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I love seeing this stuff. All it does is strengthen the community. Almost everyone here is informed. This isn’t “r/insert-crypto-here.” This is r/VeChain. Go try and stir the pot somewhere else.

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The ability to control the price of what it costs to transact on the blockchain. the VET team can say mr. customer your costs will never exceed x amount to transact otherwise we will tweak VTHO generation rates/gas amount to make it so. Ethereum cannot much such a promise.

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Also, the VeChain governance structure is modeled to make swift changes in a decentralized way. Any changes, even minor, that ethereum wants to implement will move at snail speed.

Its for every day developers.

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Yeah don't become a comedian. Some of us would rather here it from actual people like the guy above instead of an article written by some dumb journalist who doesn't even know what crypto is. Learn to use reading comprehension as well. This wasn't only a question about the price/split but I also wanted to have a few people shill me into investing into VeChain as well.

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I'm not going to shill you. But I will ask you some questions if you don't mind.

Why are you interested in VeChain. What do you know about VeChain?

Context can be lost on the internet, so may I state that I'm asking kindly.

Looks like the game of musical chairs officially kicked off today. Better get your x nodes back while you can still afford them.

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I often check the news to see if VeChain made it to a website that is not based around crypto currency and today I stumbled upon this one which was on nasdaq's website which I think is absolutely awesome. Just thought I would share.

EDIT: For those who dont know, NASDAQ is the second largest stock market in the world behind the DOW so the fact they are picking up and writing on this news is awesome.

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This is an excellent, unbiased article. Thanks for sharing!

Moderator of r/CryptoCurrency, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 3 days ago · Stickied comment

Removed due to brigading

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The VeChain subreddit has less than 1/10 of the overall subscribers of r/cc, and yet it has 4106 users online at this very moment, which is ~65% of what r/cc has also at this very moment.

Do you think it's possible that VeChain subscribers saw the post over there, saw it was crossposted over here, and also decided to come over here and discuss as well?

I'm just trying to look at this from a logical perspective, and logic would dictate the above assumptions sound more than reasonable.

I'm not saying you're wrong, but I cannot see your perspective without you at least telling us why you think it was subject to brigading. Can you please offer that perspective? Yes, I'm a very big supporter of VeChain, but I'm reasonable and I really just want to see your side of things.

I can read. But just because they call it a mainnet doesn't mean that's what it is. If anyone listed the parameters of waltonchain's current network to a group of unbiased developers, they would all unanimously call it a test net. Because that's what it is.

Not sure this is something you want to argue.

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Recap: Lock up your economoic node by August 20th, don't drop below the amount you had in that node at the the time of the August 20 snapshot, skip maturity period and start gaining sweet sweet VTHO node rewards immediately on Sep 1st.

Edit: Also:

Your economic node type will be determined by the September 1st snapshot balance.

Which means you have to have a type of node snapshotted on August 20th, then you can upgrade to the next tier, and waive the maturity of the next tier as long as it's there on Sep 1st.

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More VET leaving binance every day. Cant wait to see what kind of run we'll get leading up to that September 1st lockup when everyone starts buying back their x nodes and normal economic nodes.

Massive buy orders incoming indeed.

Edit: Look at the buy vs sells:

That far right side is effectively double the current price. Also, look around elsewhere on binance and try to find another token with a buy/sell wall that is THAT heavily lopsided on the buy side. Looks to me like VeChain's node program is not only on the verge taking form, but taking effect.

Or maybe we are just extremely oversold and that order book is zoomed out all the way to 0 sats.

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You're not wrong.

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I think they’re slightly different industries. Eth and any eth fork or coin with better scaling or even eth with plasma will probably be the go-to for any ico possible, shit ones included (Although I’m thinking 2018 will be the end of shitty eth tokens that do nothing) whereas VeChain is targeting enterprise, real world and professional industries.

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ETH and VeChain ARE targeting the same audience overall, let’s make this aubundantly clear (see: all ICOs and DApps that already moving from the ETH network to VET.) Scalability comparisons will eventually become a moot point for both networks, so let’s not even focus on that.

What really sets VeChain apart from Ethereum is it’s economic model that provides stability and budgetable costs to use the network, and that in of itself, is really a huge factor.

