Wallaby hops across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. by Make_way_for_Willie in australia

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Oh shit that was early this morning and has been posted here 12 hours ago.

[NP] It's Tech Tuesday 16/Jan/2018 by AutoModerator in australia

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Why you using enamel? Original paint?

I'm doing a 1971 Fibreglass MC tank in 2 pack. That said a lot of spray painters told me to fuck off as they were two Ford colours from 1960 and were not interested, Doing in in 2 pack.

Why are Aussie tradies so unreliable? by ____DEADPOOL_______ in australia

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Probably explains why there is a shortage o brickies in Sydney s/

Why are Aussie tradies so unreliable? by ____DEADPOOL_______ in australia

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I asked the guy building behind me, "why haven't you sacked the builders yet"?

His reply, "because they are never there".

Truck driver dies after three-vehicle crash explosion south of Newcastle at Cooranbong by LuckyBdx4 in australia

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Hopefully the winds have eased, still blowing up here in Coffs, 40k gusting to 60k.

Question about Australian customs and pipes by lostthenews in australia

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You can only bring in 50g of tobacco to stick in your pipes.

Queensland police union calls for end to use of unmarked speed cameras by Heavy-Balls in australia

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Yeah, in the late 60's there was nothing much but scrub between 15th and 21st on the inland side.

What is my right as a consumer if I want a refund on an item that I signed I was happy with? by YabbilyDoobily in australia

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Nope, Cavet Emptor,

You signed a doc, FML.

I Paid $60 for a new screen for my 6, my guy would fix it your guy may chose not to.

Quinoa whiskey, now that's a flavour by LuckyBdx4 in australia

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I also have a beard as I can't find my cordless trimmer. ;)

Each bottle is the same whiskey matured in the cask for one more year than the last by iam_nobody in pics

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A guy I know in Australia has been making his own for 30+ years. He soaks Tasmanian Oak in Sherry for a few months then puts the sticks in 15 litre plastic bulk rum containers which he fills with the distilled spirit. He makes about 200 litres a year and has 15 litres put away from each year he has made it ageing separately. He does like a drink as does his wife. The house is probably a fire hazard as there are 2000 litres stored underneath.

I have had some of his 7 year old stuff and it was fairly good.

As an aside this just popped up in my news feed today. http://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2018-01-15/quinoa-whiskey-produced-with-local-grain-by-whipper-snipper/9325652

Electric cars are breaking our roads, here's how - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) by Jumpingmanjim in australia

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To be fair Coffs has a bit. Last time I caught a cab from Coffs to Woolgoolga was about 12 years ago and it cost $100.00