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MoneyQuestions2674 2 points

To get your own place, you will likely need to pay (1) a security deposit (often the same amount as monthly rent) and (2) at least the first month's rent.

You can start thinking about whether you want to rent a room (where you share other rooms like bathrooms, kitchen, etc. with whoever else lives there) vs. studios vs. 1 or more bedrooms.

How much that costs depends on where you live. You can check out websites like to search for options in your area.

So how do you save money? Read as much as you want on topics related to personal finance. Look at other posts people on this forum make regarding budgeting. Find other articles or books on personal finance topics that you want to know more about. Also, check out the links below.

Some other advice I can give:

Figure out how much money actually comes into your bank account each month.

Figure out your expenses each month.

Figure out how much is left over for you to save, spend as you wish, etc. If nothing is left over, then you either need more money, or fewer expenses.

You can think of "budgeting" as creating goals to do three things (1) pay your past debts (e.g. student loans?); (2) pay your current bills; and (3) plan for your future expenses (moving out, emergency fund, newer car, etc.)

Good luck!

Lunasolllll 1 point

Thank you so much!!!!!

Hickory_54 3 points
Lunasolllll 1 point

Thank you!!!!

moogietried 2 points

So Marx is more historical analysis/economics than philosophy a lot of the times. If you'd like a primer on Marx, I'd recommend A Companion to Marx's Capital by David Harvey.

The big book that tends to be a starting place for most academic philosophy is Bertrand Russell's A History of Western Philosophy, though it might be considered a bit dated at this point.

Lunasolllll 1 point

Ah ok, thank you very much!

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pcnub1234 20,848 points

Because in my mind it is showing the girl that I am attracted to every thing about her.

But in reality there is no thought process at the time I just want to so I do.

Lunasolllll 16 points

A million times yes!!! I was never able to come with a partner until my ex. He licked, caressed, cuddled, fondled and loved every part of my body from head to toe. This included my ass and boy oh boy did that get me going. I loved that he payed attention to/loved every part of my body. I felt comfortable, safe and wanted. It was incredible.

Hooray for men that eat ass!!!

Feshtof 628,118 points

Because it makes her sound like a brain damaged llama when coming.

Anytime you get a woman who is normally very reserved to sound like special-ed livestock, well that's a happy lady, and I do like keeping her happy.

Lunasolllll 17 points


a_rain_name 1 point

Does he have appropriate puppy stuff to chew on?

Lunasolllll 1 point

He's my brothers puppy, he only has a small stuffed sock toy

cornpollen 2 points

Luna, make sure you are replying to a comment so the user can see your reply. /u/a_rain_name

Lunasolllll 1 point

Ok thank you!

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a-grill-has-no-name 4,084 points

Depression. Nobody likes a weak man regardless of why they’re feeling weak.

Lunasolllll 2 points

My dad suffers from depression, there are days when he just stares out into space and I call multiple times to no response. It's like he's blank. I'm convinced it may be because he's always bottled up his emotions..he didn't even cry at my cousins funeral (whom had commuted suicide at 21 y/o), never cried over the divorce..never showed any emotion. It's so sad to me..

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fucktardskunch 302 points

3 hours in and they still thought anyone would rape that dump truck?

Lunasolllll 2 points

Rape has nothing to do with physical attraction and everything to do with power, humiliation, etc. Children are raped, do you think it's done because of physical attraction? Women who are clothed head to toe are raped. It has nothing to do with that.

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Aristeid3s 3 points

I'd say be cautious. If there's fresh snow it should be safe, and it's only like 100 ft from the parking lot, but my father in law fell and hit his head there just this Saturday. I was right in front of him and nearly slipped too. Even the handrail is coated in ice. You can buy slipover ice cleats online for very cheap. They're rubber and just slip right over your shoes.

If you go here, make sure to hike to blue pool which is about 5 miles west of sahalie falls, it's a safe hike, and stay at clear lake resort if you can. It's about 5 miles east of sahalie falls. They are rustic cabins right on clear lake operated by the county. It's not really a resort, but that's what it was called. Clear lake is really really clear, and fed by mostly karst aquifers, but also a seasonal stream. The main spring that feeds it is ridiculously clear and if you go in the afternoon its hard to tell you're even looking at trees that are underwater.

Lunasolllll 2 points

Slip over ice cleats, got it 👍🏻 we'll be staying in Philomath as we already booked our place. Hopefully this isn't much of a detour and we can make a stop. Than you for the advice!

Aristeid3s 3 points

It would take you about two hours to go to this area

Lunasolllll 2 points

Seems like it'd be worth it

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Lunasolllll 4 points

Hmm, you don't necessarily have to spend tons of money to make her feel wanted or loved. Not very sure what your girlfriend is like but i could give you a suggestion. I used to love having picnics at the beach. We'd take a basket of treats, nice warm blankets, and drive off to Malibu beach. We'd lay there for hours talking and cuddling. We'd explore the beach and swim, it was nice. If you're feeling extra fancy have candles out, that'd seem romantic!

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