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LostOrnament commented on a post in r/TwoXChromosomes
vanzir -4 points

This is one of those times when I am sure I am going to get blamed for any comment I make. Oh well. I tried to think about this as if it were my daughter going through this. I never want her to hurt, but I am not a Dr, so I feel compelled to listen to what her doctors say. At 12 years old the body isn't done maturing. Removing the entire reproductive system will virtually guarantee hormone therapy from what I have read. Those same hormones are critical in preventing degenerative diseases. And then there is mental maturity. No 12 year old child is mentally mature enough to make any life altering decision on their own. You can disagree with me all you like, but as a father, uncle, and coach, 12 yr old girls are incredibly fickle. Losing the ability to have children is not a choice to be made idly. At any age. It will impact the entire rest of your life.

LostOrnament 3 points

Thanks for the insight, Dr. Coach. I'm sure this "fickle girl" will realize she loves suffering in pain when she gets older.

vanzir 0 points

Look, i am not saying that she shouldn't have the procedure if her Dr is telling her too. I am saying that She should listen to her doctor, and the people around her, because she isn't qualified to make this decision on her own. You can flame me all you want, but it wont change that fact.

LostOrnament 1 point

Her doctor cares more about her fertility than her health. Its not unusual for women to deal with that BS even into adulthood. Women can hardly find doctors willing to do sterilizations until they are in their 30's or 40's and already have a certain number of kids. If women suffer all their lives from conditions like endometriosis, they're just SOL. People like you who undermine "girls" are part of the problem.

The girl's mother supports her decision. Quit being obtuse.

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LostOrnament 1 point

Snake oil and other cons are as old as money.

[deleted] -32 points


LostOrnament 23 points

Found the GOOP shopper.

And by TTS I assume you meant TSS? And yes I do know someone who got it. My mother.

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HandOverTheMemes -14 points

Okay, but does any similar thing happen to male patients?

Just wondering, because if so, please don't make this out to be a "women's issue" - because if and when this sick practice does get shut down, the solution will most likely neglect the male victims.

Edit: It turns out men are being given prostate exams when sedated. Downvote this if you like, but you're just proving that feminism has no interest in gender equality by actively suppressing someone speaking out about sexual assault against males.

LostOrnament 5 points

...did you just ask if male patients are having their vaginas examined while they're sedated?

HandOverTheMemes -6 points

I said "any similar thing". Pretty sure what I meant by that is quite obvious...

LostOrnament 1 point

I was being facetious, if that wasn't obvious.

But it was pretty ridiculous of you to try and hijack the topic with a "what about the menz" without a basis to do so.

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[deleted] -16 points


LostOrnament 4 points

If you can create some 100% failproof birth control, that would be great.

whistlepig33 -9 points

I don't like trump, or any other violent leader... but my complaint is that there is still any funding at all. Kind of half-assed I think.

LostOrnament 7 points

You haven an issue with funding healthcare?

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LostOrnament commented on a post in r/pics
Ubersensai 0 points

I'm a moderate and i sorta think its fucked that abortion is considered a women's right and not the embryo's own potential life, but what do I know (besides having nearly died in the womb)

LostOrnament 1 point

I almost didn't exist thanks to a condom, but you don't see me trying to get that outlawed ¯_(ツ)_/¯

LostOrnament commented on a post in r/asexuality
LostOrnament 2 points


j/k, that's a tough one. Maybe focus on incorporating the ace flag colors?

hyuk0hh 1 point

what do you mean?

LostOrnament 1 point

By cake? Well, from what I know, (AVEN) made cake an unofficial symbol of being ace, as in the adage "cake is better than sex."

LostOrnament commented on a post in r/TwoXChromosomes
cityterrace 0 points

I don't know about those other contexts. But with pro-life at least, these women view the issue as protecting the life of a person.

LostOrnament 6 points

I've seen way too many supposedly "pro llife" women make an exception for their (or their daughter's) own unwanted pregnancy to really buy that.

[deleted] -7 points


LostOrnament 4 points

because they choose life?

Not when its their mistress though, funny thing.

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LostOrnament commented on a post in r/worldnews
jayval90 0 points

I did.

2: an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment

LostOrnament 1 point

Are you really going to act dense about the fact that the term "miracle" overwhelmingly is used for seemingly divine events?

