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From the article

“The FBI believes the Russian government’s efforts are being coordinated with Page and perhaps other individuals associated with [Trump’s] campaign,” the application with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court said.

Don't get confused by the title of the article.

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Or just questionable grammar. Occam's Razor.

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I wish US implemented right to be forgotten

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They were his tweets. He could have deleted them.

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Its not about masculinity. Its about how people get ahead at their job. People get rewarded for the hours they put in. Also, a study showed that in professional jobs like finance and the law male and female pay is nearly identical until women decide to have a child and they can't put in 60 hour weeks.

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More garbage propaganda

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Вероятно, вы должны использовать более старую учетную запись. он выглядит более реалистичным.

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Jesus Christ journalism is dead. Just read this headline, it's straight up propaganda. Anybody with a simple cursory knowledge of the situation would know why he's targeting them. This makes it sound like a 3 yr old discovered a game of cowboys and robbers. Meanwhile it's never hit anyone in the ''''press''''' to figure out that Bill Browder is a conman and convicted tax fraudster. He's basically Paul Manafort. He's not even an american citizen anymore because he renounced it to avoid paying taxes.

Actual journalism:

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Вероятно, вы должны использовать более старую учетную запись. он выглядит более реалистичным.

Wow, that was a mess.

Reminded me of when I asked out a female coworker. We agreed on a restaurant and a time and then she brought a friend. Not a good night.

You could buy a couple different sizes and test them out on your own.

Reminds me of when my family tried to add a new dog when we already had a . middle aged Golden. It didn't go well.

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This shit isn’t funny. Who are these maniacs? How is this real?

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About a dozen years ago a coworker of mine, whom I was good friends with, was looking through a gun catalog and pointed out a pink rifle he could get for his 8 year old daughter. I asked him why an 8 year old needs a rifle and with out missing a beat he says "because its her right to have one." He didn't say anything about how he grew up hunting or about starting effective firearm saftey education early. He jumped into a dubious legal qualification for daughter. This isn't even logically congruent. It would be like asking someone why they cut them self and them replying "because the knife is sharp."

How so? Both candidates in that election were horrible choices which should have never made it past their respective primaries. Although Trump is a somewhat odious character, he is not evil through and through like HRC.

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Except one of them has made broad racist statements, committed fraud, numerous bankruptcies, and lies as he breaths. No, they were not the same.

And HRC is pure and good hearted? The Bengazai massacre, funds withheld from Haiti, influence peddling, the sacking of Libyan gold after Qadafhi’s murder, secret email servers...

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And this is what I was referring to when I pointed it the lack of critical thinking.

Benghazi: literally false

Haiti: complete vs

Libya: Rumors at best

Secret Email server: stupid but not considered a crime.

If this easily disproven information is all you got then you only proved my point about uninformed voters.

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Actually, it's called international relations, and it's very complicated. And countries which do certain things should not then act like other countries doing the exact same thing are doing something terrible. That's how countries which aren't silly do business. And you've still not even addressed how you feel about America doing what it is accusing Russia of doing.

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It's not relevant to the investigation of the special council.

Evasion, evasion, evasion. I know where you stand. Thanks for the chat.

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Do you even read what you're quoting or understand it? You put in bold "insulting provocative, or unwanted physical contact with another person." That obviously never happened. So you have to prove he put her in reasonable apprehension of battery to constitute assault. However, Courts have concluded mere words alone are not enough to put someone in reasonable apprehension of a battery. The words have to accompanied by some type of physical act, which is absent here. "Mere words alone, regardless of how threatening they might be will not constitute an assault, if they are unaccompanied by some menacing act or gesture." He never physically threatened her. He also did not take any physical acts to make her believe she was about to be the victim of battery. He just cursed at her and made lots of racist comments, which legally alone are just words and protected under the First Amendment.

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His behavior and language was loud and aggressive towards her. I can't make this plainer. You can whine and complain all you want but that doesn't change the fact that this was assault.

