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You really jacked their rhythm up. This story made me laugh, perfect song for that.

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Dunno about legal, but I was visiting a place around Birmingham last week, had a walk around a fishing pond and looked at the pond rules, one of them was 'no using floating hooks baited with bread'. Presume they had a problem with people FISHING for DUCKS...

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That’s for catfish most likely.

Every time this is posted I keep reading mongoose. I want to see a raccoon eat a mongoose now.

I’m so backed up I poop diamonds every time I eat peanut butter.

Stop using lures. Get live worms, crickets, or even bread and try again.

So what’s the story, there’s no link.

Original Poster-20 points · 1 day ago

There is no link

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Your post shows no justice, it’s incomplete.

An indigo stole my baby.

Small catfish school together for protection.

Well at least that one guy will definitely never try and rob anyone else ever again.

I caught a 4 foot long metal pipe that took a little effort to pull in.

I must not understand how rain checks work. Wouldn’t you still have to pay for the item.

Something he did not think about: artificial insemination using cryofrozen sperm.

I'm assuming if we're to the point where we can launch a multigenerational ship, we can freeze sperm so it's viable.

Hell, from this perspective you don't even need guys on the ship at all.

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Or just 1 guy and 97 ladies.

5 points · 2 days ago

That'll lead to trouble along the way since 2nd generation would be half incest. Now cryofrozen fertilized eggs might be something that'd work!

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It was just a joke about a guy having a good time.

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17 points · 2 days ago

Wonder what the dispute was about

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Gave him the stank eye or some other irrelevant garbage most likely.

The fee may cover the cost of gas, not their pay. I’m glad there are people that will deliver food to my house. If people stopped tipping them, that convenience would come to an end.

Sometimes I travel to the woods just for the pooping.

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No haha. But yes I have pooped in the woods a few times. It’s best to lean your back in a tree and squat usually.

I remember you, that was crazy. Just kidding, that guy probably hasn’t thought about it since.

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