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No, just saying 'casuals' is actually a very good point to explain the drop off in DBFZ's player base. Shit on NRS all you want but you can't deny that their games appeal the most to casuals. Their tutorials and single player content is great, but casuals still never stick around.

The simple fact is that fighting games are just too hard for most people. Unlike shooters, people can't rely on a team until they get good. It's sink or swim with fighting games.

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Talking about how awful this subreddit can be, it looks like that thread asking for donations towards the Kerala flood victims was taken down. What happened to it?

There's a huge Keralite population in this country, how can it not be relevant to this sub?

Edit: If what the others said is true, and the thread wasn't donating directly to the people of Kerala, then here's a way to donate directly to the Kerala government

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Isn’t it illegal to donate outside of regular avenues?

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I honestly didn't even get to read the thread. I saw it and wanted to read into it later on when I was free, but it was already deleted by then.

I don't disagree. I dont really play kapkan but I've noticed my friends complaining about how slow it is to put all the traps down

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It gets even worse when you have drones and Twitch harassing you.

I used to run Gohan, Black, 16. Typically I try to get 2 bars then DHC Gohan out for Black, who I tend to be better in neutral with. Gohan works great with a beam assist, so switching Goku SSJ with Black would be helpful. On top of that Gohan's assist is amazing for extending 16 combos imo.

Now I've been trying to use Zamasu instead of Black. I originally picked Black because I'm a fan of Zamasu. I'm still no good with him but he does work well with Gohan. Especially since If you DHC into Gohan from Zamasu you can keep the combo going with superdash.

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It looks like there's a Kapkan trap on the window, so in a way he's lucky that he couldn't break the shield and vault over.

player about the same skill as me wins the first game in DBFZ

alright cool i'll just figure out what went wrong and try to correct it

wait 29 fucking seconds for them to rematch and they return to lobby after ONE FUCKING MATCH

alright cool i'm done with this game for today thanks

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Honestly if they go close to 15 seconds, I just close the game and restart. I've been burned way too many times by kids who can't take a loss.

They need to let us change our choice just to avoid people like this.

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Yeah, the price isn't the problem. It's the content. Siege has somehow managed to be both a fully priced game and a scummy free to play game at the same time.

You're unlocking operators. That has a direct in game impact, at the very least by letting you be more adaptable from round to round.

Not sure why this form of pay to win has been acceptable for so long.

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Not sure why this form of pay to win has been acceptable for so long

Buying the operators doesn't give you a free ticket to win. Forget the fact that a lot of the standard edition operators are still considered the best, having a dlc character doesn't give you an advantage at all. You just have more tactics available to you.

Also every dlc has a direct game impact. What does that even mean? Do you think every game is a pay to win because of that? I don't follow the logic.

Pay to win is a system like Battlefront 2 where you could've paid for advantages. What R6 and many other games do is far from that.

having a dlc character doesn’t give you an advantage at all. You just have more tactics available to you.

Having more tactics available could be considered an advantage.

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I'd say that's true for the starter edition, which is why I dislike it so much, but for the standard edition you get enough characters to cover the most important tactics needed.

For example you don't need to buy Hibana if you like Thermite. You don't need to buy Buck if you like Sledge. And so on.

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Winter Soldier gets my vote for best Marvel movie. That movie to me was the turning point for Marvel movies. They went from comic book movies to legitimately good movies.

Before then the only really good marvel movies were Avengers and Iron Man, but even were "turn off your brain and enjoy" kind of movies.

The Russos do a great job of making their movies a character driven story, rather than just universe building or a non consequential popcorn flick. The guys mentioned it in the podcast and I feel like that specifically is why the Russos have made most of my favourite Marvel movies (and I'm sure its the same for many others).

Marvel movies excel when they focus on the characters and their motivations rather than the universe or the conflict. Winter Soldier, Civil War, Homecoming, Ragnarok and Infinity War are my favourite marvel movies for that reason.

Khalid Bin Al Waleed changed to Bur Juman last year, if my memory serves me right. Way before the alleged 10 year contract. Was it the same for Karama and ADCB?

