Cathedral, Game Of The Medieval City. Bucket list build item checked off! by Squeazle in woodworking

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In the mean time you can take my real babies off my hands for some babysitting.

Glad it turned out so dang well

[Help] How Buggy is Premiere 2018? by T-MinusGiraffe in premiere

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Contrary to everyone else who has probably very specific issues they need to figure out/determine/etc, I've been having nothing but success on 2018.1. Daily use.

Look we know you didn't like the parking company, but you didn't have to do this! by Lt_Skitz in Atlanta

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This was Saturday, so we traversed part of the same course that day.

New hand tool shop setup in spare bedroom by pheonixblade9 in woodworking

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Nice stuff so far. Couldn't tell from pics, but some cork shelf liner in your drawers can help things from sliding around, if that's an issue.

I built this huge frame and all I got was a new profile picture. by Clock_Man in woodworking

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No build album? 0/10.

Beautiful, though. And the frame is nice, too.

The bloodiest war you've ever fought so far? Here's mine. (the high manpower is due to me disbanding the armies as the war ended.) by StormWolf17 in eu4

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When did disbanding troups replenish manpower - or do you mean just allowing them to not go back into filling out your armies?

(edit nvm I see your other comment about 60% prof)

Anything worth buying at Joann Fabrics? by Clevelandhitch in woodworking

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I might be getting some of what they do and Michaels do confused, but here goes.

They have a lot of little wooden "bits and bobbles" like rings, circles, etc. They have lots of dowels, basswood blanks for carving/etc., Maybe sandpaper but I don't know. Paint for things, glue like you said.

Anything worth buying at Joann Fabrics? by Clevelandhitch in woodworking

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If you get coupons and can get stuff you use sporadically at a place you can use coupons, it's a win-win.

My second prop is an axe from the game don't starve! What do you think? by evelynblackwater in cosplayprops

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While I don't personally work with axes a lot, I do woodworking and pay attention to that space. Looks very real, minus some things that are probably game liberties and on you (oval eye on the axe, not round, wedge in top, etc).

That said the realism of yours might be detracting a bit - the game has that sketched/line/cel look to it, and I think your work would benefit from a paint job that reflects that.

YMMV and it's yours - I like it. I'd just make it more line-art-ish like the game :)

Want Premiere Pro to be bug free? Tell them you do. by Tmhlegolas in editors

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Then pick Avid and keep the worry at bay. It just looks naive and unprofessional to tell a company with a small product team make multi-platform, multi-hardware supporting software in 2018 bug-free. "Want to help Adobe squash bugs? Here's a great new platform for us to join and help make Premiere better."

And yeah, this is all our careers. You're not alone.

Want Premiere Pro to be bug free? Tell them you do. by Tmhlegolas in editors

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Shhh this is the internet, people wanna bitch about things and think one day they'll have everything their way.

Podcast: Metro Atlanta transit and the bills that may become law in Georgia by briafel in Atlanta

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I'm in Cherokee, work in Alpharetta, so I happily avoid Gwinnett. But any time I have to drive through there, I find renewed hatred for the area. The traffic is always just so bad.

Podcast: Metro Atlanta transit and the bills that may become law in Georgia by briafel in Atlanta

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Cherokee, Clayton, Coweta, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry, Paulding and Rockdale.

Podcast: Metro Atlanta transit and the bills that may become law in Georgia by briafel in Atlanta

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Yeah, I kept my commentary off the summary, but I'm with you there. I think BRT is just meh; the same people who don't like buses will still find fault. Trains attract a broader scope of people.

Podcast: Metro Atlanta transit and the bills that may become law in Georgia by briafel in Atlanta

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TL;dl -

Recap I-85 collapse from a year ago

~2:10 - Russell McMurray praise

3:20 - What lessons has the state learned (look under bridges to make sure flammable stuff ain't there)

(TIL it's pronounced "gee-dot" not "gee-dee-oh-tee")

4:45 - this session; a chance for transit

Bill would allow 13 counties to vote. Counties can say no, but individual counties can say yes

Bill includes $100m in bonds for transit

Didn't get a dedicated source of funding

$175m in bonds over the last 3-4 years

6:10 - dedicated sources didn't work out

7:00 - last few days, bill was changing a lot, back and forth

This week a conference committee, call meetings and cancel them. Versions of the bill kept changing within minutes.

Fear it wouldn't happen. But that's how these things happen.

8:15 - Seemingly innocuous language, but can have long-term consequences.

Provisions finding now; Cobb County can have a MARTA vote, along with Gwinnett

Cobb has been resistant, one of the biggest roadblocks

Northern Cobb most resistant because not near 1-75/41 corridor

Elected officials convinced that vote wouldn't pass

9:50 - Special "district" in Cobb to prevent whole county from paying

10:15 - Gwinnett/Cobb much more diverse, amenable to mass transit, bigger companies moving _from_ Gwinnett

10:45 - Charlotte Nash - Gwinnett County Commissioner saying MARTA vote won't pass; but she's been lobbying for the MARTA vote part of the bill, to let county decide.

Counties don't have to vote on MARTA to vote for transit sales tax, go it on their own. But have options now to join MARTA

11:50 - What about further counties? Cherokee, etc. Not a lot of support in short-term. Could expand bus services. Senior citizens need buses.

12:39 - Political shift away from overwhelming opposition to letting counties tax themselves, to current climate. 180-degree shift. Deal went to Dunwoody to speak at State Farm construction. Eco dev to embrace mass transit.

Politicians aren't dumb, they listen to their constituents. Shift in demographics, shift it position.

Tremendous skepticism to costs of transit.

Gwinnett plan calls for BRT; dedicated lanes, that's more likely what's coming there.

Cobb developing plan, probably will be BRT.

Long-run, could be rail. But BRT needs to prove the system to skeptics.

15:40 - Backlash from original transit champion, Atlanta. Beltline architect designed beltline as mass transit. Worried with that transit talk, that people won't develop on Beltline.

Could be case where brand visions run up against political/financial realities. Rail costs.

17:15 - Distracted Driving Bill

Passed in final minutes. You can't handle phone/iPod/etc no matter what.

Bill requires hands-free tech to talk/text.

Traffic fatalities/accidents up, people aren't paying attention

"Life vs. Liberty" article

Some legislators don't like seat belt laws for personal liberty purposes. But mobile use affects other people where seat belts only affect you.

Families who lost loved ones from distracted driving at meetings.

Lawmakers shared their stories of lost loved ones.

21:00 - Lawmakers attitudes changed by the families, situation, stories.

Casey Cagle was opponent, ended up supporting.

Gov Deal endorsed bill.

Is Gov Deal worried about distracted driving? He's more worried about his own driving after not being able to while govenor.

(end of intv.)