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MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/philadelphia
thatsrightiamawesome 4 points

It's almost like people have never seen snow before.

MadCatzPlayer2 5 points

I really hope we have a true winter sometime soon. Where we have something like 10+ big storms and the temperature almost never goes above freezing from December-February so the snow sticks around the entire winter.We had way too many rainstorms at 50+ degrees this winter and the past few. If I'm paying to heat my apartment, there better be some more snow.

MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/BillBurr
MadCatzPlayer2 3 points
JonOfTheShred 0 points

I don't even get the purpose of this ad. It wasn't even cute or whimsical, it was straight up just some angry woman throwing a mans stuff on the curb.

I mean compare it to the 7(c)u(ck)p commercial with Two Chainz and the wife sitting on his lap, and the giraffe statues connecting black men with fertility and white men with impotence. There was some humor in it, at least.

There's also an ad running right now "Make Google do it for you." One of the shots is two sets of feet rubbing together in front of a fire place and a woman's voice over, "I REALLY need to break up with my boyfriend." The fuck kind of message is that? Is that supposed to be cute or quirky? Did the same person who wrote that commercial write the "Cuckolding is healthy for marriage" article on CNN? The fuck is going on with this sort of programming? To me it's as blatant as black face.

I mean it is all amusing to see, don't get me wrong. I don't frequently watch TV, but every time I do turn it on there's always at least one blatant anti-male, anti-white advertisement.

MadCatzPlayer2 1 point

I just think it’s trying to take the current “female empowerment” movement and try to convince single women who live alone that they would enjoy this service. With a big fuck you to men involved. I could see companies doing a lot of ads like this in the future.

__Billy_Mays_ 1 point

Huh, I’ll see what phone I’ll get next cause I just recent wrecked the screen on my phone

MadCatzPlayer2 1 point

Not sure if you’re in the US but I got my iPhone 6 for $199 a few months ago at Walmart. It was through boost mobile, but it’s super easy to switch it to another carrier. It was $199 with no contract.

__Billy_Mays_ 1 point

I'm from Canada, my town doesn't have anything like that, I'll compare the free phones on a local carrier

MadCatzPlayer2 1 point

Well it might be worth a drive to the US if you’re close. I’m pretty sure the promotion is still going and at all US Walmart’s. It’s a very simple process then to get it linked to your telus/rogers/bell/fido whathaveyou.

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MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/The_Donald
croutons_r_good 754 points

prepare for this event to drop out of the news cycle before this day is even over lol. It doesn't fit the narrative

MadCatzPlayer2 1 point

I can only imagine the most liberal of school districts outlawing these officers so that if a shooting were to occur, the death count can be high and CNN can have another 2 week long repeal of the 2nd amendment orgasm.

MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/worldnews
t0biss 4 points

Is anyone else drawing the parallels to Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, Love, etc?

MadCatzPlayer2 -6 points

Nope, ya fuck'n communist. Go comment on something else for the first time in 7 months.

MadCatzPlayer2 -2 points

Dems going for the low hanging fruit now

MadCatzPlayer2 commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
darkhasi1111 1 point

Cant play on 5s. App crashes

MadCatzPlayer2 1 point

Just go slow. Hard-Close all apps before you play, clear your ram before you play, let all menu items have 15 second before you make a selection. You can play but must just realize that you're on the lowest leve of playability. My 6 is doing great after following those steps.

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