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Mactain_ commented on a post in r/survivio
Gabidou99 3 points

Not mosin. Unless your target is not moving, Mosin's DPS is too low.

Mactain_ 1 point

Well for my two gun slots, I take 1 smg or shotgun (close range) and one ar or sniper (long range) mosin fills the role of long range really well for me cause I can hit most of the hits, plus the structure damage multiplier is useful in squads to take down an enemies cover and expose them for my team.

Gabidou99 2 points

Anyone who isn't a trackpad player will just hide behind a tree or rock and you don't have any options but to get in close with the Shotgun unless you want to spend 5 minutes to kill one guy with Mosin. With other guns, even M39/MK12 you have enough DPS to destroy some obstacles.

Mactain_ 1 point

Well for me mosin works fine to pin them down, they can't hide forever plus I can chunk away at their cover until they are forced tol leave. I'm not trying to change your opinion just saying what works for me

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Mactain_ commented on a post in r/survivio
SpaceWalkBoy -4 points

Theres already a wiki. This post was pointless

Mactain_ 2 points

That's like saying Wikipedia is useless. Like sure, all that information is out there, and it's easy to access, but it's always helpful when the information is organized in a clear and meaningful way.

In all honesty I'm not sure why I'm engaging with an obvious troll.

SpaceWalkBoy -1 points

You just proved my point?? The information is literally already organized in a clear meaningful way on the wiki pages. Heres the link if youre too stupid to search for it which it seems you are since you couldnt understand my comments. I said this post is pointless BECAUSE THERE ALREADY IS A WIKI FOR SURVIV.IO WHICH LISTS ALL THE WEAPONS. Idiot

Mactain_ 3 points

This comment is 8 minutes old and already at -2 karma. Every other comment you have in this thread is at least -3 with your original comment at -7. All this is in a community with 960 subscribers. Looking through your comment history I can see that you consistently get down voted for being confrontational and aggressive. Maybe instead of calling everyone around you an idiot you should re-evalute the way you communicate on the internet, and consider that maybe you are wrong.

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Mactain_ commented on a post in r/canada
Mactain_ 1 point

So right in the middle of class (15 minutes ago) we got the test for Canada's new text alert system. I was one of I believe only 5 people who received it. Anyways, since then, my phone has continued to vibrate and ping every minute like I'm getting a text message. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know how to fix it? It's not a big deal since it only happens like every 60 seconds but I'm just wondering.

Mactain_ commented on a post in r/survivio
TheBestNarcissist 6 points

Yeah me too but I couldn't find a donation button anywhere, is there one?

Mactain_ 6 points

Not yet but I really wish there was one. I have never spent money on a video game, not ingame purchase's, nothing. But if there was some kind of donation system or ingame purchases (not P2WIN! Just like, skins or something), I would probably give them all my money.

Mactain_ commented on a post in r/survivio
deten 1 point

Yes, a variety.

Mactain_ 2 points

Try disabling them one by one and see if you still have the problem after you disable each one. Once you get it to work you know which one is causing the problem. Alternatively, disable all of them, see if it works then, then keep re-enabling them one by one until the problem comes back. This will also let you know which one is causing the problem.

Edit: clarity.

Mactain_ commented on a post in r/BattlefrontTWO
redletterday94 1 point

Not right now. If I remember correctly they are planning to add online coop/versus at some point, so hopefully it’s fairly soon

Mactain_ 1 point

Can confirm. Don't have the exact source on hand but I remember a while back they posted features they intend to add and this was the one I was looking for and I remember finding it.

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