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CitrusEye 1 point

On a budget? Spend money on plants...

Levangeline 1 point

To be fair, they’re saved seeds from last year’s tomatoes, and they’ll be saving me grocery money all summer.

SyntheticOne 5 points

Easy, just throw away the rotisserie chicken and use the package.

Levangeline 7 points

People here are hating on rotisserie chicken but there’s something kind of irresistible about it. Hot chicken sandwiches are my fave 👌🏼

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TableTopFarmer 5 points

Dill, potatoes, red onions. enough mayo to blend, not enough to drown. If you are fixing for carnivores, add sprinkle with crispy bacon bits before serving.

Levangeline 1 point

That sounds really tasty, and I looooove dill. Thanks for the suggestion!

_darth_bacon_ 14 points

Look up "German potato salad". That style uses vinegar and grainy mustard. No mayo or eggs!

Levangeline 3 points

Looks really tasty! I love grainy mustard, too, so it’s right up my alley. Thanks for the suggestion!

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tremellas 8 points

Are they indoors? Is there a benefit to having the mini - greenhouse indoors? Sorry I'm still learning, I really need to take a class or something, I feel like I am really stumbling around trying to grow things for the first time.

Levangeline 2 points

Humidity is an aspect, and the tomatoes and eggplants I’m growing need a bit more heat than is offered by my still-winter window. So the greenhouse is helping that along!

Bentish 2 points

I don't particularly enjoy frozen green beans either. Last year I bought a pressure canner for our garden green beans and the household consensus was that they were the best green beans we've ever had.

Levangeline 1 point

I’m slowly realizing that I actually love vegetables of all kinds...when they’re of good quality and home grown! I weaned myself on to beets last year and I’m trying cucumbers this year, maybe next year is the time to try beans!

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currer-bell 2 points

Interesting! I don’t know anything about pate chinois, so I’m not claiming authenticity with these suggestions. Perhaps substitute lamb for beef, and add a bit of Worcestershire and tomato paste? My preference would be to skip the garlic and mix the mash with half and half, real butter, and salt and pepper.

Levangeline 2 points

Thank you for the suggestions! I added Worcestershire and tomato paste to the meat and it gave it just the kick I was looking for. I used plenty of whole milk and butter in the potatoes, and I added smoked paprika instead of the plain paprika it called for. It’s very tasty!

rjmacready 2 points

I collect old movie cameras, hopefully I can help out.

This camera takes 16mm magazine film, which are "magazines" or cartridges pre loaded with film( similar idea to super 8, ease of loading etc...) The problem here is that these haven't been manufactured in some time.

You can find old expired ones on ebay fairly easily, and while they have been expired for decades, they could possibly still work. The Issue here is that it depends on the type of film you are looking at, for instance, a lot of the magazines you will see on ebay will be Kodachrome, which nobody processes in color any longer. It can be done in B&W negative, which some places will do. You can also find Kodak plus-x B&W on ebay, which can also be processed. Processed at a lab that should know what they are doing, or done by yourself at a home darkroom. Another caveat being, they are some cases several decades ago and may not work at all or very poorly. It all depends on how they were stored. It's risky.

Also, it is entirely possible to obtain an empty magazine fairly cheap from ebay and re-load it with fresh new 16mm film from Kodak, there are various tutorials and such on youtube.

If you don't really know a lot about film or have a keen interest in "figuring it all out", it may not be worth all the hassle.

Either way that's an awesome camera and a nice historical and sentimental heirloom, I'd put it on display.

Levangeline 1 point

Thanks very much for the in-depth info! I really don’t know anything about film, so you’re right that it might be too much of a hassle to get up and running, but it’s good to know what I’m dealing with! I’ll hold onto it for now, maybe one day I’ll have the time and money to dedicate to getting it up and running. Cheers!

Levangeline 1 point

Not sure if this is the right place for this post. I’m a hobby photographer but I use a digital camera and really don’t know anything about film. I was gifted this camera from my grandfather’s collection after he passed away about a year ago, and I’d like to see if it’s possible to get it up and running again. If anyone has any tips or resources I could check out, it’d be much appreciated!

plantdog 1 point

Very awesome! What kind of plants are you growing?

