what are the main differences between vechain and waltonchain? by FF430 in Vechain

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VeChain is looking to take on Ethereum. It can do everything that Ethereum can do, but it fixes a lot of ethereum’s problems. It’s definitely not “Waltonchain vs VeChain.”

Daily VeChain Discussion - May 21, 2018 by AutoModerator in Vechain

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Unfortunately, more developers does not equal more work done.

Why is Vechain better than ETH? by mkashtaev in Vechain

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I'll take a look in a bit. Thanks for sharing.

More on Decent.Vet by dz_1993 in Vechain

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I don't know why they would remain ERC20 / what would hold them to staying on it.

Their whitepaper literally outlines the limitations that Ethereum has. Why wouldn't they issue a token swap and just move over to something better?

More on Decent.Vet by dz_1993 in Vechain

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Their not releasing their own blockchain. Just making everything go live.

They currently are scheduled to run on the Ethereum blockchain per their whitepaper.

Why is Vechain better than ETH? by mkashtaev in Vechain

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This is just incorrect

Edit: I might be corrected.

Why is Vechain better than ETH? by mkashtaev in Vechain

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To start things off, Ethereum has done a LOT of things right. But there are issues. VeChain solves this.

1) Enterprises can’t use something they can’t budget for. Currently, ethereum’s price moves too much for a company to create a budget around. VeChain solves this.

2) Ethereum is strangled by its miners. ETH has PoS finished already. It’s already on GitHub. It’s not deployed, however, because they know the mining community won’t support it. When your miners are the backbone of your network, and they don’t want to move to something that significantly hurts them, then they won’t. VeChain solves this.

3) Ethereum is slow. VeChain solves this.

These three things are the biggest problems with Ethereum. Although it’s got a LOT right, these three things are the barrier to any mass adoption. VeChain solves this.

VeChain Whitepaper Megathread by GreatWhiteSharkCIA in Vechain

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I don’t post bullshit.

To answer your tps questions.

A block in a blockchain has many attributes. It has a hash value that is made up of its many features, as well as a reference to the hash of the previous block. Another of its features is a list of transactions. The more transactions stored in that list makes the block bigger in data size.

Staying with me?

So where does tps come from?

Now you’re right, your logic holds true with the way that ethereum is set up. Why is this? Because Ethereum’s list of transactions in a block is CAPPED at a certain size. This is done for many reasons, but it’s mainly due to security.

The Ethereum network is set up to solve a block roughly every 10 seconds (more security reasons) before it goes to the next block with a whole other list of transactions.

So tps comes from the amount of transactions capped per block, solved every roughly 10 seconds, over an average period of time.

So how does VeChain solve this? They simply expand the list of transactions each block can hold and process each block. Also, they solve roughly a block every 10 seconds. But since there’s more transactions stored in that block, higher tps.

Sure, it’s less secure than Ethereum. But they’re looking for a balance between central and decentralization and when you have entities like DNV GL verifying transactions, I feel it’s still pretty damn secure.

Does that make sense?

VeChain Whitepaper Megathread by GreatWhiteSharkCIA in Vechain

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Haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet, so if that’s the case then some things change.

VeChain Whitepaper Megathread by GreatWhiteSharkCIA in Vechain

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Now I’m not saying that VeChain is going to be $1000 in 4 years,

It’s just napkin math. But I assure you the logic is sound.

Also, this would say that VeChain have a market share similar to Apple. I find this doubtful. But I really think we can expect big some big things still.

VeChain Whitepaper Megathread by GreatWhiteSharkCIA in Vechain

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Yes. It’s an inverse relationship.

Let’s say you have $100 worth of VTHO at the end of the year.

A 15% return would mean that you have $666 of VET tokens.

A 5% return would mean you have $2000 worth of VET tokens.

VTHO will dictate the price of VET.

VeChain Whitepaper Megathread by GreatWhiteSharkCIA in Vechain

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I did some math a while ago. It was very conservative but pretty accurate, and it doesn’t need to know how much Thor is used in a transaction. It only needed to know how much money was flowing through the ecosystem.

