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They knew who this man was when they hired him. I think it’s bullshit that they suddenly have a problem with it. Besides I do believe he’s grown and matured over the years.

Last year I wouldn’t have been interested, but I feel like Marvel is on a roll right now. I’ll watch anything they put out.

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I’m bummed that Han never got to share the screen with Lando or Luke again but I’m thrilled Billy Dee is back

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Just imagine all the capes he owns by now

It’s gonna be fun to watch him ham it up against Statham and Johnson, but I’m quite bummed that Elba keeps getting relegated solely to villain and bit roles. The man could, and should, be leading his own franchise.

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The Dark Tower could have been an amazing franchise...but Sony

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”If he has something to say to someone he says it without hesitation and everyone involved knows this. So I say that to say, if he had an opinion to share about anyone or anything in particular they would know and they wouldn’t have to read about it.”

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I bet Kessel and Jabba’s palace extraction simply joins the strike playlist to lessen the dividing of the player base. Extraction would fit right in with the other two strike modes.

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I’d rather keep it separate. Extraction is the only mode I played in BF2015. I’ve waited so long for it. More maps would be ideal.

Will we get some more maps for extraction now that it’s permanent?

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At this point, that’s all I really want.

Also FYI - The Monster Squad became available to stream on Hulu today.

the timberwolves will upset a team in the playoffs this year. if not i will eat a piece of timber amd howl like a wolf the entire time screencap it bitches

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Is it an upset if we go in as the #1 seed?

Yeah, I noticed Nathan For You had arrived on Hulu last week. Decided to watch the entire series again.

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I don’t know if I’ve ever been as wrapped up in a story as I am with Westworld. Incredible work by every one involved. My question is, are you as confused as the rest of us right now?

It might be too expensive to get done. I heard the budget would million dollars.

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