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against an opponent that, under any kind of remotely fair matchup could have been steamrolled by an actual pile of dogshit

he was able to win the (R) primaries pretty damn definitively. I don't like Trump, but he turned out to be pretty damn populist.

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Lying about populism doesn't make you a populist.

Dont worry no one in the country respects Knicks fans. Not even OTHER Knicks fans. So theres that, which is nice for us.

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I've been a fan since I was 14 (now 25). I'm like "Come on man this is too much."

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My favorite line is “I could respond to push, but I’d rather hide in this comfortable bush”

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Bush campers 👎🏾

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I could be mistaken, I haven’t done much research into those, i heard I can afford it and thought I’d come here for advice, Don’t those have less performance and such? I’d go for something like that but I’m iffy about it, I’m also pretty sure they don’t have the same network of super chargers around the country

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Insurance is going to be absolutely astronomical on a Tesla.

She has no chance against Cuomo but I’m voting for her anyway.

You never know! If Alabama can elect a democratic senator, anything is possible!

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Comparing Doug Jones' campaign to Nixon's is like comparing a 747 to a puddle jumper. I'm on the ground in NY every day, she's dead in the water. Her campaign is terrible.

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I took a look at her campaign page and I don't see how she can get any traction outside of Manhattan.

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She could get plenty of traction if she had any platform for parts of the state outside of NYC. There's so much she could be talking about in this part of the state but she just doesn't seem to care at all.


Location: Buffalo, NY

Price range: 6-12k (somewhat flexible, 15k absolute limit)

Lease or Buy: Buy

New or used: Used

Type of vehicle: No preference between 2/4 doors and hatchbacks, just no crossovers, suvs, or trucks.

Must haves: Leg and Headroom, better than shit interior

Desired transmission (auto/manual, etc): Manual

Intended use: Fair weather daily driver. I've got an SUV for the winters.

Vehicles you've already considered: G37, CTS V1

Is this your 1st vehicle: No

Do you need a Warranty: No

Can you do Minor work on your own vehicle: Yes

Can you do Major work on your own vehicle: Not afraid to, but not many tools.

Additional Notes: I'm not a small man, but I deserve to have fun dammit. I want something that I can drive around a corner but wouldn't be uncomfortable for a long drive either.

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If I ever become unfathomably wealthy. I won't invest in this corporate dictatorship.



I will donate every possible dollar to conservative causes. Because of people like you. Y'all are abhorrent.

Understand right here and now. That these actions are exactly why DJT won the office.

And I will continue to vote right for everything. Even if I don't agree. Because of you. Your presentation of politics is just mind boggling.

I like liberal values. But in all seriousness. Change your approach or you'll bury your party and every cause it speaks for.

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This take is nuclear.

As a non American it is impossible for me to understand the complexities of the American justice system but... it seems to me that things have gotten to the point where any pissed off ex or disgruntled employee can make an accusation and the acusee is immediately going to lose their job with no burden of proof. That seems like a slippery slope. Am I reading this situation incorrectly? How is that not going to be exploited by assholes ?

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This has nothing to do with the justice system though...

Running water should be fine but I definitely wouldn’t go swimming with it

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I actually think you'd be better off swimming with it as long as you're just on the surface. The pressure from a sink may be enough to overload the seals.

You can’t apparently... I can’t find one that works!

Atleast the lightning jack has native support for Sound and Charging at the same time! (Lighting dock)

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I believe that the issue with sound and charging at the same time actually is a kernel issue with devices. No Android phone to my knowledge can charge and use otg at the same time.

Are small town mayors qualified to be President? Or does their identity make them look better? Or the fact that they were lobbied into throwing their support behind Tom Perez by Obama in the DNC chair race?

How many other mayors from Indiana did Obama speak with?

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I doubt he met with other Mayors in Indiana considering none of the others are thinking about running for President.

His opponent was very inexperienced, arguably not qualified, and had no money behind her. The DNC really should have found and backed a strong progressive challenger. Clearly, NJ Dems had an appetite to rebuke Menendez, but just couldn't go all in with a candidate as green as McCormick. There's a legit chance she would have lost to Hugin, whereas Menendez will have no problem in November.

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The DNC has nothing to do with Senate races. That's the DSCC.

My friends from South Buffalo think everything that isn't South Buffalo or the Ward is downtown.

Nobody wants to be like Venezuela thanks.

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wen u trol a lib ebic stile

i'm looking to join one as well

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

hey can you pm me your number, think we have 4 now

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yeah! my number is 716-598-9178

Also looking.

im making one , are you still looking

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Anyone else annoyed he didnt sip the coke?

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I'm big mad

Would it be possible to port out one of the two numbers I have on the 55+ plan to Google Voice and then port in a number from another carrier and eventually bring it back?

State Reform Party head Curtis Sliwa has urged the legislature to name Bharara as Schneiderman's replacement, but that's considered unlikely given the number of prosecutions of politicians he oversaw at the U.S. Attorney's office.

So is this saying politicians don't feel comfortable around him? Or is there some sort of legal precedent that makes his recommendation unlikely to succeed?

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It's unlikely he'd be appointed by the legislature because they're bitter, due to his investigation of various pols.

I don't know who in the interim, but if Preet were to run for it, I would think he could win it.

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Legislature will appoint.

Hes also for single payer and getting money out of politics. He has been very outspoken on the issue of money corrupting our government. Have always respected him because of that. He hits back and defends when it is deserved no matter the party affiliation which is also refreshing.

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Is he for single payer?

1.1k points · 3 months ago

The Green Party as a whole is a complete sham intended to trap people who think "both sides are just as bad".

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In New York because of fusion it would be possible for them to actually be a force for good by cross endorsing makor party candidates but being useful is against their charter.

I think if they overreact and harm someone after mistaking a phone for a gun then yeah, they shouldn't be on the job.

But I'm sure cops mistake things that are merely gun colored for guns fairly often, simply because they are always on the lookout for guns, and their brains are bound to give some false positives. Untrained members of the public aren't going to get those false positives, because they aren't looking for guns.

I just don't like the premise of the title question, it implies that as members of public wouldn't make that mistake, then cops must be doing something nefarious or be incredibly stupid to make the mistake at all. But I'm sure it happens all the time, luckily the vast majority of them don't attack before confirming.

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How those boots taste?

When I said they are potentially less nonchalant about a car backfiring, that wasn't me suggesting they start popping of rounds. I just mean when you have that training and experience, the possibility that it's gunfire is more likely to cross your mind.

Obviously if a cop mistakes a phone for a gun, and then shoots someone before determining for certain, then they shouldn't be on the force.

What annoys me about the title question, is that it implies that because a non-trained member of the public wouldn't make that mistake, then a cop must have either maliciously attacked a person they know to be unarmed, or they must be dangerously stupid. All I'm saying is you're bound to get more false positives if you're actively looking out for guns, that an untrained member of the public who isn't even considering the possibility.

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How do those boots taste?

i just went to Bar Bill the other day. The wings are great don't get me wrong, but notworth the wait. The hype is definitely real with that place. My local place has wings just as good just cheaper.

My recommendation for out of towners is always Elmos. those Cajun wings are perfection.

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I tell folks about Elmo's or Central Park Grill. All about that Cajun.

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