Anyways, even miracles don't happen when 70% of a brain is liquid.

jayval90 0 points

Who said anything about "overwhelmingly?" You asserted that I was incorrect in my definition, then looked up the word in the dictionary to prove your point and IGNORED the other definition that clearly was exactly what I was talking about.

Do miracles live 5 days longer than they were supposed to, and die due to malnutrition and lack of water because a bunch of doctors thought that the parents needed an "attitude adjustment" before they'd try something else?

LostOrnament 1 point

Those who can't argue the point will argue semantics :)

Its actually not uncommon for life support patients to linger for a handful of days after being taken off a ventilator. No "miracle" there. As legal euthanasia is unfortunately not yet legal, withholding water and food is all that can be done. Fortunately its a painless process due to medications given.

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LostOrnament commented on a post in r/worldnews
nikobuscus12 -6 points

There was a time when the flu was a death sentence, to let him die is a 100% guarantee

There was always the chance of a medical "miracle", despite how astronomically slim it might have been

Even in that case, there should have been no reason not to let him die in the Vatican then

The way I see this as an American is the state denying a parent the right to make decisions for his child; if Alfie's parents were denying him care that's another story

The issue with this is the precedent it sets, I would bet you 100$ this is a stepping stone for euthanasia in the UK within the next 5 years

TLDR, rip Alfie, fuck undiagnosable brain diseases and fuck bureaucrats determining the value of life

LostOrnament 12 points

Poor argument. "Miracles" should not be part of a health plan, and they don't happen when 70% of a brain turns to liquid goo.

Transporting him would only have caused unnecessary suffering if not killed him en route.

American hospitals have made similar decisions over the objections of deluded parents, sorry to break the news to you.

Legal voluntary euthanasia is a good thing.

LostOrnament commented on a post in r/TwoXChromosomes

But then I need to go inside a spencers.

LostOrnament 1 point

Why wouldn't you want to go into one? I love that store


Loved it as a kid when my parents would take me there but now it's just a cringe factory.

LostOrnament 1 point

Too bad. I still find fun stuff in there, and always makes me nostalgic for the early 2000's.

LostOrnament commented on a post in r/TwoXChromosomes
approject3 -1 points

Now that's a salacious accusation.

LostOrnament 1 point

Adoption is a billion dollar industry. Plenty of questionable practices.

friend-fiction 35 points

I'm surprised they aren't required by law to have signs like, "The information provided by this facility is not in any way based on fact or medical knowledge."

LostOrnament 1 point

Literally a Supreme Court case about that right now...

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LostOrnament commented on a post in r/YOI
LostOrnament 1 point

No, but it kind of makes me wish I hadn't stopped when I was younger. Not that I had much say in it...I took skating lessons when I was a kid and my teacher said I had talent, but my family moved to a tropical country with no ice skating rinks :P Just when I had learned to do a basic spin and was super proud of that...

LostOrnament commented on a post in r/youngjustice
WildDogIsFire 10 points

It blows my mind that people don't like season 2

LostOrnament 6 points

Really? I haven't hear anyone flat out say they dislike it. I've heard people say they took issue with the timeskip, but they tend to get over that.

LostOrnament commented on a post in r/TwoXChromosomes
sydofbee 30 points

Of course it was El Salvador... didn't they just do this again a few years back? Woman had a miscarriage and they sent her to prison?

LostOrnament 1 point

Happens to many women. All it takes is an accusation.

jenny-boo 21 points

I almost cried reading this. How is this still okay in the 21st century?

LostOrnament 1 point

Religion. The catholic church has an iron grip on everything there.

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LostOrnament commented on a post in r/TwoXChromosomes
Bhrunhilda 121 points

Just to point out: there is a vast difference between home birth in the US with a licensed midwife where we have access to sterilization techniques and clean water than in a developing country alone without proper sanitation. Oh and Pitocin. Pitocin is what you get injected with if you have a post birth hemorrhage... and every midwife in the US has it on them for home births. Also in the US you can drive to a hospital unlike in developing countries.

LostOrnament 1 point

Midwife "licensing" in the US is pretty flaky.

heliotropicthunder 49 points

"The Business of Being Born" – while a heavily biased movie, pushes the point of heavily medicated births.

LostOrnament 1 point

Please don't cite that excuse of a "documentary." Its gets so much wrong its not even funny. For instance, using the statistic of infant mortality when perinatal mortality is the correct one. And advocating homebirth, which has a nearly triple mortality rate of hospital births.

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