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Burjuman and ADCB are quite recent compared to others. It was renamed about 2-3 years ago if I remember correctly

So the 10 year contract doesn’t make sense.

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Khaild and Karama were the names given by the government/rta. So that naming contract didn't apply to them. They only become sponsored stations recently.

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Tekken for the online, Injustice 2 for the single player content.

This reply actually does not fit the context we are speaking in.

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Read beyond the first sentence.

Interesting. I’ve only ever heard metagame in a negative way in role-play scenarios lol

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I guess in those kinds of scenarios it's because discussing the meta would be seen as breaking the 4th wall. Like in a movie that references itself.

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Buy them in the ingame store, they’re $15 each

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It always bothered me that a skin costs triple that of a new character.

Why is that a widow look? Looks more like funeral dress to me?

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55 points · 9 days ago

Looks more like funeral dress to me?

You just answered your own question.

You mean like Tokido who won EVO last year and got second this year? Pros like that with jobs and lives outside of the FGC?

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Original Poster2 points · 9 days ago

What is your point exactly? Do you think Tokido doesn't care about Capcom Cup just because he places highly in EVO? Then why does he compete in anything besides EVO at all?

EVO obviously isn't the only one that matters.

My point is that the FGC has never been about money and the more you make it about money the more you erode what makes the FGC so great in the first place.

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Original Poster5 points · 9 days ago

Now you're just shifting the goal posts. Why act like money doesn't matter to these people? It's nice to believe that they're all doing it "for the FGC" but that's not at all the reality.

Also it's a little hypocritical to talk about the things that make the FGC great and say that EVO is the only one that matters. By saying that you're limiting the FGC to just EVO and completely overlooking not just other majors but also the locals.

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this was when SFV finals ended and it started the rerun.
It wasnt even DBZ that was on, it was Guilty gear if i recall correctly

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13 points · 9 days ago

Do you understand how time works?

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Aside from characters though, it would be nice to have more unique stages and more game modes like tag battle, etc. I have absolutely no issues with the gameplay especially since I play online almost everyday but I wish there was overall more content since it still feels a little bit barebones tbh

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They release a new stage with every new character.

I heard Kiryu is the most requested guest character for Tekken 7, so its kind of strange they haven't included him yet.

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Is it some legal issue stopping that's stopping them? The last I heard, even the people behind Yakuza liked the idea of a Tekken crossover.

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Fgc is so sad to see we cant even compete ninja just a man playing normal games on fortnite with the biggest fg tourney of the year smh

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

That's not all Ninja. Almost all streamers are playing Fortnite now. Ninja has a lot of viewers but it's still less than half of DBFZ viewers.

She'll get in this season.

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Her and Armor King are most probably in.

i hope negan shit talks in game

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27 points · 10 days ago

His rage art should go first person lile Miguel's

Lupiv commented on
2 points · 10 days ago

The ArcSys announcement happened after the ads. It could still happen. I'm not giving up hope

Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

yeah probably tech issues but it's still funny

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1 point · 10 days ago

Its happening now!

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I'm not American, but it felt damn good to see a non-Korean play so well and place so highly. Highest placing American at Evo. Congrats to him.

Ninja alone on Fornite > GG = Dead Game

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12 points · 10 days ago

Ninja was at around 70k.

Low effort troll. Try harder next time.

*once a year

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38 points · 10 days ago

You say this like other fighting games are hitting 100k constantly.

Daredevil S2 was Punisher's introduction, you thought that was bad?

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1 point · 11 days ago

Punisher wasn't the only part of season 2. Everything else was mediocre at best.

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Don't spoil it for others.

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It seems like every week there are negative comments about this show. So I just want to say that I really enjoy the format and the gimmicks. I hope it doesn't change too much in the future, because I like the show the way it is. One change I would like to see though is for more guest variety, and not just the same 4 people all the time.

So the trendmaster term is sponsored now, right?

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13 points · 11 days ago

It's definitely not, because that would be illegal.

The reason he talks a lot about them is just to give Jacob and Peake time to get the points ready.

Also they'd probably be running the most profitable show on youtube if they somehow got a unique sponsorship for single term.

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