Essentially I found, in order for VET to be considered a great investment (15% returns annually), for every $1 billion USD flowing through the ecosystem, VET will have an ACTUAL value of roughly $7.50. This is very conservative, as most investments don’t produce 15% returns - realistically, we can expect 5% returns. If that’s the case, then VET will be worth ~$22.50 a token for every $1 billion flowing through the ecosystem.

The white paper suggests that 4 years from now, $20 Billion USD could be flowing through the ecosystem. So 20 * a conservative $7.50 = $150 of actual USD value (or $450 if VET only produces 5% returns.)

But there’s more. As VeChain with PWC has reported on, they find that most stocks are only 15% ACTUAL value and 85% speculation.

Now I’m not saying that VeChain is going to be $1000 in 4 years, but if there is $20 billion USD flowing through the ecosystem in 4 years, and you apply that 15% / 85% ration here, you get $150 of actual value and $850 speculation which is $1000 a share.

Note: These were estimations obviously but based on sound logic. Also, this obviously was found before the whole “1 VEN = 100 VET” thing. So divide accordingly.

I’m on mobile now so I’m not going to show how I came to these numbers. However, if I get enough interest, I’ll write something up later.

Unveiling our "Development Plan and Whitepaper" with an updated governance structure, economic model, and new use cases. This piece will gradually be updated throughout its existence to reflect the goals and growth of the VeChainThor Blockchain. cdn.vechain.com/vechainthor_de… by Fiftyswen in CryptoCurrency

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I wonder how many people who were shouting “but no white paper!” will actually read this, or just move on to shouting something else.

The point I’m making is for people that are on the fence about vechain. Don’t listen to the trolls. Take a second to DYOR, I promise it won’t be a waste of your time.

That being said, I can’t wait to read this :)

Today is a good day.

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I’ve become so accustomed to refreshing this subreddit, I think I enjoy it now.

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I also have all of them. Didn’t know they were hard to find. Need to dig them out of bin of misc. The white one was my favorite.

Pretty sure I have a bunch of bionical trading cards from when I was younger too.

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Vacation internet has me very limited. Can you provide more on a Hacken relationship?

Edit: Thanks for the responses. Yeah. Hacken “partnership” is not a thing. It’s just a testing playground.

VeChain announces Plair Platform, the first ICO to launch on VeChainThor platform! The Plair Platform is specifically designed to disrupt the eSports and gaming industries. by Moussa93 in CryptoCurrency

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Smart contract facilitated gambling

IP ownership

Also, I suggest you brush up on why a blockchain is a better data structure than a database for certain use cases.

Censorship is not all that blockchain gains the advantage on over an enterprise level database.

Edit: On reflection, my comment here may have come off as rude. Didn’t mean it that way. It was a friendly suggestion.

NYC Meetup - Full Summary! by CryptopherWalken in Vechain

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Thank you for expanding a room of 100 people to 46,000. After reading this, I’m pretty sure I was there.

Question about VET X-Node by [deleted] in Vechain

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You don’t need to do anything but hold it in a wallet.

Regarding initial TPS by Lurks_no_longer in Vechain

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By adding more computing power. People need to understand that the problems Ethereum is currently encountering does not equal the problems VeChain is encountering. Ethereum’s problem is they started with PoW and now they’re having trouble switching while maintaining an ALREADY live network. Also, Ethereum is being strangled by the miners that don’t want to switch to a new system but that’s a different story.

No one questions Visa and why they can process 10,000 tps. They simply have a server farm big enough to do it.

Also, maximizing tps in blockchain is not a mystery. It’s already been solved by computer science. But it’s a hot button issue because the two biggies, bitcoin and ethereum, are trying to solve their scaling issues on an already existing PoW network. They’re trying to figure out how to stick a square peg in a round hole.

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Cool. They won’t invest. Oh well. They won’t effect the price.

The companies that pour money in to use the blockchain will dictate the price.

Daily VeChain Discussion - May 18, 2018 by AutoModerator in Vechain

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The market != r/cc

Let them throw a fit about it, and we’ll introduce them to basic 3rd grade math. About time someone did.