‘Three Billboards’ Is Officially This Awards Season’s ‘La La Land’ by ccbuddyrider in movies

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I think I was just overhyped for this movie. I saw the trailer probably thirty times (because I'm at the movies a lot) and it's such a good trailer. When I watched it I was glad it was much more complex than even the trailer suggested, with lots of characters and moments and angles not in it, but after thinking about it for a while it all seemed like such a mixed bag. I like that it ended with Rockwell and McDormand doing what they considered was the only thing in their power to do and that it wasn't certain that they would or that they should.

Overall though when I think about what the movie was getting at I come up kind of empty. It seems to be a movie that just kind of says, "Boy look at all these problems. Just look at them all. Awful, huh? Well, later." Like it just doesn't seem to even come close to an answer. McDormand is too radical and hateful to come up with a good system, Harrelson is keeping things balanced but not exactly solving the problem of racist cops and slow justice, Rockwell learns not to be the problem but then ultimately finds himself powerless, it just all went kinda nowhere.

‘Three Billboards’ Is Officially This Awards Season’s ‘La La Land’ by ccbuddyrider in movies

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Yeah I mean what are these films without the discussion that comes with them? All good movies make us feel something so it only makes sense that the movies we deem as the best make a lot of people feel a lot of things. As readers we can look at this article and be like, "Okay, calm down." but good art bothers people and that's the way it should be.

‘Three Billboards’ Is Officially This Awards Season’s ‘La La Land’ by ccbuddyrider in movies

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There's different ways to discuss movies. Some people like to talk about their impact on the public and also what is in them and what that says about not just the writer or director but the people in general that are latching on to it. Kinda like when a really ridiculous or subtly misogynist comment gets like 10k upvotes and you're just like, "well that's [insert subreddit here] for ya."

Personally I like to watch movies free of those kinds of assumptions or context. I'm all about movies that make me feel something or are visually stunning, preferably both. I usually just skip over all those "what La La Land beating Moonlight but then not really actually means about America" because I think there's too much assumption and not enough data considering most are written in a couple of hours by bloggers who are on to the next one half an hour later. That's just kind of the state of internet journalism right now. That said, the type of criticism this involves isn't totally unnecessary and when well done can be really interesting. What do the movies we love say about us? Is it reinforcing things that don't need to be reinforced? Is that why we love it or is it because it's a good movie? Fun questions to poke at.

Director Gore Verbinksi Pulls Out Of Channing Tatum's ‘Gambit’ Movie by BunyipPouch in movies

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I mean, it's not wrong but when you boil down all team up movies as "just hitting the juggernaut or some underground CGI lizards or something" then you're not giving them a very fair shake. There's just as much great stuff that can be done with movies about teamwork than movies revolving around a single character.

What I'm more interested in seeing is movies that want to be made by people that want to make them and put effort and care into the stories. I wanna see good movies I don't really care what form they take.

Tonya Harding Is No Fan Of Sufjan Stevens’ Song About Her by giraffeking in indieheads

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After reading that comment I actually forgot what this thread was about for a minute.

Eric Andre on the farm. by mn_junkrat in bonnaroo

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Would love a full episode of Bird Up! (the worst show on television) filmed at roo.

DAE The Big Sick WILL BE SNUBBED and is an Underrated Gem? by Evertonius in moviescirclejerk

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God, Sing Street. I was hoping we were done talking about that cute but ultimately just okay movie.

Mad Max: Fury Road is now one of my favourite action movies of all time. Why do some people hate it? by suckmywaifu in movies

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Also probably because OP is using Facebook comments as reviews. Is there a more negative place on the internet than large companies Facebook posts comments sections?

Which popular movies do you happen to dislike? by [deleted] in movies

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Anchorman is a classic and it rests on his shoulders. He got too popular for his own good after that but don't let it take away from a true comedy classic.

Favourite Guilty Pleasure Movie of The Year? by gimitko in movies

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I actually did acauire a five foot tall and three foot wide Geostorm poster from my theater. It's amazing because much like the movie it makes no sense. It depicts Gerard Butler holding his niece as a giant wave comes crashing towards them in a big city.

Amazing because never in the movie does Butler actually see any kind of storm. He spends most the movie on the space station. He also spends no time with his niece outside the first and last five minutes of the movie.

[IMPORTANT] Which version of The Exorcist for first time watching? by ajmysterio in movies

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I mean I guess if they are remastered but really the only technology that's gotten better is what you use to watch things. Film has always looked about as good as it can look. If you pop in a DVD of the exorcist it will look just as good as whatever super remastered version you can find. If you really want better quality go Blu Ray but within those parameters it's not really gonna detract from your experience unless you're like an A.V. junkie.

Which popular movies do you happen to dislike? by [deleted] in movies

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The Mummy is dope yo get on the bus. Also please don't talk bad about Shrek 2 it saved my life.

