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It's a short video platform just got poplular in China recently. It's kinda like vine. That's the platforms' watermark on the video.

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Congratulations!!! Are you working in networking already?

Just use boot camp and dual boot with windows. Heck I have my MBP triple booted with OSX, Windows and kali Linux then I can just switch to what machine I need.


Hello everyone,

I'm back again with an update. As a few of you may remember I had inquired about the time frame for which one should study for the CCNA after the CCENT. I got some really great advice and decided to just buckle down and study as hard as I could. I scheduled my test and never looked back. It took me everything I had to not reschedule at the last minute. I had studied will and was doing ok on the boson exams but I just was still super nervous.

Today was the big day. I showed up at the testing center an hour early because of pre test nerves and just always being anxious about being late. Luckily they were really cool about it and just let me get started right away. My test had a passing score of 811.

Through the test I felt like I was 100% sure on about 40% of the questions. I felt I did well on the sims I got which helped a lot. that still however left about 60% of the questions kinda up in the air. I mean obviously I did better then that but that's how it felt at the time.

I get to the end and see CONGRATULATIONS!!!

That felt like it lifted a ton of bricks off my shoulders all the study hours all the hours creeping r/ccna and r/networking paid off!

Study materials

OCG 100-105 & 200-105 Wendell Odom

Netacad for ICND1

Kevin Wallace video series 200-105

Boson exam sims for 100-105 & 200-105

Endless hours of surfing good reddit threads

I cant stress the reddit searches enough. If you go to r/ccna or r/networking and search for topics you are studying, most likely you are going to find someone asking a question about a real world problem on their real world gear. This is like an endless trove of real life trouble tickets to look back on and see results. and not only results but the whole reasoning process that sometimes multiple certified engineers come to. Of course not every one is going to be what you are looking for but there is a lot here.

anyhow thanks again everyone for all of the support and knowledge over the last few months. Now its time to start brushing up this resume and hopefully getting my butt out of boring insurance and into a networking role.


thats grinding congrats.

good luck on the new job searches, i already have a networking job but got my ccna last year and definitely got alot more job interviews but didnt line up for what ever reasons so hopefully something lines up for you.

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Thank you!

What part of the country or I guess world I should say are you in? I’m in the SW US and I see a lot of positions I’m going to be applying for but I guess we will see how many calls I actually get. I guess the good news is I do t really have to have a new job so I can wait for the perfect fit.

im in california central valley, been applying alot for bay area and i have over 10 years of IT but it seemed the ccna and the firewall experience gets attention but it all depends what the company is looking for, and how much experience they want you have.

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Oh yeah I can imagine there are probably a lot of CCNA’s out there. That’s cool though I’m sure the perfect thing will pop up for you. Like you said it’s all about finding the place that wants what you have.

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It’s not them that need the training it’s the Albuquerque drivers. They are going to have to make everyone go back to driving school to re learn what double yellow lines mean.


So I scheduled my exam for saturday. Some of you might remember me asking about the time frame about 3 weeks ago. I got a lot of good responses and decided just to buckel down and get through the material. Now I have been studing about 8 hours a day which is a little extream but I have been able to learn all of the exam topics or at least have a good enough understanding to be getting some pretty good scores on the Boson exam sims. I dont want to get to confident but I'm getting pretty excited for saturday and just wanted to share. It will be pretty fun to walk into class next semester with my CCNA. Our class isnt scheduled to test for it untill 2 semesters down the road.


Congrats on passing CCENT. Hopefully you’ll pass CCNA too!! I’m currently studying for my CCENT. I’ve finished all the courses at my college for Cisco just need to study back abit on the basics with subnetting.

My only question for you is why do you want to get your CCNA before class. Because if you had it wouldn’t you feel like your wasting your time in class for a certification you already have. I know my college gives you the credit for the class if you already have your CCENT / CCNA.

Lucky you have 8 hours a day to spend on studying, if you don’t mind me ask what do you plan on doing with your CCNA?

I’m not currently certified however I’m currently taking other classes at my college to finish up my AS degree, meanwhile I also still study Cisco when I can, although I do work a full time job as a NOC Technician. That’s why I ask what do you plan to do because you can already get a job with your CCENT and get experience. I log into customers Cisco equipment everyday and it’s great, but Cisco classes an certifications are theory shows you should know what you are doing. Although work experience means a lot too.