And yes, words do matter. If a sharply dressed man with a broken nose walks into a business and says "you have a nice place here. It would be a shame if something happened to it," that would be considered a threat and is used as an example in law school of how context matters just as much as content.

Assault is sometimes defined as any intentional act that causes another person to fear that she is about to suffer physical harm.

This is how the law is defined and understood in Illinois and most states. So by all means try claiming otherwise but you might as well claim to be the Emperor of America because that will hold just as much weight.

Being loud is not the same as assaulting someone. It is not an attempted battery. It is not putting someone in reasonable apprehension of a battery. If someone walked up, and started yelling "fuck Trump, fuck white people, go fuck yourself" and yelled really loud at me, that would not be an assault unless it included some type of physical action. If he took a swing at her and missed, that would be an assault. Did you even click the link you cited. It gives you an example of an assault. "But now assume that, as they draw closer, Snider draws back his fist and tells Mantle "You're going to pay for stealing my collection of baseball pennants." As Snider begins to swing his fist in Mantle's direction, Mantle sprints away and escapes harm. Here, Snider has committed an assault. His intentional conduct placed Mantle in reasonable fear of immediate bodily harm." See, that includes words and a physical act that put the person in reasonable apprehension of immediate bodily harm. That is an assault. You are having trouble understanding the concept of "reasonable apprehension." Your own link says clearly, "According to an ancient children's ditty, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me." It turns out that words alone won't give rise to assault charges either. The general policy against punishing people for naked threats recognizes that in the heat of the moment, people often make threats they have no intention of carrying out." What is so hard to understand about "words alone cannot be an assault."

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I'm going to make this plain because clearly you aren't paying attention.

Was this man being loud and aggressive towards this woman?


Does Illinois law require direct contact or a specific threat?


Has this man been charged with assault?


That's all there is to this. These are the facts. This is how this law is understood and enforced in Illinois and most States. Words alone can and so qualify as assault so as I've already stated unless you are a lawyer or a legislator in Illinois there is nothing further you can say on the matter.

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What? None of those are legally required in the United States

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27 States require paid vacation after one year of employment.

That still leaves almost half of states without paid vacation, what about parental leave and breaks?

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And? My point was that paid vacations and other benefits offered by employers aren't just out of "the goodness of their hearts" but because they are legally obligated it. It's extremely likely that if employers chose to stop doing so in states where they aren't they would have trouble retaining employees who had the ability to move to a state with those guarantees.

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Because it is dishonest. Someone HAS to win the lottery. Gnostic atheism is as honest as claiming that nobody will win the lottery. Ever.

Agnostic atheism is understanding that by nature god is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, and essentially it is the stance that one should not fall into the idealogical trap of assuming exactly the burden of proof that theists want you to, but which you have zero obligation to assume.

It isn't even a question of probabilities. It's a question of understanding how proof works. I can claim that on a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy there exists a magic pixie who causes gravity to function.

You cannot prove me wrong. Saying that you know that pixie doesn't exist requires you to do that.

So don't. Take the position that my statement has no proof to back it up and we are not on equal footing anymore.

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The problem with this view is that it assumes the possibility of everything that isn't immediately disprovable no matter how unlikely and in absence of any evidence. In my view that is a vastly more problematic world view when everything is possible when you can't disprove it. Ever wonder why r/atheism has a tea cup in it's logo?

No, it doesn't. The teacup is a reference to an argument for agnostic atheism, not against it.

I treat religion exactly the same way I treat the lottery: a fantasy used to separate idiots from their money. I am even an atheist activist, working in my free time to undo and prevent the damage caused by theists looking to impose the imaginary standards of their pixies and genies on the world.

I don't hold a Gnostic atheist stance because it does nothing but make their dishonesty easy to mask.

Flail however you like trying to dispel the invisible sun carrying genies and flower opening pixies of the world. Just try to keep it off YouTube because your stance will get held up by theists looking to shift the burden of proof away from themselves.