I would probably have to go with Hateful Eight. I've loved Tarantino for many years but that movie let me down. It was like I could feel him pleasuring himself to his own dialogue and direction behind the camera which is what you kinda expect with him but then it went on for three hours and the whole idea of whodunnit became moot once you find out everyone dunnit. I know it wasn't as popular as his other movies but i still see people sing its praises and I just don't get it.

From this year it's probably Killing of a Sacred Deer. I loved The Lobster but I feel like Deer left out all the great social commentary and kept all the dryness and it just didn't work for me. I was just really bored the whole time. It finally got interesting when the kid explained the rules but then I was bored again waiting for the ending which I feel like really only could have gone one of three ways and they literally pick a random one so the buildup kinda doesn't matter. Whenever I look at discussions about it people say it was genius and I guess I just didn't get it because it made me want to stab my eyes out.

Also I thought Three Billboards was just okay. Something about it kept it from elevating to greatness.

[IMPORTANT] Which version of The Exorcist for first time watching? by ajmysterio in movies

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With classics it's usually just best to go with the classic version unless there's some huge kick up about it. Exorcist was huge when it was released in theaters so probably just that original version would be fine. Most the time with classics like that the deluxe edition and re edits are for huge fans or just in general a cash grab to push home video copies.

Really the only two movies I can think of where people demand the directors cut are Blade Runner and Kingdom of Heaven.

No, really, watch "Coco." Even if you're not an animated movie type of person; I guarantee you won't regret it. by deawang in movies

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Is anyone out there saying not to see the latest Pixar original film? Like I loved it too but I also don't know anyone who didn't.

Christmas Vacation. Day 23 of The 25 Days of Christmas Movies. by Chimichanga723 in movies

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I saw this movie at an Alamo Drafthouse recently and I realized something kinda funny. It doesn't actually take us to Christmas day. It ends on Christmas Eve after Clarks meltdown and his boss' kidnapping. Ends before everyone goes to bed that night. I thought that was interesting because Christmas Eve is the big to do but just about every other Christmas movie at least takes us through Christmas morning.

Also, goes without saying, but this is the best Christmas movie. Hands down. Captures the time of year, hassle, traditions, nostalgia, family, etc all perfectly.

Outside of major franchise films what movies were you really excited about and we're let down by and why? by mintconditioneggs in movies

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I gave up on Blomkamp after Elysium. Just awful. I never even saw Chappie and I make a legitimate effort to see everything.

people who hate subtitles by landocorinthian in movies

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I mean you gotta understand where he's coming from. It's just a difference in how we percieve movies. Dialogue is important and perhaps you prioritize hearing or seeing all the dialogue right and that's not the wrong way to go about it. But film is also about images and how they strike you and how they are edited together. Subtitles can be very distracting to those who want to be struck by image.

Our brains are trained to read words when they are presented to us. That means every time a subtitle comes up our eyes subconsciously dart to them, absorb them, then continue on with the rest of the image. It makes watching a movie about twice as much work, it can take away from dialogue timing because you know what's about to be said, and it can distract you from catching other things going on on screen.

There's no wrong way to watch movies but I think many would agree the right way is as intended by the filmmaker and that's usually only with subtitles when necessary.

What movies have ending/post-credit scenes that were made to setup a franchise but never made it past the first film? by BCRplus44 in movies

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Ever see RockRolla? Fucking dope movie directed by Guy Ritchie. At the end of the movie there's a title card that says something like "Archie and the Wild Bunch will be back in RockNRolla 2."

Still waiting on that hardcore but soon after that Ritchie started making big budget studio movies and left his humble beginnings behind. Archie got put on the back burner for Sherlock Holmes, Man from UNCLE, and most recently King Arthur.

It's a shame. Really anyone could have made those movies just fine. Only Ritchie can do RockNRolla.

Favourite Guilty Pleasure Movie of The Year? by gimitko in movies

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The answer is obviously Geostorm and if that's not your answer it probably means you haven't seen Geostorm yet.

Just say it with me. Geostorm. Isn't that fun to say? You know what's even more fun? Watching the secretary of defense pull a bazooka out of his trunk in an attempt to assassinate the president while Gerard Butler plays a character born in England who grew up in America yet has a Scottish accent.

Why aren't you watching Geostorm right now?

Favourite Guilty Pleasure Movie of The Year? by gimitko in movies

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I can't imagine a universe where GotG2 is worse than Justice League. Like even if you don't appreciate the quippiness being set to 11 it at least gets points for being competently made with one clear voice driving the movie rather than the messy product of too many cooks that was Justice League. Just my two cents I guess.

Great Moments in Mediocre Movies. by MovieMike007 in movies

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It's a shame they wasted the title Reel Steel on that movie when it would have made a wonderful sequel to Shack's Steel.

Great Moments in Mediocre Movies. by MovieMike007 in movies

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Too bad it was almost immediately followed with a terrible Superman scene. Where he takes Lois back to the farm and his upper lip dances in the wind.