So what does that make VET worth? If it's super cheap to use the network, where does all the revenue come from? You realize fees are what give the token value?

What really set ETH apart from every other chain is the geniuses working behind it.

Vechain is a dime a dozen. Oh wait, I guess I should say a 1/6th of a penny a dozen.

With a market cap of $360 MIL, this shit has a LOOOOONG way to go down. Like ridiculously long way.

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If you're actually looking for answers:

Edit: Never mind. You're not.

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Lol, this is the best question. 99% chance here OPs "real paycheck!" is in fiat.

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Blockchain as a form of currency is just one little tiny use case in a sea of problems blockchain can solve.

I am so fed up with that thing in crypto about announcing an announcement. All it does is creating hype and disappointment.

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What are you talking about? What news from VeChain do you find disappointing?

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75169 75099
75209 75183

Original Poster1 point · 8 days ago

75058 1 Sealed 70728 2 Sealed Durham Cathedral in Lego 2 Sealed 40165 2 Sealed 76058 5 Sealed 9496 1 Sealed 76000 2 Sealed 76019 1 Sealed 75082 1 Sealed 75145 4 Sealed 75151 2 Sealed 75144 2 Sealed 75102 1 Sealed 75188 75058 1 Sealed 70728 2 Sealed

75106 75088

Original Poster1 point · 8 days ago

76028 6868
7959 76025
76020 76027
76013 9526

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Original Poster3 points · 10 days ago

Will try this today and update you

You have been an awesome person since day one and if it goes through or not i want you to know that i really appreciate it, hope your deeds dont go unnoticed

Thank you so much :)

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Did you try this? HydraulicSoupLadle is right, you probably observed your your ETH wallet and binded to that. These steps above WILL recover that x node binding if that's the case.

Do you need more help walking through how to do this?

No dude, you are totally right. People seem to be really hung up on number of x-nodes when all that really matters is the number of VET tied up in each x-node tier. That’s how you’ll know if your x-node will be generating more or less VTHO. You’re spot on :)

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To be fair, it IS how much VET is tied into each tier of x-node, you're right.

But on the flip side, every x node that leaves is a guaranteed amount of VET that is NOT tied up into the program. Sure, some big whale can offset this amount, but I'm willing to bet that more VET will leave the program via dropped nodes than will be added by people upping their VET count in their nodes.

Probably won the ongoing lottery.

It certainly're not far from reality since on there is a total of 2.125 X-Node holders left (VeThor- Strength-X - Thunder-X - Mjolnir-X )at THIS MOMENT and 5.574 have lost their X-Nodes. I have to say that it is mentioned: Disclamer: This is just an estimate. The final addresses are determined by the Vechain Foundation.

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That site is no longer accurate.

everyone knows the best acoustic gasoline is the OG one from when jesse and vinnie first debuted it. only time it was ever played like that and is even better than the recorded version.

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Original Poster2 points · 11 days ago


Original Poster2 points · 12 days ago · edited 12 days ago

Slight mishap with the lyrics at the beginning, but I just stumbled upon it today.

How would it ever be possible to separate from BTC when $ value of VET will always be against BTC even when there are fiat ramps on Ocean-X?

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You buy gasoline to fuel your car regardless of the price of coconuts.

Will only cause dumps if everyone think something big is gonna happen while there isn't going to happen anything that date. Best not get your hopes up too much.

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To be fair, a rush to reacquire currently tethered x nodes by September 1st, coupled with the locking up of normal economic nodes will at the very least put a lot of buying pressure on significantly lowered liquidity.

I'm just saying, you could make the argument that those two catalysts favor rapid upward price movement.

Also. I don't care about the price. Just making conclusions.

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But if it was a test, why wasn’t it on the Testnet?

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Perhaps it was someone simply trying to game the system and failed.

The X nodes represent a small minority

The second X Node snapshot for early birds shows 15.15B of the circulating 55.45B already locked up in X's.

And based on whenmoonlambo, there are still a lot of X Nodes waiting in VEN (for Ledger possibly).

But even if we only count with the already swapped X's, it is 27% of the whole circulating supply. Wouldn't call it a rare phenomenon.