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Yeah getting my CCNA so quickly after my CCENT was more of I'm doing it because I think I can not really because I want to skip anything. I know I can get some credits for some classes with my CCNA so that will be nice but honestly I love my class and don't really want to skip out of it. If anything it will just give me a better opportunity to study the material more and help out some other classmates that might not be getting it as well. I also love having access to the lab equipment at school. We have racks of 2911 and 3500's 2950's ASA's basically anything I could want to mess with.

I do work a full time job right now and go to school after work so I know how it is. Luckily I'm at an insurance job I have worked for the last 7 years. It gives me a lot of flexibility to study. 4 of my 8 hours a day studying are for sure at work.

I am trying my hardest to get my foot in the door somewhere but I have only had my CCENT for a few weeks and only have a few resumes out with that on it.

Same boat as you and OP. I’m not sure what Anki flashcards are but I use a mobile flashcard app that performs spaced repetition. Also, I am using OCG too and probably won’t use Lammle’s book.

Idk why but I feel so much more relaxed for ICND2 test as opposed to ICND1. I haven’t been doing labs for ICND2 but I did a ton of labs for ICND1 and still remember how to navigate my way through the CLI. Now just have to memorize configurations lol.

Anyways, best of luck to you and good luck OP on Saturday :)


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Hey thanks! I will definitely give you an update Saturday. I think also after you take your first Cisco test you kinda get a better feel for it. Also like you said you start to get pretty proficient on the CLI and it feels like you are just jumping through configs.

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if its set up like the netacad Cisco courses at my college, you wont take the ICND1 until Cisco semester 2 then you would take the ICND2 at the end of the 4th semester of the Cisco courses. If you have no networking experience take it slow through the first semester and try to build a solid foundation. Learn your binary and subnets. Then semester 2 will get into the nuts and bolts of R&S for ICND1.

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Update: DCHP (I think that's what it's called) is enabled. So the question is, why isn't my IP changing even though it's dynamic?

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You can go to the command line and do an ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew and this will get you a new private IP address but that will not change anything on the public side as your router is using NAT to translate a group of private IP address to one public address provided by your ISP. You can check your public address by googling what’s my IP address.


Took the ICND1 today and passed with a 919! I have to admit I didn’t think I was doing that well through the test. There where definitely a few questions that really threw me for a loop.

On the end I did very well. I studied a lot and used a lot of different sources.

-Netacad at my local community college -The Cisco press official cert guide for the ICND1 -Boson practice test (can’t stress this one enough. I’m buying my ICND2 practice test tonight while it’s still on sale)

Last but not least r/CCNA and r/networking for all the endless hours of great content they have provided.


which boson practice test did you buy? i alot of them now that i'm checking them out.

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The ICND1 is the 100-105 test and the ICND2 is 200-105 if I remember correctly.

i see one for 99.00 then i see a kit for 189, both are ICND1. i'm looking more into what the kit offers over the 99.00

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I think the $189 gives you both the 100-105 and 200-105 test. That will give you the practice test to get up to your CCNA. You would also need a good book and study plan along with the test.

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Hello everyone

I just wanted some opinions on the amount of time you think is resonable for studing the ICND2 material. I just passed the ICND1 on Saturday and am already mving on to the ICND2. I was planning on giving myself untill early December. I will be taking the third semester of the cisco acadamy at my local community college in conjunction with my own study plan.

Do you think 4 months is a good goal?


I was going right into ICND2 after the ICND1 but life happened and I had other commitments to keep. I got my CCENT in May. I was planning on having the ICND2 done by July but it's not going to happen until the end of the year at the earliest now.

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Yeah I totaly understand that. I'm working a full time ded end job right now, going to school at nights and still trying to study as much as possible for my CCNA. Any little slip up could for sure throw a wrench in my plan. Thats good that you are still studying though and still have a timeframe.

Thanks! We are in similar situations. I'm also at a dead end job. Hoping to be able to move into networking or security next year. I totally feel the any little slip up will throw a wrench into your plans bit. That's exactly how I feel as well. I have specific deadlines and if I don't meet them there is a big chance I won't get done what I need to. I have another kid on the way in a few months which is going to complicate things if I get behind.

