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MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/philadelphia
ktappe 11 points

If he can get the proper ingredients. Good luck trying to get a roll like Amoroso's over there.

MadCatzPlayer2 9 points

He's got France and Italy right there, I'm sure he can find some good rolls. Where do you think the Amoroso family came from?

ktappe 0 points

"Right there." You can't get Amoroso's more than 30 miles outside of Philly, and you're expecting him to go 500km to Italy for rolls? Then don't forget Brexit; it's not gonna be easy to import even if he were willing to.

MadCatzPlayer2 2 points

There are Italian people who moved to the UK and opened bakeries, especially in London.

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MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/fastfood
MadCatzPlayer2 6 points

I'll have to try it. Honestly have never heard of them but I just checked and there's one 9 miles away from me! Woo!

MadCatzPlayer2 1 point

Checking back in, tried them today (for the first time ever). It was good but nothing too crazy to write home about. I got the #6 Combo which was a double steakburger california style (american cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato and fry sauce) with a medium fry and drink. $9.50

The fries were really good, thin and crispy. The burger was good, but overall I couldn't really taste the meat, the onions, tomato, and fry sauce were actually powerful to make the meat not really taste flavorful. Basically no bad tastes, but not really an amazing taste either. Bun was fresh, everyone was very nice inside. I'd rank it below Culvers, Five Guys, and Whaterburger but above the rest. Upon leaving I got a pint of vanilla custard for $3.99 which I would recommend if you're looking to try their custard because I was originally going to get a single scoop in a cup, it had a price of $2.79 and that's pretty extreme when your pints are only a dollar more.

MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/philadelphia
MadCatzPlayer2 1 point

Crap my license expires in February 2019, so does that mean I have to renew in feb 19, and then a month later renew again just to be able to ride in planes without a passport again? In total $90? Why don't they just start issuing these Real IDs now?!?! PA is already known as a laughable driver's license, pretty sure it's the most faked ID among the under 21 across the nation.

ilovethefall 10 points

Get a passport. Why any adult doesn’t have one is beyond me.

MadCatzPlayer2 6 points

I just don't really ever travel internationally, and it's a valuable document I wouldn't want to have to bring along for a short domestic flight. Much easier to just use the ID I always have on me (Driver's License).

MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/todayilearned
MadCatzPlayer2 8 points

The bigger thing is that they disable the ATSC OTA TV streaming. Being able to tune into the broadcast networks without using data would be awesome. But no, if you want to watch our channels on the go, download our app and stream it and use 4GB/hour while doing so even though we're freely broadcasting it in the air.

ihopejk 3 points

Is there any way to freedom this?

MadCatzPlayer2 2 points

To my knowledge no. But if you purchase a phone that was originally sold in South Korea, that could maybe work.

MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/Steam
GrandMarshalCorbyn 1 point

Why would you need a modem necessarily? I don't think our house has had a modem in it for almost a decade. I thought most modern routers came with one included internally.

MadCatzPlayer2 1 point

They sell them as router/modem combos or modem and router separately. All of the major service providers usually use a router/modem combo as their rented unit. I suggest buying them separately because usually the combo is just as expensive as buying them separately. But buying them separately allows you to more easily upgrade in the future. If you move into a bigger home and need more wi-fi range or a new wi-fi protocol/band gets released you can then just upgrade you router. Or if you get a new internet plan that exceeds your modems speed limit (343mbps was the limit of the one I suggested) you can just upgrade your modem.

saad84tm4n 1 point

but his final kills were zero... that's strange af

MadCatzPlayer2 2 points

Those are my kills (0), the video never shows the kills of the cheater. On the death list, he gets 3 (including me) in less than 5 seconds.

Yescob 1 point

Im amazed that he even put on a silencer.. Not like he would ever need it

MadCatzPlayer2 1 point

Well he still could be killed, just not likely if he uses the cheat correctly.

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MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/The_Donald
Whopper_Jr 6 points

I am not here to downvote you. I think it’s a disgust* with the widespread proactive support for—and adoption of—the notion that a legitimate mental illness is something to be celebrated. And not only is it to be celebrated, but anything other than feigning a meekly neutral position (let alone vocal skepticism) regarding transgenderism leaves you pilloried, and in some areas in actual violation of law. Simply for questioning the legitimacy of a self-diagnosis and whether or not the self-prescribed “cure” for that pseudo-diagnosis is in fact a proper treatment to run with.

So it’s less a critical commentary on the intrinsic worth of an individual human, and more a critical commentary of society at-large—especially in regard to the fact that a growing number of people think the ‘intrinsic worth of an individual human’ is somehow validated or improved by encouraging them to pursue transgenderism, and that the hollow praise rained down upon them is in any way beneficial in the long term.

Maybe there was a more articulate way to word that, and maybe I speak for myself when I say, “you do you, man.” If you’re legitimately, genuinely happier “switching genders,” wonderful. I just don’t see how advertising a transition is anything more than a vehicle for garnering sympathy and validation from a fawning community of enablers, the bulk of which are doing so out of compassion (e.i. putting the individual in question’s short-term emotional well-being ahead of the potential long-term repercussions). Furthermore, if the net ‘improvement in happiness’ is derived from the positive publicity surrounding the transition, then it is not genuine happiness but rather riding the high of an artificially inflated sense of self-worth. What happens when there is no more hot air for the balloon? Back to trafficking in neurosis to garner more sympathy? If so, then it is not a cure, but a temporary departure from reality, fueled by the upvotes and likes of lazy altruism.

When the suggestion of “get help from a professional” is avoided because it is perceived to be ‘violent language’ that could lead to the recipient becoming depressed or suicidal, then that is precisely the type of person who should be getting help from a professional. I would argue that people critical of transgenderism actually care about the intrinsic worth of the human afflicted MORE than the in-group sycophantic “allies,” because the critics see the whole charade as a departure from realizing true potential and worth of life. I want what’s best for you, for your family, for society, and for the nation. I am skeptical that convincing yourself that you are a different gender will accomplish that, and I fear that it will do just the opposite.

*disgust as an actual emotional response with political implications—see research done by Jonathan Haidt

MadCatzPlayer2 1 point

You do realize to be prescribed for female hormones and male hormone blockers as a man in the US, you must be diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a psychiatrist holding an MD and then getting prescribed those medications by said psychiatrist? These individuals are seeking and getting help from professionals.

once_said_blah 4 points

Did you read the text?

What's this 'woman' going to look like in 40 years?

Have you ever seen an old tranny?

MadCatzPlayer2 -3 points

I don't think any of us has seen an "old tranny" that has used the most modern medicine/surgeries to gain their transition. Male collagen degrades far less rapidly as female collagen, they might age much better than a female. The trans-fem community has exploded in the past decade and the regimen of becoming trans-fem has become so much better as it's popularity/acceptance has grown.

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MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
MadCatzPlayer2 1 point

I don't think the US Government purposefully tries to lose satellites. If anything it explains how the warning went out if it was a missile defense satellite situated above the Pacific Ocean. The government does often make stuff up when things fuck up and blaming an office worker for making a silly mistake is better than saying our missile tracking satellite fucked up.

MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/sports
MannKR 3 points

Just 2002

How many games have they won since then? Enough to get back to playoffs?

MadCatzPlayer2 2 points

Seems like they've won 67 games since (2003-2017). So an average of 4.7 games won per season. The outlier was 2007, they surprisingly went 10-6 but did not make the playoffs.

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