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Original Poster1 point · 8 days ago

This is definitely where I’m coming from. I do tend to plan a lot—perhaps to a fault, but mostly because I care a lot about this relationship and I’d like to have a plan for important things like finances so we know what we’re getting into ahead of time.

From your description there does not appear to be a disproportionate contribution of either funds or effort by either one of you. It in fact sounds like both of you are very respectful and thoughtful in how you manage your household.

Getting caught up in bean counting how much labor each person puts in, and whether or not your partner contributed the necessary funds and labor to have earned the right to eat the potato on his plate is a recipe for misery. If you in fact contributed an additional $3 toward a product, is that really unfair? Is that $3 really worth the feeling of anger and resentment?

But if you’re really concerned about how much each of you spend on groceries, open a joint account for the household expenses.

Establish a monthly grocery budget. Decide jointly the menu for the month and purchase the groceries from the joint account.

Unless you’re spending significantly more on groceries than BF, and from your description that is not the case, then you are simply causing yourself necessary emotional stress.

Nothing in life is 50-50. No relationship, whether it’s a romantic relationship, a work relationship or friendship will be 50-50.

Certainly you should always be concerned and speak up to establish boundaries to protect your interests when what is being asked exceeds what you are comfortable with, want, and/or what is reasonable. But keep in mind how we share our resources in an intimate relationship will be quite different from how we would share resources with a roommate or even other family members.

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Original Poster1 point · 9 days ago

Thank you for your thoughtful response. Indeed, I never feel like either of us is taking advantage of the other’s charity or labour, I just wanted to see if anyone else had worked out a good system because I haven’t been in a position to split bills with a significant other before. We will try to establish a set budget to make things easier, but won’t split hairs about it.

I think we’re both learning how to live so closely with another person, but we’ll figure it out. Thanks.

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Man, as much as I hate the spread of misinformation, I would love to just flood the market with the idea that dudes’ dicks get worn down from too much sex, just to see misogynists scramble to do damage control and maybe, maybe realize how stupid their “roast beef vagina” theory is.

Wow the mid-2000s called and want their meme back.


Years ago I was treated to a home-cooked meal by some distant family relation who stayed at my parent’s house. I don’t remember much of it, aside from a side dish of lentils that had been stewed with beet greens and tomatoes into a delicious savoury slop. Is this a common recipe? Does anyone know how to make it, or something like it? The lentils and greens were tender, but not totally mushy, and the flavour was really rich, so perhaps they were cooking in meat broth of some kind?

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Those are Oxeye Daisys. A noxious weed that is destroying native plants and habitat across the west.

Nice shot though.

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Came here to say this. My whole job is removing invasive plant species from natural areas and I cringe hard when people post photos of daisy fields in North America. Beautiful, but sooooo destructive.

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What do you suggest hikers do when coming across the invasives? Not much we can do other than take pictures. Surely weeding a 2x2 plot near mt St. Helens does nothing.

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As the other user mentioned, awareness is a good start. It’s not your job to remove invasives, but preventing their spread through good hiking practices and sharing information about them where possible goes a long way.

“Romantic comedies set unrealistic expectations for men! They train women to be shallow hopeless romantics so guys like me don’t get a chance!”

Entire understanding of the female sexual experience comes from watching tentacle porn

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Just to peruse incels or mgtow. It’s hilarious. They always complain about “Chad”. Damn women being attracted to men that eat right, workout and have a stable job. How dare they be attracted to success.

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Because it’s super shallow for women to have basic standards like a preference for hygiene and self-sufficiency, but it’s only natural for men to demand a 10/10 banger with no previous sexual experience but a natural talent for giving blowies on the reg.

also, she HAS to have big boobs that don’t sag, perfect skin, a waifu body AND a bare pussy. but she’s a slut who’s clearly cheating on you with a chad if she puts effort into ANY of these things.

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“I want a woman who looks flawless in every way, but isn’t high-maintenance”

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My moment of pedantry is that apparently a complex silicon-based lifeform has managed to not only evolve a two-stage lifecycle, but is also so nonspecific in its host requirements that it can successfully be incubated by a species which it has never before had contact with. Even acid blood seems like a walk in the park compared to the biological gymnastics this movie posits.

I really liked watching it, though.


First point: this is an awesome movie and I love it and the whole franchise (yes, even the two recent prequels)

Second point: this is uber pedantic but is always something that has bugged me about the larger fanbase of the Alien franchise. I HATE the term "xenomorph" because of how it is used by fans. The word comes up in Aliens when the Lieutenant is briefing the marines on the mission. We're supposed to view him as the ivy league officer with no practical experience (his manner of speaking, his having only ever experienced simulated drops...). So, when he is describing the mission, he says they are looking for a xenomorph, which is just Greek for "alien form". Hudson immediately translates this to "it's a bug hunt". The Lieutenant isn't naming the species they are going to encounter - no one alive has ever seen one except for Ripley (not counting any Newt and any other survivors on LV426) - he's just using official jargon, and it falls flat with the marines. Presumably from Hudson's response they have dealt with many such "get rid of the infestation" missions, to the point where they treat it like a shit job. I believe Hudson even asks why they keep getting stuck with missions like this. "Xenomorph" as a term is lampooning the tendency of militaries/police to overcomplicate things with jargon to make them seem more sophisticated: "Yes sir, after we engaged the hostiles in the surrounding environs..."

AND YET! After this movie comes out, everyone latches (face-hugs?) On to this as the name of the alien species. Clearly the joke of fell flat and people decided that this was the name of the species.

This is such a small, unimportant thing, yet it makes me so unreasonably frustrated when I encounter it.

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Huh, TIL! To be honest I had never given the name xenomorph a second thought, but it makes a lot of sense given it’s a pretty generic descriptive term. A bit like saying “We’re hunting for waterfowl” vs “This is called a mallard.”

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Quite a feat for someone to take on, good on him for providing such an important insight into our history.

I always figured the garbage compactor monster was put there to eat the garbage, sort of like putting bacteria into your septic tank. But if you really want to get into its biology, you can look up “Dianoga” on the Star Wars wiki.

Regardless of why it’s there, is that the first time they’ve engaged the compactor walls? Wouldn’t that thing have been crushed to death?

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