Levangeline 2 points

I have a couple orchids, a creeping ficus, a hoya, various cacti/succulents, and one leafy buddy I have yet to identify (it was just labelled “tropical”). Other than that I’ve got a few seedlings started; some wild mint I collected last summer, and some tomatoes and eggplant for my upcoming community garden veggie patch.

soherewearent 16 points

A garden is a garden is a garden. Keep on, window-box gardener! (o:

Levangeline 9 points

Thank you! These little green babies are keeping me happy until I one day get a house of my own with a yard.

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Happycass 2 points

If you didn't name your milk snake "Milkshake" that'd be a very missed opportunity

Levangeline 1 point

Eh, shoulda coulda woulda...I picked “Lola” because that’s what felt right for her.

MartinSchou 1 point

Next time you're cleaning out the place, drill out the hole in the coconut to make it large enough for her.

Levangeline 1 point

There’s a little doorway cut out of the front side that she can crawl in through, the coconut itself is just too small to fit all of her, however!

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GrandmaGos 2 points

It would be a squeaker, but it might be do-able. Acorn squash is the smallest winter squash, and so the earliest to harvest, but there's no getting around that 80-100 days to maturity. According to various harvest calculators, if you can get it out there by the middle of May, technically--theoretically--you might have squash by the middle of August.

It needs warm soil, so one thing you can do is use black plastic to warm up your soil.

It needs frost protection if you're going to push it outside before your frost date, so Wall O Waters (commercial or homemade), cloches, low tunnels, frost blanket, whatever.

These two things--black plastic, and the Wall O Waters--are commonly used by tomato fanatics to win the First Ripe Tomato On The Block contest, an imaginary contest that nevertheless many gardeners participate in. This means there's quite a bit on Google about it.

It needs a nice hot sunny summer. If you have a cool, rainy summer, it's useless.

It will need deep, fertile soil with lots of organic matter, regular watering, and mulching.

Even in Illinois, considerably further south than you, it would be really pushing it to get acorn squash by the end of August. It's not just the fruit itself, it's also the time it needs on the vine to finish consolidating the sugars, and it usually needs--and gets--a nice long warm August and September to do that.

You can store the seeds for next year. They need to be cool and dry, so one method is to put them in a paper envelope, put the envelope in a glass mason jar, drop in a dessicant packet, screw on the lid, and put the jar in a cool basement (NOT the fridge, it's too humid).

Levangeline 1 point

Thank you for the in-depth information! Alas, I think I’ll be pushing it a little too far to try and have squash by mid-August. I’m going to put it on hold and fill the space in my garden with something that has a shorter growing time.

GrandmaGos 2 points

You can have bush zukes until you get sick of them and are relieved that you have to move away.

Levangeline 1 point

Yes I was thinking of zucchini instead! Luckily I like zucchini cake...

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LongGoneWriter 1 point

Have you tried Ten Candles? One-shot, RPG, and when I played it very much changed the tenor of the game when the GM was more/less familiar with the rules.

Levangeline 1 point

Haven’t tried it, but I will look into it, thank you!

sachagoat 2 points

The challenges will make sense from fiction. If they decide to assassinate the admiral aboard their prison ship, the obstacles are obvious. The game makes suggestions but you can easily make obstacles anywhere since you just have to think of a difficulty when a player attempts something risky.

The PC keys drive the mission and most of their decisions..

It's by the creator of Blades and is set in the far future of that setting.

Levangeline 1 point

Sweet, okay I think I understand now. It looks like a really cool game, and the link to Blades would be great for our ongoing campaign.

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Levangeline commented on a post in r/foodhacks
kevkev613 15 points

My mum always boiled the ham for a few hours, changing the water a couple times... It tenderizes the ham and really sucks out a significant amount of the salt, even if it's a pre-cooked ham

Levangeline 17 points

I did this a few Easters ago, and I’m going to do it again this year. Boil the ham for an hour and a bit, then roast it in the oven with maple mustard glaze. Save the ham water for split-pea soup!

Levangeline 1 point


b_Eridanus 1 point

Could be buffalo. Are there any in the area?

Levangeline 1 point

I wish. Coincidentally the area is actually an historic buffalo jump, but they’re long-since gone from the area.