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A.C. Graylings take in his book, The God Argument, on "Russell's Teapot" views it as an analogy on probability. Mathematically, while extremely unlikely it is still mathematically possible that a tea set is orbiting Mars. However, while logically possible the probability is so low as to make it perfectly reasonable to state that there IS no tea set orbiting Mars rather than stating that we must state there is a possibility of one. Not quite an agnostic argument.

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"So y’all can keep on talking all this s---, saying he abused my dad and all this and you’ll make a YouTube video about it for sure.”

Well there was that two part tv movie that I think CBS produced.

Maybe because Norway has a sovereign wealth fund of about a Trillion dollars and a population of by million people. Comparing Norway to the US is like comparing California to Montana.

So long as these remain just protests then good. McConnell and his ilk act almost independent of consequences and they need to learn just how unpopular their decisions are.

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There will always be idiots in society. However, the timing of these "stories" are very suspicious.

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Racism is a social thing. Have you ever heard of the comedian Paul Mooney? He's a comedy writer for guys like Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, and Richard Pryor. He said about 15 years ago "a nigger is only a nigger after he leaves the room." In my own experiences I have seen this. The difference is now we have a president that publicly states such racist things. It gives license to people to say openly what they have been saying behind closed doors when everyone is white.


So I decided to give Tinder a try. I set up an account and went about swiping left and right. I had a match on my first day. Unfortunately, now I'm paranoid that the profile is fake. I would appreciate any input.

The profile itself had only a few details. It had a name, about 4 pretty normal pictures, and an age. Pretty scant but my profile didn't have much either. Also, I would say she's attractive but not model hot. If its fake it's not obvious. Then we "chatted".

In a nutshell it was kind of weird. It wasn't like a traditional text message with the usual back and forth with a sentence or two. I asked how her weekend was a and she gives me a paragraph of her basic info: she has a kid, where she's from and such. I respond with similar info and ask her something basic like how she likes the new city she moved to. She doesn't directly answer and gives me another info dump. She ends it by saying she'll be out of town for a few days and that when she gets back we could get coffee or a beer.

Like I said I'm new to Tinder so I don't know what qualifies as normal. Maybe some people start chats this way. I don't know. What do you think?

Tldr I met a girl on Tinder. Her pictures look normal but she texted me info dumps about herself rather than a normal back and forth. Could this be a fake profile?

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Nothing in the legislation mandates the separation of children from their parents. Stating otherwise is completely false. This practice is entirely a policy of the this administration.

Views on capital punishment aside, I was rather surprised to hear that it was carried out via hangings. It seems contradictory to the stereotype of Japan's refinement in culture. I pictured old spaghetti westerns when i heard rhey were hung.

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When done right a hanging us probably one of the most effective and cleanest forms of execution. When you calculate the weight and the needed length of rope you can figure out just how much you need to snap a neck.

I can reasonably consider that you're probably right, I've never heard that before, but, benefit of the doubt.

Aesthetically though, a hanging, or seven hangings songs awfully gruesome. It's in stark contrast to conjured up images of Japanese gardens, Zen meditation halls, tea hall ceremonies. The western psyche has for so long looked to Japan as an culturally elegant and beautiful expression of human taste, an ideal to be aspired to. Hangings sound so barbaric and crude.

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True but its also clean and efficient. To me it sounds very much like modern Japan.

Such an under used character.

Well I don't live in America but if that is true I wonder how people in the US can accept to pay taxes.

I mean, you work, pay taxes, then pay VAT on everything you buy - now how can u do that and still don't claim your benefits from the government who recieves all those taxes? If we Swedes would reach a "fuck you, I got mine"-mentality, I sure do hope that we before that reach the stage of "fuck the government, they got mine"-mindset before going cannibalistic on eachother.

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US doesn't have a Value Added Tax.

Ah, did not know that. "Guess it's all good then"...

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More like a difference in what we expect from our government.

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