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smushkan 1 point

Are you using rechargable batteries? They typically have a lower voltage than primary cells so they will not correctly show their remaining capacity on most devices that have a remaining battery display.

All electronic devices put out interference of some sort, even if they aren't using any wireless technology. Typically with audio gear it's being picked up by the cables that the microphones are attached to which are effectively acting as antennaes.

You can reduce interference from external sources by putting ferrite beads on your cable (very cheap) but the only way to eliminate it is either to use balanced or optical audio (not possible with the H1) or by moving the audio devices as far from the camera as possible.

Majky94 0 points

ah I see. This was very resourceful. Thanks.

Yes, I am using rechargeable batteries. Is there a way to tell how much recording is still left ? Or can I just go by a rule - let's say a fresh fully loaded battery gives me 3-4hrs recording time ?

I found this:

Is there an easy way to determine how thick the mic cable is ? (5, 7, 10mm)

smushkan 2 points

The H1 is rated for about 9.5 hours on a standard AA alkaline when recording .wav files. I can't find a rating for rechargables, but it's likely to be lower than that.

While you could do some tests, 4 batteries will probably be more than enough to see you through a day of shooting so a quad charger and a few packs of batteries will make sure you're covered.

Just remember to label them up with numbers so you can keep track of what is used and what isn't. NiMH batteries self-discharge quite quickly so you will need to top them up before each shoot. If you're not planning on using them for a while or the H1 gets infrequent use, keep charged cells in the freezer to make them hold their charge longer.

Thickness of the cable can be masured with a ruler in mm ;-) it's the whole diameter of the cable, not the thickness of the insulation. Most jack cables are less than 2mm thick.

Majky94 1 point

awesome, thanks! Interesting info about the batteries as well.

Hm, so in that case I need to find a thinner one. The 5mm from the link above would be too much I guess.

josh8644 2 points

Freeze frame will create a freeze frame of the current frame for the whole length of whatever you've done it on. (you can see this as the time remap will create a single keyframe for the current time) There's also an option for "freeze on last frame" which will play it all and then stay on the final frame of the clip for you to extend it

If you want to freeze on a certain frame, you move the end point of the comp timeline to where you want and use freeze on last frame

Majky94 1 point

hm, still doesn't seem to work..

I have a background layer (video of a street), the second layer of a masked out guy, without background (so the street layer is visible). As 3rd layer I have his hair masked using the roto brush and refine edges. Since he's not moving, I wanted to freeze the processed hair layer (few frames) and stretch it over the whole sequence.. so the robo brush doesn't have to process the whole length of the video.

But no matter what I do with the freeze frame, everytime I extend the hair layer further, to the point where the roto brush has not been applied, the original (unmasked) video appears.

VanJackson 3 points

1) Yeah just find the tonic with a piano or something, and figure out whether it's major or minor, or non-functional (i.e, without a key)

2) you can use a pitch-shifter but that will severely alter the sound, but two pieces don't have to be in the same key to sound natural, transitions depend more on the style of the piece (tempo, instrumentation, genre) rather than the key, even if they are in different keys the worst that can happen is it sounds like a modulation.

Majky94 1 point

I think you got it right.. this is exactly how it sounds.. as if it was out of tune. And attracts too much attention.. I checked the key and they are harmonic / compatible for both songs, so I won't spend more time on this.

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EndlessShovel11 2 points

So what do we think this is from? CMC listing? Also, can we transfer off of bittrex yet? I have not gone back to check in a while, also fuck bittrex.

Majky94 0 points

still, how does CMC listing help with anything ?

Are you guys actually trading BTCP on TradeSatoshi ? Heard a lot of shady things about it.. I'm holding in my wallet and waiting for a serious exchange listing.. but missing out on 90% gains also feels bad.

mikedubluv 2 points

I actually record audio 3 or 4 times over. For ceremonies, I have two wireless lavaliers plugged into an the groom and officiant, and then I'll also plug into the mixer and then I'll set up a small recorder by a speaker. Time permitting of course. It's a little different for toasts. I'll just plug into the DJ's mixer, setup a backup recorder by a speaker and then I'll try to get close to whoever is talking and allow my camera mic to pickup the audio as a backup. Nothing wrong with redundancies. Like someone else mentioned, you might want to get a preamp like a Beachtek, connect it to your camera and hook the wireless receiver to that. Then you can monitor the audio. It sounds excessive but in my experience, backups fail, so it's good to have a lot of sources to pull from. This sounds expensive but it's not. Made a video about it.

Majky94 1 point

great, thanks for all the info Mike!

HakimeHomewreckru 2 points

I doubt the H1 has a significantly better audio quality than the GH5. It's a less than 100$ tiny recorder.

About your files: OSX keeps deleted files in a hidden trash folder on the drive you deleted it from. You have to clear the trash if you want to remove stuff like that. The only right way to clear media is by formatting it in the device it's being used in. The device will always keep its filetable/database/filesystem in good shape.

To answer the original question: at events I record 2 mics on 2 channels each with different levels to make sure I always have at least one recording that's usable (not clipping/quiet). Other more high-end zoom recorders have this backup channel functionality built in.

Majky94 1 point

well, it records 48kHz at 24 bit... I thought that was kind of the professional industry standard.. I couldn't find the specifics, but I doubt the GH5 preamp records in this quality.

