Dad turns in teenage son after finding child pornography on cell phone by MIngmire in news

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Nudity is not explicitly sexual. The naked "kids" you're most likely referring to in modern and classic artwork are not being sexualized, far from it. Most commonly, these are religious paintings with depictions of cherubs and angels. In many religious texts, nudity begins as something natural and innocent, only later does it become something of shame and sexuality. In many of these religious works, nudity is seen as a trait of piety.

I got an achievement for crashing a software program on steam by Zer0Templar in mildlyinteresting

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My SO got the implant 2 weeks ago and it still hurts, when does this stop? by MakeYourMarks in birthcontrol

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Thanks for the response, looking forward to the day that a month or 6 weeks has passed

Is there a way to paginate usernotes? by MakeYourMarks in modhelp

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I do not see an option to prune user notes. I think I'm going blind.

Is there a way to paginate usernotes? by MakeYourMarks in modhelp

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It looks like the imgur link is broken, any alternatives?

Would a heart-shaped lichen be a loven? by derf_vader in mildlyinteresting

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200 years of varnish removed from a painting by TooShiftyForYou in gifs

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Paintings are varnished after they are completed to seal the paint and protect it as well as even out the gloss level. The varnish itself can yellow over time and grime just builds up on the surface. Since varnish is solvent based, it can be removed with a solvent thinner without affecting the paint underneath very much. It's cleaned like this and then varnish is applied to seal it once again. All of this is part of the care of the painting and increases the value. It's not cheap though, so you're not doing it often. Keep in mind as well that most of these old paintings spent much of their time in smoky, dirty environments. Restored paintings today will take much longer to yellow and contaminate.

Tired of the shit by dunderhill85 in funny

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What does a torque multiplier do?

Found a Goose feather and tried writing with it. by decalex in mildlyinteresting

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