Remember that you can’t enjoy precious moments in life without internet points by obamabeblacknshiet in milliondollarextreme

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Sort the comments by /controversial and everything is 'god bless' etc.

Jesus, reddit is so toxic. Replies like 'prayers don't do shit'. Guess what faggots, neither does upvoting an image on the internet. Fucking plonkers.

I guess this tidepod meme has officially gone stale by universal-cat in teenagers

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tbh, Ugandan Knuckles went stale the moment it left VRchat.

me_irl by ryan848 in me_irl

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Once you've maxed out sneak in vanilla, you've finished the game. That shit is OP.

Hip-hop collection from the last few months by RegretSorrowButtstuf in vinyl

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Supposed to be checkin emails

But all I got is messages from ass naked females!

EDIT: I've never heard this version, but I recognise the beat. Thanks for that.

Hip-hop collection from the last few months by RegretSorrowButtstuf in vinyl

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Oh shit, I thought that misprint was unique to me when I returned it. Almost re ordered it.

Mid to late 2000s Browser Games Starter Pack by No_Wage_Man in starterpacks

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motherload, miniclip, club penguin, nitrome, raft wars, commando and I'm sure I recognise that taxi game!

my god. thanks for this one OP, gonna go play some of those now.

Good format? by swimadam123 in MemeEconomy

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Are you kidding me?

Cancer memes are long dead.

fresh new format? by thatwaswickedbro in MemeEconomy

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'fresh'? Doesn't something have to be original to be fresh?

gimmie cartoon recommendations by sad-fairyy in teenagers

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King of the Hill is brilliant

Nothing like Adventure Time tho (which I love)

More like the Simpsons (which I also love)

Introducing the 'Vinyl-look CD' a medium that makes me look cool without all that annoying crackling! by [deleted] in vinyl

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I actually have a cd like that. It's a collection of Charlie Parker recordings. It's in a sleeve and everything. cute af

what is you guyses favortie band? by themadwaffleR in teenagers

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or BROCKHAMPTON to stay c u r r e n t and h i p

TFW you buy so many Funko Pops that your wife makes you sign a contract regulating their purchase by CrotchLordMiami2 in milliondollarextreme

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I bought a Skyrim one when I was fifteen and quickly regretted it. Could've bought an actual vidya with that money.

Things that annoy you about records? by [deleted] in vinyl

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If you dish out 20-30 quid on a 180g record. You'll find that vinyl is a lot better, even than a cd which has a sample rate of about a thousand.

However, sometimes if the record has been mixed digitally, there won't be as much of a difference.