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JPEGMAFIA is on tour tho

Guys, these Sharpio compilation video titles are starting to get tired.

Do people shuffle albums?

Also, yes. My favourite BB album.

i am contactless virgin.

I actually got really close to getting with my onetis the other day. She told me she wasn't interested anymore

kill me

asked if I knew what pepe was

That's probably a lie.

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Vault 13 will no longer be the monolithic society it once was, diversity is our strength and we will not survive unless we give the master our location and let the super mutants enrich our vault with their beautiful culture

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Wasn't Vault 3 the one where they opened it up for people to come in and super mutants ended up slaughtering everybody?


'Hop Out the Pussy I'm 21' @ "5:11 samples 'I Love to Say Dada' by The Beach Boys.

Am well chuffed with that find😊

I've already submitted it to

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I don't like therapists and no, I hate my family and I don't want to bother my friends with this stuff.

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I think you should. You have to speak to someone, and your friends seem like the people you would be most comfortable speaking to.

Maybe even a teacher you like at school. Anybody, it will be hard, but that's better than the pain you'd be suffering not telling anybody.

Talking to someone close about your feelings is probably the only thing you can do.

You should also find a hobby, maybe do something creative to distract yourself or release your emotions. Learn an instrument and start a band. Write a story, I dunno. What intrests you?

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sleeping, drugs and video games are the things that interest me right now.

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Do you listen to music? Try finding a band you can relate to; Nirvanda, The Smiths, etc.

Look, I'm not talking from experience of having your problems. But I wanna help you. I do genuinly think this might help. Music often helps me relax from my own emotional problems (which you can very well go through my comment history to see what I mean). They're not like yours or anyway near as serious. But I think you should try other things before cutting yourself. I'm not gonna be here and say "do this to stop your suicidal thoughts and stop cutting yourself". Cos I'm not stupid and I know it isn't gonna magically go away. But you have to realize that you need to help yourself. And only you can help yourself, but other people can and will want to help you.

If you wanna talk, my DM's are open (apolgies if I'm slow). Also, maybe it's worth calling something like childline. I dunno what you might have in your country, but they would want to help you. You aren't the only person going through this. Other people have and other people will. I hope this helps.

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That sounds like something I would do, we’re I drunk enough.

Not planning on getting smashed tho. Just getting a buzz goin’.

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Yeah, it is nice.

But to extend on what happened that night, there was this girl I had been talking to in great lenght weeks before. Baring in mind I have zero social life, that was really odd for me and I kinda grew attached to her. Anyway, in my drunk state I ended up confessing I was in love with her on one of those insta question things ultimatly creeping her tf out. So we haven't spoken since, killing whatever was happening there.

So if you have anything like that going on, I'm talking about glimmers of hope at a normal social life. Make sure you hide your phone battery.

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Assuming it’s cooled off a bit, have you considered apologising, and trying to patch it up?

I’m sure she doesn’t want to lose you as a friend, and sometimes talking it all out is the best thing to do. I know that if some guy I was talking to confessed his love for me and I wasn’t into it, I’d want to talk to him later to see if I could salvage the friendship. But seeing as no one has ever done that to me I’ve never had a convo like that.

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Thanks for your advice. Knowing me I'll probably just keep to myself and pent up my feelings for her (which are very strong). I think these feelings I have for her are more related to my own mental state right now and are less to do with her (someone on 4chan described my love for her as an "emotional crutch" which I thought was the perfect description) so I don't really want to bring her into it. Also, she is generally a very positive, happy person. And I feel like my association with her could be damaging, I don't wanna do that.

Shiiet. I'm sorry for telling you all this shit, I'm just really crap at keeping my thoughts to myself, fuck. I should probably learn an instrument or something, I just wish i had the fucking motivation. lol

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this is so sad, alexa, play sk8er boi

I was doing that with her whole discography when I first discovered Bjork. That's why I failed my exams.

Why do we people with asthma all look the same?


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The promo codes are the names of all the children she had locked away


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Dynamite - Taio Cruz

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The minecraft parody

New York, New York - Frank Sinatra

I used to wear a fedora too, looked dapper af.

Sympathy sex doesn't necessarily mean she's into you I'm afraid.

Still, nice 👌


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This shit had me in tears I swear to god.

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You know gog has reviews. Just go on the game storepage and scroll down.

What'd I get downvoted for? That was good advice D:

For me it's just binge watching random YouTube videos..

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I discovered the Joe Rogan podcasts a week before. It's like youtube is against me or something.

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Was the only person in my class.

I talked about Vaughn Williams because his music is so impresioniatic so there's loads to talk about.

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