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41 points · 15 hours ago

I am fine with this one

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Seriously, she goes on months long vacations after streaming for 2 days. Good morning good morning good morning.

8 points · 8 hours ago

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I mean it's not something I wouldn't do if I was raking in on what she makes during her streams. But it's just not fair to her fans to just stream so inconsistently. Then post a vlog about how she's in Abu Dhabi for the next three weeks and is so so so so sorry she can't stream. I don't know, to me that's saying she's lying through her teeth that she really cares about her fans when she really wants to do anything else besides stream.

Original Poster1 point · 9 hours ago

That's wild. What town?

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2 points · 9 hours ago · edited 5 hours ago

Stone Harbor

1 point · 8 hours ago

That seems awfully cheap even for 1997...

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Well to be clear it was a former rental property that had not been taken well care of.

I'm not sure about Keystone 1st, but I know UPenn's dental school gives cheap rates if you agree to have your procedure done by dental students. If I ever need dental work that's my plan since I don't currently have dental insurance.

I'd be concerned with pipes freezing in the winter though.

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I’m a renter. The lowest it ever got this past winter was 45 inside when it was like 13 outside.

Ha, me to (apartment). I actually did have the heat off accept for dec and Feb. I'm top floor and it never stopped below 62. I wouldn't turn the heat on unless it dropped below 60.

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Key is layers and tons o blankets. Bathroom heats itself with the morning shower.

102 points · 23 hours ago

I'd rather have the the first Red Dead Redemption and maybe Revolver on Steam on PC. I have Red Dead Redemption on PS3 but can barely play through it with that horrible framerate and aliasing.

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Don't worry I'm betting on those being announced available on PC on RDR2 launch date. Then they'll be like, guess what's also coming to PC, Red Dead Redemption 2! April 2019.

I had constant connection breaks when I had comcast, some as long as 12 hours. Since switching to FiOS in February, I have had absolutely zero outages and zero slowdown. (Seriously not being paid by Verizon, Comcast sucks in this city)

Original Poster2 points · 1 day ago

The last week has been atrocious, but today has been the worst. Seems like there might be a nation wide outage, but they swear up and down things are fine over the phone. Been considering jumping ship, but is Verizon really much better?

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Seriously have never had an issue. They have to drill a fiber optic line in, but that's all free. You buy your own verizon specific router off ebay. I'm paying $40 month (first year) for 100/100 and have never seen a 9 come on my speeds. I'm also home about 95% of the time since I'm unemployed and job searching at the moment. Not a single outage.

7 points · 1 day ago

We're not doing this

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Radio reminds me of my home far away

34 points · 1 day ago

"Sir, I'm going to need an actual address."

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West Virginia

62 points · 1 day ago

Because the chicken wire used to support the drying plaster is almost uniquely suited to block WiFi signals.

When you sell your home, put that in the advertisement.

I'm sure some conspiracy theorists would love to live in a home that does not require them to wear their tinfoil hats.

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Idk, advertising guaranteed horrible Wi-Fi seems like it wouldn't be the best route when trying to sell a house.

Maybe the social credit system could be actually useful if it could stop shit like this.

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That’s the goal of it.

Their China Travel Scores are gonna take a beating. (If they are Chinese)

Comment deleted2 days ago

Jeez user should realize they presumably live in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and 15.3% (108,754 souls) of this city voted for our President in 2016. It’s ok /u/fitchmike26 I’m never going to show up to a reddit meet up and represent my madcatzplayer2 identity FOR FEAR OF MY LIFE. If I ever do show up, I’ll be representing a burner account with 1.0k karma. Currently watching Good Burger, great movie.

Comment deleted2 days ago

Btw, Bonne fête!

If you don't think people can give the impression of being far wealthier then they actually are, you're hopelessly naive.

And just for the record when you were arguing his so-called smarts, wealth never automatically means intelligence. You have any number of celebrities who prove that daily.

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You can do that to a certain point. Credit score and income only go so far.

When you use other peoples money, can hire accountants as lacking in morals as yourself to do tricks, and keep your financial info hidden, you can do a lot.

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Gotta have a hell of an income for that.

Moon prison!

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Honestly would be a good place for Guantanamo Bay 2.0, but you gotta be terrorist level for that place, the fuel to get you up there is BIG expense to the US taxpayer. Even have an "EXIT" for them that has them run out of the prison into an un-oxygenated atmosphere. We can then use their body for scientific purposes. Simple asylum seekers should just be turned away.

Guantanamo Moonbase

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Barack Hussein Obama Moonbase would be good too.

If you want to rake in karma, you gotta do better OP. Take group photos close enough so that you can make out the title names by zooming in. I can make out the prices but that's pretty much it.

Come on OP, lay those out and take a few quality photos of the actual movies you've seen over the years.

Original Poster4 points · 2 days ago

You couldn't be more misinformed. It's a great movie and it doesn't even have the ending you predicted. Watch it with an open mind, it really is a classic film with a great story.

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So he loses?! Mind blown.

Honestly I've never seen a Rocky film in my life and have lived here my entire life. Have no plans to start. Basically the gist that I've gotten over the years is that it's Stallone running around Philly, gets in shape, climbs the stairs of the art museum, jumps up and down, has a big fight, wins it. The end.

I wish these teens would join the military and actually use their violent ways for the good of the country. But nah, I'll just get a gun charge at 19 and go spend the majority of my life in state prison.

The kids that developed trauma are all well now! YAY! Wrap it up!

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Parents are choosing this route to avoid the developed trauma their child will get after being killed by a drug gang.

It literally did ZERO. NOTHING. NADA.

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Zero. Nothing. Nada. You people are scum and deserve to live in a communist state somewhere else. Enjoy your bread lines.

I would hope this points to a revamped "Be a Pro" mode.... But I should know better with how EA treats the NHL franchise.

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It would be fun if you actually had to start your player at pee-wee level hockey and had to go to summer camps to learn new moves, strategies, and gameplay. Then play high school, college/qchl/ohl/ahl, then make into the nhl. If your players stats are so good at the end of high school, you can be immediately drafted by the nhl. Nope EA is giving you an outdoor rink that you can play around on in sweatpants and then you go the AHL then NHL.

34 points · 2 days ago

who has that much time? I barely make it out of my first season in be a pro in the OHL or whatever.

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I mean in my mind you could begin your career at any point along that scale. But your player will suck nonetheless the first time they hit the ice. It'll be an easier campaign if you start at age 5 and do all of the practices, games, summer camps, etc.

Isn't there a border crossing to drive to (and back from) Canada?

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Yes, it's basically like a toll. You need your passport and you get interviewed by a Canadian border guard. What you really don't want to do is bring pot back with you (enjoy while you're there). The US Northern border is most likely going to be training thousands of dogs specifically for marijuana to charge you with internationally smuggling marijuana across the border. Just gotta be careful until it's legal here too.

Comment deleted2 days ago

I think they actually have to find drugs after the dog alerts to charge you with something. You can literally say you went to a bar with a lot of people smoking marijuana. Though you'll probably be sent to secondary to have your car searched while you wait in a holding room. Don't worry you're not separated from your family, have been in that room. But it takes about an hour for them to fully search your car.

You could get a Subban cover NHL 13 in Quebec if I remember correctly.

Yo Bitch, you shouldn't be in here.

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