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Depends on the device. I use salt in my joyetech ego all of the time and it's a .5 ohm coil. However I don't think I would use it on a .5 Super Tank coil. This only applies when talking about the 25-plus milligram strength.

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I got a 1 ohm coil of 316 L in a dead rabbit Sq and it's doing well. Apparently there's 2 kinds of salt nic. One that's semi harsh and one that's smooth. Of course I bought the harsher one before I knew. It's like the same harshness as like 8mg freebase

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I had never heard that about the salt mix but I've used a lot of them and I have noticed that some are definitely harsher than others. I assumed it was something to do with the quality of the nicotine salt

First, what does your company do?

If you own a bait and tackle shop, he could re-purpose the hooker song for your business with a few changes to the lyrics.

You know, fish... hooks...

Or perhaps something about being a Master Baiter.

Second, how can I get this person to do a commercial for my business? cause if you don't want to use them, I will!

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Ecigs lol.


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Haha I wish but we weren't much into tv ads.

Might be on the way out some places but it'll stick around. The military alone could keep it afloat

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You'd be surprised how many military are making the switch (I work in a vape shop).

You'd be surprised at how many people will not vape nor quit smoking (I just got out of the military).

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Once they die, it'll be vaping for everyone. one of the stores I manage is near a military base and that's pretty much all of our customers for that store. Oh and Phillip Morris announced they're going to stop making cigarettes.

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When the chips are down, family is the only thing you can count on.

Maybe I missed it, but how much for the wismech/jaybo mod? Is it still available?

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Sorry, it was sold and out under the sold section.

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Ahwell. It's the only good rx imo lol

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Voting for Trump.

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some people will buy it because of the brand. maybe this pod will get lifetime warranty as well?

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I think the pod system only has a limited warranty.

Have you tried slinging any excess juice out of the mouthpiece? Sometimes when they get flooded they make that noise. I'm not familiar with that particular model but if you can bump the wattage up I would do that because usually spitting means you're running it too low but like others have said smok isn't known for making the best products.

I really like the Endura series from Innokin. Pen-style with an internal battery and around $30.00

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Yup, Enduras are great starters.

As far as internals it's hard to beat Voopoo. I have the drag and the voopoo too. I would say the magnetic door design of the drag makes it more durable and friendly as far as a daily driver goes whereas the voopoo too is more of a sitting around the house type of mod because if you're trying to do much while you're holding it those sliding doors are going to slide around on you. The drag does have sharp corners though where is the voopoo too is more rounded and much more comfortable to hold.

Thought this was Derby in UK and got as excited as OP...

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Nah, her cake is for the REAL Derby. 😉

I'd start her out on an Endura t18. It's most like a cigarette on the draw and it's a simple one button mod. No settings.

Pretty much any tank will work but I've been using super tanks and uwell uforce because I'm not into super-high wattage vaping.

The recommended wattage is just a recommended starting point.

The geekvape aegis is 100watts and all the reviewers ran them over with their cars and shit to try and break it and couldn't. Supposedly waterproof too but it's only 100 watts and I think it's a single 26650? Could be wrong but look it up. If you want durable then that's the one.

On the other hand if you want a dual 18650 I have the smoant battlestar I've had for about a year and it has taken quite a beating and never had issues. It has a 510 but it's covered with the casing so that won't come out and it's a good material that has a strong magnetic door on it. I hate spring loaded bottom opening mods. Plus it's a nice form factor and feels good in the hand while only being a bit bigger than the batteries themselves. Check it out it's a 200 watt device going for like $40-50 depending where you buy.

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The aegis is single 26650 (or 18650 with the sleeve) but it is waterproof, etc.

The smoant battlestar is also a good option since OP originally had an RX.

The Aegis have inexpensive optional alternate battery doors for 2x700 as well! :)

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Did you juice the coil before you used it the first time?

The drag is my favorite mod. Just wish the edges were a little more rounded.

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I am loving the drag so far (3 days in)... I dont mind the less rounded edges... if anything I wish the top edge was just a touch squarer all my 24 inch tanks have a very slight overhang

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The shape of the voopoo too resolves the issue of overhang with bigger atomizers.

Serpent mini is older but good.

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My older brother use it, I did not like the way the coil deck is.

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Hadaly? NVM, u said tank.

Aspire revvo?

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They cause drama and negativity.

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