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Levangeline commented on a post in r/NoStupidQuestions
Levangeline 2 points

The bacteria that could survive on your skin are different from the ones that could cause infection in your body. Also, sugar doesn’t really “attract” bacteria, it just provides a convenient food source for bacteria that are already on a surface.

wetmiller 7 points

That looks like carbonized food or grease. To clean, heat up pan until a drop off water will dance on it. Add just a bit of water over the pan very thin layer only. Scrape off build up with a hard plastic or metal spatula or Lodge hard plastic cast iron cleaning scraper. Rinse pan and remove bits and pieces. Dry. You can then oil pan or reseason if needed.
If the caked on stuff still doesn't come off, you can try using salt to rub it off, or strip it with lye (oven cleaner method or lye bath method).

Levangeline 2 points

Thank you! I was hoping it was just something burnt-on and not the iron getting damaged. I’ll try that out.

dopaminesalary 1 point

Could you post a pic of the whole pan? It just bugs me... because I see the blue (which I assume is because the pan is blue outside) and then I see some white... ? And then the black crummy stuff. If it is straight cast iron, there wouldnt be any white... (Assuming this pic is of the inside of the pan)

Levangeline 1 point

Here’s the whole pan. I think the colour differences you’re seeing are because the original picture was pretty over-exposed to show the cracks.

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Levangeline commented on a post in r/educationalgifs
Levangeline 84 points

I work with provincial parks out in the prairies and they’re similarly dependent on fires to roll through and beat back a lot of the overgrowth. A lot of our rare grasses are dying off because they get too overgrown and choke themselves out without regular grazing/fire to keep them groomed. Fire also helps kill off invasive weed species, quickly puts nutrients back in the soil, and helps germinate certain seeds.

sankakukankei 41 points

Setup episode (37:50):

T: What keeps you up at night?

C: She's absolutely terrified of death... She is obsessed with it, because she saw her parents, whether it was heroic or not...

T: Even as an infant, it stuck with her?

C: Oh, I think something like that stuck with her, yeah.

J: Is she trying to beat it?

C: Yeah.

T: ... So is that her main drive and ambition?

C: She wants to beat death. That's why she's studied magic, she wants to be immortal. That's why she's so obsessed with magic, why she's so obsessed with the arcane, she is going to beat it. She's going to live forever.

Travis does point out in episode 1 that Gandy was the one that suggested they go visit the body, and I'm not sure if Clint got to say it explicitly, but it sounded like for her, there's a significant difference between a dead person and a manifestation/servant of death.

Levangeline 11 points

Oh wow, totally forgot about that aspect of the character. That sheds some light on the situation for sure! I suppose I just found her change in demeanour a little jarring.

sankakukankei 14 points

Oh wow, totally forgot about that aspect of my character

Well, Clint McElroy, I'm quite disappointed in you.

Levangeline 6 points

Ha, whoops. I meant to type “the”, and somehow that’s what autocorrect decided to replace it with. Though, forgetting about about character decisions does seem like something Clint might do.

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Levangeline commented on a post in r/me_irl
galactictaco42 229 points

So that writing would've been done by either set dressers or scenics and would be based on photo research (google searches) and not by a mathematician.

Food for thought

Levangeline 16 points

Unless you’re on the set of the Big Bang Theory, where they have real physicists on hand as consultants for the equations and information written in the background of the sets. At least they did this for the earlier seasons, not sure what the case is now. It’s a goofy show, but I give them props for authenticity.

lizardbreath1736 1 point

1 can of beef broth - is that like the condensed ones you buy in the soup aisle? I want to make this and I have a carton of beef broth in my fridge that is around 4 cups of liquid all together, how much of that do you think I'd need to equal 1 cans worth? Thank you, your recipe has inspired my dinner tonight! Yum!

Levangeline 1 point

Yes, I just used the canned condensed beef broth from Campbell’s. It’s 280mL of liquid, so about 1 1/8 cups of stock.

sleazo930 1 point

It’s admirable. I went full paleo to last lose the weight. Now that I’m at my goal I cheat a few times a week. Good luck

Levangeline 2 points

Thanks. I mean, I’m just tracking macros so it’s not super restrictive, but I look for ways to cut out “unnecessary” calories where I can. Wine make a stew divine, but it was tasty enough without, so I’m happy.

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WiscMom 2 points

Jaime (?) (?) (?) Rat (?) one of your sources provides a strong argument against your thesis-position and you must provide a strong argument against Rat (?) argument. George

Levangeline 1 point

Thank you, that makes sense! I assume the first part is something about making sure one of my sources provides an argument...

Danilo_dk 1 point

Maybe asking your professor might help?

Levangeline 1 point

That’s my next step, however I only see them once per week and I was hoping to get an answer sooner.

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