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vinnnlaw 1 point

That looks really clean and 37mm fits like a glove for you. Side question: does the Fairfield tick loudly? I've heard from other posts that it does and that's preventing me from pulling the trigger.

Madmarty 1 point

I personally don't find it that loud compared some of my other stuff. Also I sleep with my pc on and that itself is quite loud.

Kotanaru 2 points

Sleep with your PC on? Yeah, loud ticking means nothing to you then.

cries in silent bedroom

Madmarty 1 point

Well yea, so I had my first night with the watch with the PC on. From what I can hear, the watch 3m away is louder than the PC right next to me.

If you put it in a drawer, I'm sure it should be fine

WriggleN 2 points

Well, you did win, with the most damage dealt (just behind Invoker) and almost the most damage taken, so, seems you did alright. Standard Pipe/AC is always a good, well-rounded aura-ey build.

Without watching..

Sometimes if necessary, you need to pick up the disables yourself as Bristle, you can't always rely just on kiting. If they have AOE CC (Lion's impale, Invoker's.. stuff), often times they may catch your team's CC in it and you're the only one who can do something about it.. and Bristle has to ramp up his spells, so he doesn't have a lot of instant save potential.

  • Single-hero saves from Lotus Orb for the dispel, as well as for reflecting Lion's stuff or Pudge Dismember (careful, since if Breaker charges the Lotus, the Lotused person will charge Breaker back). You can purge off Cold Snap, Tornado(?), and Enchant's slow with this, along with Dust to help Sven escape with Shadow Blade, and if Invoker had upgraded Ghost Scepter, you can purge Ethereal as well.
  • Depending on if fights drag out or not, how quickly you're dying, etc., Aghanim's is often really useful (especially with the +6 goo stacks talent) for kiting and chasing since you don't have to turn around to face your target. It'd help Sven, PA and Lina (and your quills!) chew through targets and not have to spend so much time chasing. A great combo with heroes like Phoenix('s Supernova) or Crystal Maiden('s Freezing Field), too. If you get fed enough to get Octarine on top of Aghanim's, the amount of Goo you'll be spitting is insane.
  • Halberd for Enchantress/Spirit Breaker.
  • Orchid/Bloodthorn for Invoker/Lion (Bloodthorn lets your Warpath stacks hit like a truck, too).
  • Eul's/Abyssal to save people from Dismember (targetting Pudge) or other channels (Witch Doctor or Crystal Maiden ult, for example)..
  • Upgrading your Vanguard to Crimson Guard if Invoker's Alacrity is an issue, but the block doesn't work on Impetus since it's Pure, I think. Don't bother if their main source of Physical damage is heavy crits (Kunkka, Sven, PA, anyone with Daedalus).
  • Nullifier if you need to stop Enchantress from Piking/BKBing when you go to kill her (Sven had a Silver Edge to Break her Untouchable) or prevent Invoker/Lion from hitting their Shadow Blades.

Not all of those, mind you, just based on whoever on the enemy team is having the most impact. You had a fair amount of CC, but they had more, and often there's not a lot you can do about that.. PA did have a BKB+Linken's though and Lina had a Bloodthorn/Eul's. Carries almost always appreciate a Lotus since it's a straight-up deterrent - just make sure you don't Lotus them while BKB is up or it'll usually be wasted since they can't be targeted through Spell Immunity (unless there's a projectile mid-flight when they cast BKB).

Stealth detection is important. Lion bought Shadow Blade at 35 so I assume he was running around ganking, but nobody on your team bought blue wards or gem for quite a while. PA bought gem at 52 and placed a blue ward at 32, Necrophos placed two blue wards at 25 and one at 55, so .. Necro did get six dusts after 35, but with an Invoker running around with Ghost Walk, you needed more than that. Not saying, you know, rush gem, but plopping sentry wards around can help. Lion or Invoker getting to open with Lion's combo or Cold Snap from stealth can be pretty fatal. As Bristle, you can't really stop the combo from happening if it's already in motion or about to happen (short of one of the items above), but Goo/bodyblocking might be enough to scare them off or get them to use part of their spells on you.

Check out OpenDota over DotaBuff, they often have many more stats available for you to browse (ward placement, damage, and a lot more) -

Madmarty 1 point

Ah thanks for the really detailed help! Also another question, how do you deal with mana draining abilities? I'm often forced to keep my wand till late just so I can get that extra mana when needed.

I use opendota in most cases but doesnt this sub prefer dotabuff?

Madmarty commented on a post in r/manyvids
SukiTome 1 point

I like Flamin Hot Cheetos also by Clairo, After the Storm by Kali Uchis, Everytime by Boy Pablo I also really like the band Bleached (they have a little bit more rock feel on the instrumentals if you want something similar but different)

Madmarty 1 point

Oooh I'll check them out.

Do you also listen to Daniel Caesar and also Russ?

SukiTome 1 point

I do! We should be friends and just share playlists lol :)

Madmarty 1 point

Oh sure! Do you have Spotify or anything?

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dumbly_ 2 points

I haven’t seen the replay but I think that a hex would have been more useful compared to building a bloodstone. IMO, bloodstone should only be bought if you can get it early and rack up a few charges. Hex would have most likely provided more utility compared to going Dagon 5 eblade. Please correct me if I’m wrong

Edit: TIL hex doesn’t break passive

Madmarty 1 point

Ahh I see, the reason I went for dagon and eblade was to burst down enemies faster. I was relying on the viper break and also WK silver edge to disable passives

Madmarty commented on a post in r/learndota2
Madmarty 3 points

When I play jugg, I usually get 1 tango, salve, stout shield, and quelling for my starting. I find that quelling blade more useful for last hitting and path clearing as compared to branches.

If you're winning the lane, aquilla may not be necessary and you can skip. Phase boots are useful to catch enemies with your ultimate if they try to run and add some nice damage too, so I often don't skip.

Battlefury should be ideally bought at around 12-13 mins

wetplates 1 point

Usually $10-15 bucks. Took 10 minutes or so.

Madmarty 1 point

Do you know what kind of tools they used? I happen to have access to a small industrial workshop within my school and may possibly be able to get a teacher to assist.

wetplates 1 point

Are there any machinist shops around. I’ve had filter rings straightened before. Might try that.

Madmarty 1 point

How much would it generally cost?

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Madmarty 1 point

I also tip grip with this mouse for up to 5 hours at a time without breaks (bad habit I should stop). Even after playing I don't feel any wrist pains or restrictions.

Reasons for the pain could include the force of your grip, height of your desk compared to your chair, and how much you move your wrists.

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