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LimitedEditionTomato 67 points

Real love is not an emotion.

I will repeat.

Real love is NOT an emotion.

No relationship you will ever have is going to maintain the excitement of the beginning.

So what is real love them? The way I understand it, to love someone is to make a commitment to stay with them and support them, it's not a promise to feel certain emotions for the rest of your life because that's humanly impossible.

So yes, maybe your boyfriend isn't perfect. He makes you angry, annoys you, argues, whatever. But is he also kind? Is he hard working? Is he nice to the waitstaff? Does he want to make the same commitment to you, to be there for you and support you and stay with you even when you're the one pissing HIM off? If so, hold onto him and never let him go!

However, if you're just unhappy and don't feel like you want to support this person in his life, then it's time to move on.

My other advice... marry someone you can be friends with. Because friendship can last, excitement that new relationships hold and perfect boyfriends don't exist.

Good luck!

Lunasolllll 2 points

Thank you so much

CactiPrincess 2 points

Definitely its not about how much you but what you eat. Today i have felt like i have eaten a lot but i am on target. (: its more about the quality of the food.

Lunasolllll 2 points

Perhaps I'm lacking something in my diet? I realize this can be something much more serious. I'm seriously considering making an appointment to get my blood drawn to see if I'm in deficient in anything. Thank you guys!!!

CactiPrincess 2 points

Definitely. Its worth doing even if it doesn't show you extactly whats wrong. But tracking macros will maybe help? I used to only get 30g of protien a day and was always tired. I only use protein as a example since thats what i needed to fix in my diet. But many things could be the reason

Lunasolllll 1 point

I tried that as well this past week and also realized I wasn't eating enough protein. Crazy, maybe it could be that. How did you up your protein intake?

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meowshui 8 points

I'd say it's especially hard for us with acne, because the baseline (no products) is acneic skin, and our search is for something that reverses and combats the acne rather than not breaking us out. But generally you try one product at a time and include more in your routine when you have tried it and know it doesn't cause acne. I'd say most people can feel if something is breaking them out- skin itches probably a little more than normally, or you have a prickly sensation. Listen to your body! I'm sorry I can't help more

Lunasolllll 2 points

Ahh it's a struggle :( but thank you for your advice nonetheless!

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Alreadya 19 points

Sports bras make boobs look flat tho

Lunasolllll 15 points

What's wrong with small boobies?

[deleted] 2 points

I like big boobs. I know, a little crazy even for /r/unpopularopinion

Lunasolllll 2 points

big boobies are nice too ☺️

Lunasolllll commented on a post in r/sex
sourgreg 131 points

It's a turn on for me :) Makes me think he really wants me (when in reality, it's just extra lubrication)

Lunasolllll 47 points

I agree 100%, so incredibly sexy. I also never minded a guy cumming within a minute or two (as long as he knows he isn't done pleasing me) it made me feel like I felt so good he couldn't help himself.

Lunasolllll commented on a post in r/ExNoContact
Lunasolllll 1 point

It's been a year post BU for me. We were together for only 3 months but let me tell you what I felt in those 3 months is beyond anything I had felt with individuals I had been with for much, much longer. I still think about him. A lot of things remind me of him. I miss him all the time. But I accept that those feelings just won't go away, instead i try and hold them near and dear to my heart. Learn to cherish what once was. I'm still working on making amends with me past but I can say that the thought of him no longer makes me sad, more so I feel thankful for having had him those 3 short months, he made me who I am today.

Lunasolllll commented on a post in r/acne
mateoenfuego 1 point

oh man...i'd very highly recommend you immediately stop scrubbing everywhere on your body. Absolutely, especially where you have acne. Like...stop right now. Just forget it's a thing.

You're destroying your moisture barrier, agitating the inflammation, probably cross-contaminating bacteria, and causing global warming. Please stop

Lunasolllll 1 point

Omg..this could be what's happening to me as well. How else would we shower then? I'd feel icky not scrubbing so I can feel "clean"

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