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Honestly guys that was excellent. A chilled out evolving song, with awesome visuals. Together worked really well. Yall deserve more exposure for this piece.


Bought too much tenderloin, made too much tartare, event was 1/3 of the expected people. Food costs going to fuck me if I can't repurpose Into a special.. Have 8kgs (17pounds) of the shit

You're my only hope

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With all the Dijon, Capers, worst shire, etc?

And Toronto's teaser.. Also see him in montreal, hong kong, vancouver and seoul..

So the idea is to have a community large enough to be able to post, "im here for 2 hours, who's here?", and then chilling ensues?

Sounds like a cool idea to me. People meeting in an airport to shoot the shit killing time.

The community is obviously too small at the moment to make regular connections. Make sure you don't choke off potential readers with too many rules. You never know what direction a place can go and what it'll turn into.

You have the idea of what the place is, now you need the people. Message mods of correlating subreddits to try and get your sub on their side bar. advertise? Xpost, regularly post .

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Absolutely, I want to keep rules to a minimum while still maintaining the sub. I've still got a lot of promotion to do but we've slowly been getting more people. Do you have any subs you would recommend to cross-post to? Thank you!

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Sounds awesome. How did you get your base to flare like that

Does anyone else notice the electrical outlet right there?

All that tilt shit is so hard to keep consistent. Very nice

That lower case t rocks my socks off.


A year ago i got a logo from /u/redbullhamster when the subreddit was at 100 people and now its at 15K readers! I think the place would look great with two bowls, one up, one upside down as the up and down arrows. When activated the up arrow would be a steaming red bowl and the down arrow would be noodles pouring out in blue. I dont know where else to go to get this sort of thing done. Any help is appreciated!

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So you are really looking for 4 photos correct? 2 UNactive B&W bowls. 2 Active/Colored bowls. Right?

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yeah that would be amazing. I think it would look cool with steam from the bowl for the upvote and noodles pouring out for the downvote. But whatever you think looks good. Thanks again

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Awwww yeahhh!! So how did you want to go about this? Do you know the CSS code to implement the new voting icons? I have already set up the code to do this. If you temporarily make me a mod I could quickly do it for you? :)

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you couldnt of waited a minute to print out the next one? they're free..


This was our first one and it went very well. This subreddit a year ago only had 180 readers and has jumped up to over 5k, got the subreddit of the day, and is getting pretty bumping.

  • Voting. We looked up and down for an easy way to vote on the pictures with a third party website but couldn't find anything that was free that didn't force every voter to sign up and make an account... We just took the most upvoted post.

  • Maybe next time you wont need to put "Ramen Off" at the start of your post because a lot of upvoted posts in the week didnt have them that could of won.

  • Flair. We're all really busy with RL work/school and are currently still figuring out how to do it.

Let us know how to be good mods.. I know that sometimes subreddits can actually be ruined by shitty mods. We just try to keep our distance but try to keep out shameless plugging websites and things of the likes.

TL;DR: Eat ramen, Good job binarycontrol, tell us how to be good mods.


This isn't SFW bro.

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