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No meu caso específico, o que eu faço é investir no fundo de investimento de Acções dos EUA, que valoriza em média 10% ao ano. Pode haver fundos mais rentáveis mas esse fundo é que o meu banco tem disponível com a valorização a longo prazo mais atrativa.

A Caixa geral de Depósitos pode não ser o banco mais indicado para investimentos mas prefiro esse banco simplesmente porque me sinto mais seguro a investir maiores quantias de dinheiro em produtos financeiros de um banco que tem afiliações com o estado, para que em caso falência do banco não perder dinheiro.

O "melhor" banco para fazer investimentos é o banco em que mais confias. Mesmo que encontres o banco com os produtos financeiros mais rentáveis, provavelmente não te vais sentir à vontade para investir todo o teu capital disponível, o que em si te daria ganhos menores.

Aconselho a só fazeres investimentos depois de haver sinais de recuperação da próxima recessão, com a mentalidade de que vais deixar o dinheiro investido no mínimo 5 anos.


Hey there. I have a 3000€ budget for a gaming PC and I was wondering if anyone has any build suggestions.

My preferences are:

2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (2-Way SLI).

CPU: Fast(est) Intel Core i7.

RAM: Fast(est) RAM.

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Does Okabe have a fetish of being punched by Daru?


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Very nice. What are those cases called?

I don't know if there's really a "best" hard drive, but what matters more is if your current hard drive is meeting your storage needs. How much do you currently have on your drive, and how much more do you plan to put on it in the future?

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I currently have a 60GB one and want one with at least 1TB. But I'm unsure about what to choose. HDD, SSD or SSHD. How many RPM. What brand.

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A standard mechanical drive is your best bet. There is a negligible performance boost using an SSD, the bottleneck is the sata interface of the ps3 itself. 7200rpm drives may give a better read speed than 5400, but they do generate more heat, and if you have an older PS3 the less heat the better.

Brand wise obviously usual recommend pc drives will usually be better, wester digital, hitachi, toshiba.

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Thank you. Very explanatory.

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Can I ask why they felt it was necessary to have the villain go and damn near molest half the female cast?

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I sometimes close the Steam client after starting the game and noticed that it didn't synchronize all the achievements and playtime, any way to force a synchronization?


Ok this does not answer your question but

Why? What's the point of closing the steam client after you launch a game?

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Just to get any extra performance I can get, but not worth it apparently.

If Steam is running, you're fine. If Steam is not running, then you're shit out of luck.

To figure out which scenario applies to you, it sort of matters what you mean by talking about the client being open. If you're talking about the window that says library/store/etc, that's not important.

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Thanks, I guess that I close launcher completely but thought that there was still something running in the background or embedded into the game.

You... Your way of expression and analysis are above average.

I always thought that if depression didn't mess my thoughts so much I would be able to analyze everything and put everything into words as a book or other media in the hopes that it would at least be useful to one person.

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I shared a similar goal once. Packaging some kind of message into a thoughtful piece of media about depression. I suppose I still could.

I have always really resonated with visual media, especially animation. But I'd settle for making even something like a comic book/graphic novel.

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You've got the right idea.

Doki Doki Literature Club hit home with the line “What reason is there to do anything when I fully know how worthless I am?”

And Welcome to the N.H.K. marked me for how close to reality it was.

LevelX commented on

I can relate so much. I'm bookmarking this!

But yeah, I also started to realize that the source of my depression comes from overprotective parents and the shock of realities after leaving school, and then social media just makes it worse.

Where did you find this?

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Heard the second is

No Time to Explain Adventure with no gear equipped

What are the perks of the Runic items?

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By "Crit chance" do you mean the magical perk "Crit Up"?

Not entirely sure. But if you want I have a white one you can have if you want it.

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Thanks but I already bought this one and after that started to notice some images with different straps and started wondering if each model has its own strap and colors.

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I bought some gems today expecting to do a bunch of rerolls. I ended up getting it on like my 7th reroll. Honestly u just got to get lucky. U could spend 1600 gems and not get it or spend 160 and get it

I switched to adventurer to do the rerolls not sure if that helped but it’s worth a shot

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When I actually accumulate to go for it, I end up getting it on the first 10 tries >.<

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I want one weapon, Naga tooth, anyone have ?

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I keep getting them, got like 4 Teeth already and still no Shroud


Ads are distributed in 3 different groups:

  • Gems
  • Revives/Emberprint Bonus/Bonus Offers
  • End Screen

Which means that even if players decide to watch all the ads from a group, they’ll still be nagged by ads from another group and the worst part is finishing a run and being nagged by an involuntary ad that freezes the game until it starts, while that ad could have been watched later for 5 gems.

Sure, this distribution puts some ads aside that could be used to revive but the majority of the players will probably use the rest of the ads for Bonus Offers before they get a chance to revive.

I understand that you want to guarantee that there are always ads available in every group but you should also consider a plan that benefits invested players that are willing to watch all the ads and want to maximize the rewards. If a player wants to watch all the ads for gems, he should be able to watch ads from all groups until there are no more ads available.

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Why just not get the full version?

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Collecting demos with co-op

From my perspective, this game has come a long way, the changes that happen have been positive, when they happen.

Some things that got oversimplified could have been kept or adapted, such as the smelting and the materials because some form of crafting and in-game player interaction(Co-op, PVP or item trading) are things that this game could use to be even better.

Other than that, I would like to see more announcements about what the Devs are working on and intend to do in the future.

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