We'll get through it and get our certs and new jobs. I know it. Good luck with your situation. It will get better. It has to, right?

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Oh defenitly and good luck to you too!

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You have way to much money to blow.

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I’m making up for my childhood. I come from a family of 7 siblings so growing up was a rough time. Wife and I do ok so I’m kind of like the oldest kid ever now :)

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Haha just giving you a hard time. That’s awesome !

just imagine a scenario, one day walking through the subway terminal. Out of nowhere you hear a loud crash. Some one screaming and running done the hall. Is there an Network+ certified technician in the house??? We have lost all network functionality and the system responsible for changing the rails is in the fritz! Quickly you respond... why yes sir, I sure am certified! pulling out your handy CompTIA card.

Seriously I have no idea why they send a card but I like to imagine that’s the reason.

I would imagine no one is going to care if you don’t have the card.

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I know you can download on multiple computers as I’m am currently using the ICND1 test on my laptop and desktop.

As far as both at the same time. I do t know I have never tried that but I’m assuming it wouldn’t work as it uses your login to bring up the test.


Hello Everyone,

I know this is the Cisco sub but I feel like you guys would be able to answer this question better than the CompTIA sub. I am studying for my CCNA and take my CCENT on saturday. I am confident in my CCENT studies and have been looking forward to my next cert. Clearly I'm moving onto the CCNA ICND2 next but through all of my job hunting I see Sec+ is a DOD or DOE requirment. My region has tons of oportunity for those sorts of jobs so I'm probably going to need to get the Sec+

My question is how much do I realy need to study for this test? I have taken several free practice test and am scoring in the ~90% range on them. I'm half way tempted to pay for a Boson exam to see if I could pass it.

Am I missing something or is the Sec+ really just that easy if you have your Net+ and are CCENT level?

I mean if thats the case I may just buy a discounted voucher that is about to expire and write my CCENT and Sec+ back to back.


I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a book and skimming through the material to make absolutely sure you're 100% covered before waltzing into take it. The exam has gotten substantially harder with the SYS-501 version and covers topics that aren't necessarily related to your current studies.

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Yeah that’s a great idea. My school offers a free safari books online access. No point in not using the free resources provided.

It depends on the company handing out the "free practice test." FYI Security+ can be difficult for people who are new to IT and security best practices. My Security+ boot camp class had a 25% pass rate.

Transcender as an exam simulation resource was very similar to the actual test.

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Awesome! Thank you I’m going to check transcended our now. I used TestOut for my Net+ through my local community college but I don’t think I’m going to need a whole semester this time around to prep. And to be honest I passed my Net+ after a week of cramming and not much else as the course I took was online self paced. They did give me a free exam voucher at the end which pretty much made up for the tuition cost, that was nice.

I think learning the Cisco fundamentals really gives you such a solid foundation on most of the concepts that it makes other networking/security stuff seam easy.

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Hey guys just wanted to thank you all for the insight and support through the studying process. I have my test scheduled for 7/28 and am super excited to get the test behind me. I'm feeling pretty good as I am passing the Boson test and I have read here they can be a lot more tough then the real deal.

Any last minute study advice for this week or any insight on topics Cisco hits hard would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again guys and hopefully I will be back here on the 28th with my passing post.

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Good Luck!
Personally I found the ICND1 easier then the Boson exams. Best bit of advice I can give is to make sure you read the questions at least twice before looking at the answers!

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Hey thank you! I will make sure to double check the question before selecting an answer. I noticed that on the boson exam they would always put an answer that would be right except for some small detail in the question.

Good luck!

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Download Rufus 2.18. It's an old version. Choose "DD" instead of "iso".

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Not as bad as the time I installed kali on an old laptop, was stuck in airplane mode, and failed to see the physical switch on the front for like 6 hours.

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Layer 8 problems are the hardest to diagnose hahaha!

Set up a NAS or Network Attached Storage. You can find one like the WD Mycloud that will allow you to store documents on your own cloud.

I can tell you I just bought the bison ExSim for ICND1 and have been finding it really helpful. Two things I really like.

