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Confederate flags in Washington?

That's a new one.

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Man, I live in Alaska and the number of confederate flags up here is astounding. We are effectively the state furthest away from the south, and I assume none of these people sporting them have even been out of the state.

7506 0973 7027 I'm from up in Wasilla, Alaska [US]! Just looking for some friends and some extra goods. :) I will of course send gifts when I get them from the small amount of Pokestops I come into contact with haha.

2 points · 1 month ago

Just sent you a friend request - no need to send back gifts, I'm urban with plenty stops. A postcard from Alaska once in a while would be great, though!

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Absolutely! Thank you :)

Sending you a request from Alaska :) 7506 0973 7027

Just added you! 7506 0973 7027 is my code, I'm from Alaska :)

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Desperate people will go anywhere....

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Original Poster10 points · 1 month ago

Seriously. I honestly should have known better though. Clearly, if I didn't want to get hit on, I shouldnt have posted my jeans for sale.

2.8k points · 2 months agoGilded1

The app is at the DMV and all I had to do was log the hours i spent riding your mom to qualify for my license.

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This is not the babysitting service we deserve, but it is the service we need

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I think it might be both.


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That's a lot of effort to avoid going down on women!

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Someone call DJ Khaled


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Did you just reply to yourself?

Built a house up on them abs, thats and abstate

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Roll my weed on it, that's an abtray

When you take an anime serious way to far /s

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Why so anime serious?

I started orollies for the price, stayed for the taste....

Once you develop a taste for those babies, tailor-made "pack" cigs taste so, so chemical-y, foul and wrong.

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Damn, aint that the truth. Everyone says they taste like shit, but after 3 years smoking them I dont think I could ever go back.

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Sea salt is even cheaper

Wells Fargo. Nope.

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Used to work there. Everuthing in the news about them is true. Except even more horrible. Even when I worked there, I would tell customers to try a credit union instead. Horrible company

And if the husband is half as emotionally open as OP appears to be I have high hopes for their future together.

I’m not even in a relationship, but I think OP has taught me some valuable lessons about marriage already

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Absolutely. This is so well thought out and succinct. If the husband were to read this, theres no way he shouldn't be able to at least understand the situation and where she is coming from. But seriously OP, great job at being introspective and recognizing the problems in your relationship and your needs from your husband. I hope that he can work on his issues and give you the attention you deserve.

Is this the same bus that the Nogueira brothers tried to feed?

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That actually happened!

Aww I do this too, and its actually really helped grow our relationship. Now I can keep myself updated in things he enjoys, and I can have some awesome conversations with him. And now ive found that I actually enjoy all these things too. I was never in to space related subjects before, but he is absolutely obsessed with it, and the things I've learned from and because of him is absoulutely amazing. I highly recommend anyone that has a significant other to do this. Its a really great way to bond and show them you care about their interests. :)

202 points · 4 months ago

Nope they're just for the church. There's a church here with a sensory deprivation spa, a movie theater, 10 million dollar lighting and sound rig.

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Its for church honey. NEXT!!!

Back when I was around 6-7, we were learning the song "kukubura sits in the old gum tree" in choir class. Some of you may not know the tune, but one of the lyrics is "laugh, kukubura laugh, gay your life must be", referencing the birds happy and carefree life. Well, I had never encountered that word before so I go home and ask my dad what it meant, with no context on where I had heard it. So, being a good father, he sat me down and explained what homosexuality was (he did a really great job explaining this to a 6 year old, in retrospect). But the next day, were singing it again, and I decided with my new found wisdom, to share with the whole class what gay meant. Apparently that was not what that meant, and my classmates laughed at me....I was so ashamed.

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He also took Chubbs hand.

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Tournament down in Florida. I hooked my ball in the rough down by the lake. Damned alligator just popped up, cut me down in my prime...

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