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I get that Sykes has not been able to perform the songs from the album live as well as he used to. But with all of the time that the band has taken off from touring and kind of went silent over the past kind of makes me wonder if Sykes has been going hyperbolic time chamber mode with Melissa Cross or something. His live performance was getting seemingly better near the end of their touring cycle when it came to his screams.

Suicide Season release date in Europe was late September 2008 and November 2008 in the US. With how many bands have been doing this, and (I believe) a pretty big demand for something like this if the band could pull it off...I'm curious if you would be interested?

If they only did a select few dates, would you be willing to make a long travel to see it?

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For the time being I would like to remain anonymous, but I need some help because I think I was just harassed or assaulted or something by a member of Suicide Silence. First off, does anyone know if the member in question out as gay or bisexual? I myself am a guy, and if he is that would I guess explain what happened. I literally just left Attila’s Ragefest in Tampa Florida a bit early because my ride home didn’t want to stay out too late so I decided to buy a CD before I left. I went over to Volumes’ merch tent hoping to buy Different Animals, but they were all out so I slid over to the SS booth. I asked the merch guy for a copy of You Can’t Stop Me and saw that this specific member of the band was sitting behind him next to a girl. He offered to sign the CD, so of course I said yes. Trying to be polite, I introduced myself. He said he couldn’t hear me, and then motioned to get closer to him and say it again in his ear. When I got closer he put his arm around me completely and rested his head on my shoulder and leaned into like he wanted to fall asleep on me. I didn’t think anything of it, assuming he leaned in to far. He pulled back and signed the CD. He then went back to me to give it back, and trying to make small talk I told him how SS’s set was one of my favorite performances I’ve seen this year. He appeared to not have trouble hearing me that time, then leaned in again on me on even closer than the first time. He then put his arm around me again and kissed me on the cheek and said it meant a lot to him. I pulled back pretty quickly, weirded out by the small kiss. I turned around to walk away and go home, but he got up and followed behind me for a few steps before getting my attention. He the repeated how much it meant to him that I complimented the SS set. I turned around again trying to leave but before I could go he took another step toward me and grabbed my ass firmly with both his hands. He again repeated that what I said meant a lot to him. I quickly pulled away, very scared and shook up by it. I just walked away as fast as I could after that, scared he would follow me again after what just happened. I know it wasn’t a lot what he did to me but it was 100% not consensual and very weird. Was I assaulted or harassed or something and why would he do that? I only made this reddit because I wanted to ask for help anonymously can someone tell me what happened I’m really scared

Edit: removed names from post per request of a moderator

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Hey guys!

We're going to be making a few minor changes to the subreddit pertaining to what is allowed vs. what is not allowed.

1) We will be making a concerted effort to permit melodic hardcore-styled metalcore bands that are closer to being metalcore than actually being hardcore. Here's a quick list of some examples - some we have already been allowing for quite some time, and some we will now be permitting from here on out after previously pushing posts pertaining to them over to /r/MelodicHardcore. This list should help to give you an idea of the type of bands we are aiming to include in /r/Metalcore (this list is not comprehensive and is subject to change at any time);

Gideon, Counterparts, Napoleon, The Ghost Inside, While She Sleeps, Hundreth (except their latest album which was weird lol), For The Fallen Dreams, Stick To Your Guns, Evergreen Terrace, etc.

The Melodic Hardcore bands that ride the Post-Hardcore line like Defeater, Capsize, Being as an Ocean, etc will be redirected to the relevant subreddit and not permitted in /r/Metalcore.

To the trve melodic hardcore fans out there, no need to worry. We will not be allowing "real" melodic hardcore bands in /r/Metalcore any time soon (see below).

2) We are going to be revamping /r/MelodicHardcore and it will be re-purposed as a place for "real" Melodic Hardcore...and not just a place for Melodic Hardcore bands that ride the line between Melodic Hardcore and Metalcore to go die (see: the bands listed above). Please take a moment to subscribe and check out some of the bands over there as this is our next task!

3) We have been working on putting together a wiki page to help people understand what exactly Melodic Hardcore is since it really has been an common topic of discussion as of late. It's about 95% complete (didn't want to put off making this post any longer), and it would be truly appreciated if you gave it a read (all that is missing is the transition from the early days to modern which should be filled out later today when I get home).

Oh, and while you're in our sure to check out the Metalcore 101/FAQ if you're into the whole learning about what you listen to...thing. Maybe you could suggest a topic that we can cover here in the future. :)


EDIT: Blacklist stuff is still in discussion, stay tuned for news on that.

EDIT 2: Join us on discord and chat if you're into that:


Hey Baby, Here's that AMA You Wanted

BTW listen to their new album if you haven't yet, it bangs.


Let's talk about the album, what do you think? Any standout tracks?

Does this stand up to the quality you expect from former letlive.'s frontman?

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