1.) you get 5 different practice test so I’m sure over a few hundred different questions

2.) the practice mode lets you see the answers as you are taking the test. I find this really helpful for studying. It also gives you a live score so you know if you answer the question wrong or right.

I am enrolled in the netacad program. I have gone through all the modules and was feeling very confident. The boson test threw me for a curve compared to the netacad practice ICND1. If anything just getting the knowledge of all the different test just gives you a 100% solid one up on the people who only use one source.

The way I see it is $75 is a drop in the bucket to the potential money I will be making with a CCNA or higher. If this test better prepared me to get there faster then it was way worth the money.

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Helpful answer, thanks! I think i’ll go for it after all since it still is my first cert exam and dont know what to expect. Will be a huge boon for both my understanding/comprehension and self-esreem/confidence.

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No problem it’s nice to bounce ideas off of each other here. I’m taking the test on the 28th let’s hope all the practice test pay off.

Im doing a program through my local community college. We use netacad for homework and studying and class tme for hands on labs on actual equipment. I think that is the perfect mix, however if you are just looking at netacad alone I would recomend suplimenting it with something eles. Even just wathing some extra youtube vidoes on topics you are strugeling with really helps.

I really do like the hands on lab time though and I would recomend a cheap home lab or GNS3. PT can work well but from what I have heard is pretty limited. I havent run into this isue as I am only at the ICND1 level and PT will do fine for everything covered in that course.


Hello everyone, I have a quick question in regards to the ICND1 practice test that you get access to through netacad. I’m just interested to know how it stacks up against the real test?

I have seen people on here saying that you need to get 90’s on the boson test to get a comfortable pass on the real thing.

Is there any similar baseline for the netacad test?

Thanks in advance for the help.


The netacad tests are a lot easier than boson. I was practically acing the netacad test before my icnd1, but never got higher than maybe 85 on the boson test. Ended up passing with a 976 though.

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That makes me feel pretty good. I got an 80 on my first run through of the netacad practice test and that’s mostly due to me not being done with the modules. There were quite a few questions about NAT/PAT, DHCP and network maintenance all of which are covered in the last three modules I haven’t completed yet.

Thanks for the insight!

I hate to say it but chances are you may have done some serious damage. something as simple as unplugging a ribbon cable can cause a static shock that may not even be noticeable to you, however it can be devastating to the hardware.

Not saying that is the case at all. However in the future it’s best practice to use a static wrist strap and a mat to make sure everything is grounded correctly.


Hello r/computertechs

I am a long time lurker but first time poster here. I had a quick question for all you computer repair techs out there.

I am running my own small computer repair business and I would love some insight on the different sources you guys use for parts.

Currently I am able to find some stuff hit and miss. I guess I'm just looking to see if there is some sort of parts supplier you can buy new model specific stuff from? Currently I have a client with an HP laptop its one of the x360 style that flips into a tablet. Anyhow I need to replace the frame and found a refurbished one on eBay and a new one on eBay but the new one from china takes 15 days! I have let the client know her options but surly there has to be a better supplier. Please help!


I have the same question so I will be following. I have a small computer repair business. I know that google flagged me for using the word “Mac” in PC & Mac repair. I assume google is just covering their butt, but I know for a fact I have seen competitors signs say Mac repair so either they aren’t playing by the rules or it’s allowed. Either way I am interested.

I've talked to the apple store in my area (Not apple themselves, an authorized retailer) and Apple is very very protective of their advertising and dishing out certified repair certificates. So I'm assuming Apple asked them to really target that key word.

Have you just tried the word apple? or apple machines? Because Mac is technically a name of a computer, so that could be TM protected more heavily.

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Yes the specifically stated TM violation so I assume google just has a filter for Mac I will try Apple on a dummy ad just to see if they let it through.

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Liability won’t be too expensive and almost everyone offers a policy. I would check with your personal lines insurer most of them are really trying to get into the small business market. The Tech E&O will be the more expensive one it’s because the way the policy works. Essentially the company insuring you at the time is responsible for insuring errors that could have happened in the past even when you weren’t their customer. That creates a lot more liability exposure. They will want to see contracts and get some background info on your business before they bind coverage.

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