I will just buy a larger SD card and also format it every time I copy anything over to my PC.. I keep forgetting this and then wonder why at the end I can only record a few minutes of audio lol.

Balensee 3 points

It's been happening occasionally for the past couple of weeks.. I've used the same SD card for a year now...

Flash memory wears every time it is written. Cards don't last forever.

Is it possible that a Class 10, 48MB/s wouldn't be able to handle 4k, 8bit at 50fps

Absolutely. Class 10 doesn't guarantee minimum write speed. Even if it did, you need more than class 10 (10 megabytes per second) to support the continual writing of 4k 8bit 50.

[4K/8bit/150M/50p] 50.00Hz (PAL) 3840k2160 50.00p 150 Mbps

From page 165 of the Advanced GH5 Manual.

150 megabits per second is 18.75 megaBytes per second, nearly double of Class 10.

You don't need a card that only averages 18.75 MBps, you need a card that never, ever falls below that level. That's what the V (and U) ratings are about. V30 means the card will never fall below 30 Mega Bytes per second (240 mega bits per second).

If you're only running 8 bit, the fix is cheap, as little as $13. Any V30 SD card, or even microSD card from a reliable retailer will be fast enough. For instance, this cheap 16GB V30 microSD card would work. 64GB V30 cards are only $28, with 128 GB V30 cards around twice that.

TLDR - Your card isn't fast enough and might be worn out.

Majky94 2 points

thanks a lot for this! Very useful info, appreciate it.

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Majky94 1 point

what would that mean, if I am holding my ZCL on bittrex ?

nimbosa 1 point

keep it on a full node instead, where it's safe:

Majky94 2 points

yea, I had it in a wallet but then moved it back to Bittrex and set a sell order.. in case it pumps up suddenly for some reason.

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twobugsfucking 1 point

For Lance, AKA Upwork-but-on-a-blockchain:

“screen grab tool: employers will take screenshots of the freelancers screen at random intervals, making sure they are working on the project.”

Uhhhhh...fuck that!

Majky94 1 point

Isn't doing kinda the same ?

I mean, 'decentralized Upwork'

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MartiniNL0 2 points

Best post ever. Will do tomorrow.

Majky94 2 points

how did it go ? managed to send successfully ?

MartiniNL0 1 point

Yes, in proces now.

Majky94 1 point

good to hear. I am still considering if I should do mine or not.. I had roughly 10 XRB on Bitgrail.. and the risk of going through the whole process, paying the fees (which would be higher than my actual loss) and not getting anything back is there..

csmacg 2 points

Hi, you are correct. If you’ve been holding NEO during the snapshot (can’t remember when) then you’ll be automatically gifted 0.1 ONT for every NEO now and another 0.1 to follow. If you open NEON but before you open your wallet select ‘Manage Wallet’ you can them add the ONT hash which you can find from Neotracker (in the Assets tab I think).

Majky94 1 point

ok, thanks. The website is down for maintenance for some reason, I'm gonna try later on.

Not sure why this process isn't explained clearly in some official post though..

Do you know how the supporting exchanges will give out ONT ?

Majky94 commented on a post in r/BitcoinPrivate
Majky94 -1 points

How much trust does the exchange have ?

Could be another Bitgrail..

Anonymous_IH 6 points

As someone from NANO community, JayDubs is the best at running an exchange. He implemented the best way to implement NANO in an exchange and everyone knows it’s not easy to implement NANO.

Majky94 1 point

ok, good to hear that.. I am just cautious, after I got my XRB stuck on Bitgrail...

dinaiz 2 points

Hey ! Just tried it this evening (powder, swalowed with orange juice. No other psychoactive substance, except maybe tobaco).

It's my very first time tacking kratom, and I have 0 tolerance to opiates (never ever used). I feel rather calm, a little bit stoned, like if I was in a bubble. It's definitely made for when you've got nothing important to do . I wouldn't drive or anything like that. However, it doesn't seem as potent as they claimed to be, as I had to take quite a lot to achieve an effect (5 or 6 table spoons...I don't know, seems a lot to me ?). Unfortunately, as it's my first time, I can't compare to other varieties. It definitely feels good. It's also way more a downer than a stimulant. I'm not very sleepy, but I feel I could sleep if I wanted to in a very short time (Big insomniac here in general). I will stay up a little while, to enjoy the effects I think. I'll try to post another comment when I will have tried other varieties, and also, after buying a scale.

Oh buy the way, I received it really fast, so the shop seems serious.


Majky94 1 point

thanks for sharing. Ye, 5-6 tablespoons is a fuckton of kratom lol. I never use more than 1-2 teaspoons.

Majky94 commented on a post in r/NEO
Darra1970 3 points

I hope people understand they're not going to get the ONT right away. It's a snap shot of NEO holders. From announcement: The snapshot of NEO addresses will be done at block height 1974823, which is estimated to be at March 1st, 2018, around 5:00 am (Pacific Time).

Delivery of the first ONT tokens will be completed in the weeks following March 1 (0.1 ONT per NEO). The other locked half (0.1 ONT per NEO) will be using the same snapshot, but will instead be airdropped on the Ontology MainNet. Ontology MainNet is expected to be released in Q2, 2018, specific date depends on how the Ontology TestNet is operating. Further details will be released.

Majky94 1 point

Is there gonna be an ONT wallet where we can claim it ?

Or it's gonna appear in the NEON wallet ?

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