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Original Poster0 points · 6 months ago

I'm with you. GDAX should enable all trading pairs for BCH right now.

The fact that they haven't should scare this sub to death. And of course, the reason they haven't.

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Original Poster-2 points · 6 months ago


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You can already see BTC's boot prints on BCH's chart. BCH is just another alt, and a trash alt at that.

It seems pretty clear that BCH is losing to BTC. I'm not touching that garbage coin.

The future of BCH is the same as other alt coins... BTC goes up, BCH goes down. BTC is about to rally, and BCH will go down. Just watch.

There are gonna be a lot of broken hearts. You need to realize that you're betting on BCH performing like anything other than an alt coin. When BTC goes up, alts go down. BCH is an alt, and if you haven't noticed, has been going down since BTC began recovering. Many BCH holders will cry bitter tears as BTC begins its post-holiday rally.

Then BCH is is a liability. It's losing value, while BTC gains value. Soon those who bought high will panic and run for the exit, then it's all over for BCH.

Then you'd be asking in the wrong subreddit. Also, BCH is losing ground to BTC, so your choice would be very poor, indeed.


What's with all he BCH spam?

BCH is losing ground against BTC, and once it hits the tipping point, it's going to be down in the mud like all other forks before it. There's a lot of scared money that bought at insanely high prices. Once they start running for the exit, it's curtains for BCH.


Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin. Get over it already.

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Original Poster-9 points · 6 months ago

If that's true, why is BTC is going up while BCH is going down like all alts go down when BTC is on the rise?

BCH is losing ground against BTC,

BCH is up x10 in about two months. I'm sure you know this though.

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Original Poster-7 points · 6 months ago

You haven't noticed it losing ground against BTC? Being listed on GDAX is turning out to be the catalyst of BCH's demise. Poor rollout, and too much lost faith in BCH. Call us from the poor house.

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BCH is losing ground against BTC as I type this. We're heading toward a tipping point, and when we start there all the BCH holders are going to run for the exit at once. Additionally, Segwit2x is about to finally happen, and if you don't believe that will pop BCH's balloon, you're sadly mistaken.

BCH is already clawing for ground against BTC, and it's losing. You'll really see the gap widen on the next BTC rally. BCH is only holding value because of desperate HODLers who bought at insane prices when trading first began on GDAX. Once they start running for the exit, and they will, it's all over for BCH.

It won't. BTC is stomping BCH, and B2X is coming. Get ready for the big BCH sell off.

BTC is leaving BCH in the dust, and Segwit2x is back. What do you think will happen to BCH when B2X is on GDAX? Hmm... Oh, and everyone is going to sell their BCH to get into BTC before the fork. Get ready for the BCH sell off.

Doesn't look like it matters. BTC is leaving BCH in the dust, and Segwit2x is back! Goodbye, BCH.

It's ok to love the idea, but if you haven't noticed, BCH is slowly slipping. Once it hits the tipping point, it will be in the low 3 figures. Your friend is going to be pissed.

Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago

All crypto was down not just bch

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Sorry, *BCH is slowly slipping against BTC.

It doesn't matter. Compare BTC and BCH on BCH is rapidly losing ground against BTC. Your money is becoming Roger Ver's.

Until you compare BTC against BCH on and realize BCH is losing ground. Once it hits the tipping point, your hard earned money is in Roger Vers pocket.

Looks like BCH is drifting further and further south of BTC. Just compare on if you don't believe me. Better get out of this leaking BCH boat before Roger Ver ends up with all of your hard earned money.

BCH is slipping while BTC gains. Better get out while you can!

Might as well hold that BTC. BCH is slipping down, and BTC is creeping back up.

3 points · 6 months ago

All those centralized assholes care about is money and accumulation.

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BCH is already showing that it's subject to downward pressure from a falling Bitcoin. BCH will be just another "China" along the path of Bitcoin's rise.

The old car worth more value but you can't use it daily. It ends selling it to buy new car.

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That new car won't be a BTC fork product. It will probably be XRP.

Because all coins take a downturn when bitcoin really dips hard.. yes, even the precious Bcash... "the flippening" will never happen due to this imo

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It's true. Chris Armstrong's wet dream of overthrowing BTC will die with BCH.

Because tons of people got it for "free" by holding BTC at the fork. They haven't been able to access their BCH until the other day. Of course they're selling to get their free profit. Your buys are filling their pockets. BTC is going to crush BCH.

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