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But even if we only count with the already swapped X's, it is 27% of the whole circulating supply. Wouldn't call it a rare phenomenon

This is fair. I didn't realize how much VET was actually locked up in the early bird x nodes. But wouldn't you say this supports the argument that there will be very low liquidity once September 1st hits?

Before I go any further, I cannot reiterate enough that don't care about price whatsoever. I know that VET still doesn't have any intrinsic value, and it will still take some time for enterprises to onboard and start pouring money into the ecosystem, and until then, price is just speculative irrelevance. That being said...

One could make a reasonable set of assumptions based on the days ramping up to September 1st that:

1) With 27% of the supply already locked up, liquidity is already significantly down.

2) Economic node holders will be on the brink of finally being able to lock up their nodes for benefits, and will arguably be pseudo locking their nodes (holding and not day trading) in anticipation of September 1st lock up eligibility. Thus locking up a good portion of circulating supply.

3) Ledger stored X nodes will have no choice but to port their coins and lock up via the mobile wallet. All that VEN will become VET and eat up a portion of the circulating supply.

4) That leaves the x node holders and economic node holders that are day trading. Most x node holders, and some economic node holders will put a rush on the market to buy back their x node, or in the case of economic node holders, to acquire immediate node status.

5) With already significantly lower liquidity, the price between sell orders will expand, thus, when node holders are trying to acquire their node, price will naturally push up. Low liquidity will be the catalyst in a much larger price jump. Furthermore, with the price rising from a deadline rush, many x node holders may panic buy at a higher price than they may have sold, also causing a jump in price.

Will these sets of circumstances actually occur? Who knows. But a reasonable argument can be made that supports this theory. But then again, even if the price DOES push up, it is still, for the most part, just speculative. So it is what it is.

Economic nodes are already there, and they'll continue to trade just as they do now.

By VTHO demand I meant just what you described. Users needing VTHO.

VET demand will grow if companies decide to generate their own Thor, but I suspect most of them will use fiat for transactions (as in let DNV handle the background stuff).

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Economic nodes are already there, and they'll continue to trade just as they do now.

Not if they want to collect the bonuses in VTHO production. The whole point of the economic nodes are to be locked up. In order to receive any economic VTHO bonuses, you must be locked up for a minimum 10 days to a maximum of 30 depending on your node. If you sell and rebuy your node, then you'll have to wait the given amount of time before receiving bonus VTHO production. Hence, they are effectively locked up. Sure, some people continue to play the market, but the majority of node owners will lock them up to serve their purpose. These bonuses will start and go live for the first time on September 1st, which also coincides with x node monitoring resumption.

VET demand will grow if companies decide to generate their own Thor, but I suspect most of them will use fiat for transactions (as in let DNV handle the background stuff).

Not quite. All the matters is VTHO demand and use. The price of VET will be dictated by the value of VTHO.

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-16 points · 16 days ago

They have a solution. But if it doesn't get adapted/bought, it's worth zilch. Now if the news would be that Chinese government is going to use it, that would make a nice FOMO thing. But this announcement is like a wet firecracker and so will not influence VET price. Or generate any Thor for that matter.

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A real world problem solved by utilizing blockchain technology to prevent fake vaccinations, but you choose to talk about this.

This stuff is all running live on the Vechain mainnet?

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Their consortium mainnet. Yes.

From there it goes to QA, and then onto the new public production main net. Just like how ALL software cycles go.

In summation, you asked what they've "delivered on so far." They delivered those above solutions to their clients on their old consortium chain. They've delivered on creating a new public blockchain. They will soon deliver on porting their clients onto the new public blockchain.

Ok, i will read your articles after work. Thanks

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Yep :)

I recommend you check out the wiki found here:

It's made by the VeChain community, so I recommend you verify the material from outside sources afterward. Some of those outside sources are found in the links above too.

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Looks like Tencent, PWC, MAN, WTC, PingAn Insurance etc. are literally setting the Chinese standards though

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Was that post not getting enough attention for your liking?

What he is saying isn't false though?

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What a coincidence that you two comprise of two out of the four comments found in the thread about this link. Crazy amarite?

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29 points · 16 days ago

I just evolved from VET Lurker to VET holder.

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One could say you ...


( •_•)>⌐■-■


lurk no longer.

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