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I understand why ‘people got mad’ at the guy for trying to keep his passion and business going but, I think they’re being too damn critical. Dave’s designs are superior to anyone else’s I’ve seen. They use the top of the line material. They stand by their 100 year guarantee. They don’t employee children and aren’t unethical in their work conditions. I’ve never had an issue with customer service. To me it’s a solid company with a goal to be classic in means of quality and innovative in ways of design. I’ve got one of their XL classic leather bags. I’ve had it for a year. I have TRIED to break it, kicked it around, what have you. Not been careful with it so to speak. The thing just gets more beautiful the more I do it. So, kudos man. I’m happy you got a piece of leather to fill your pocket that’ll last you forever and a girlfriend that understands you enough to know to get this wallet.

Speaking of wallets, after having talked up Saddleback, I’ve had a Johnston & Murphy wallet for about 8 years now. Bought after I got back from a trip to China and my forever wallet fell apart while there. Looks just about the same as the day I bought it. A fine wallet I hope to give it to posterity one day.

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Chowderhead1 7,204 points

Went on a blind date with a guy when I was 16. He was nice the whole time. I thought it went well.

Talked to the guy who set us up. Date said that "I had a nice rack but should never smile in public again". I had crooked teeth that my parents never bothered to correct with braces. That one stung.

He's now some loser not paying child support and I'm a wife and mom in a nice home, who has nice straight teeth now :D I also never stopped smiling.

MasterJaron 1 point

Hey! And you gotta nice rack to boot. :D

Erger 1,080 points

Not for long, here come the Oreos!

MasterJaron 2 points


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noblecaravanco 1,640 points

Holy fuck I was not a expecting the face to be there as soon as I clicked the link

MasterJaron 5 points

My eyes shut then opened and everything.

morphakun 11,266 points

I remember reading a post of a young woman that was on a road trip thru the US. And on one of her stops for the night at a cheap hotel in a small town, something didn't feel right about the interaction with the clerk and later in the bedroom she didn't feel comfortable.

Also, the bed had bedbugs and so she decided to sleep in her car.

During that night, she woke up to some noises and she saw the clerk and some other guys going into her room and closing the door behind them. (don't remember the numbers, but something like 2 guys enter the room, and few moment later 3 guys come out of it ) It appears that maybe 1 guy has hiding inside the time she was in there.

The guys came a check the car where she was able to hid under her mount of dirty clothes and partially tinted windows.

Reading that story really creep me out, and anger me, my blood boiled thinking what if those guys was not the first time doing that. how many other victims are there..

Edit: been trying to find the source but cant think some keyword that would led me to it.

Edit 2: other users do remember reading this same story, i added more details that i had forgotten.

Edit 3: thanks to /u/DDJFox found the post. link

MasterJaron 0 points

I remember that story very well.

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markercore 151 points

You had too! That was the only way at the time.

MasterJaron 3 points

I used to just draw the graph. Then add the dots.

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DasGoon 18 points
MasterJaron 13 points

That’s what we used to call company. I miss company.

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It’s funny you say that I prefer to listen to the whole album rather than just the song here there. Add to that, I just got a Amazon Music a few months ago and I have actually bought more physical music than I did before now that I have a chance to listen to music I didn’t get a chance to before previewing it.

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VonCheese 12,582 points

My dad left my mom and she was solidly depressed for a year and then suddenly she exploded with self improvement. She joined a bunch of volunteer positions, met a bunch of new people, became part of the 'in' crowd in her city, literally goes out every night with her friends and has a lover that pays for her trips to Europe where they travel around on a motorcycle. Also, she joined a gym and lost a bunch of weight, started taking care of her appearance. It's strange to think just a couple years ago I would hear her sobbing in the shower and now she's this powerhouse!

edit: This didn't happen over night, there were a lot of downers I left out and it took a whole lot of freaking effort on her part and some therapy, but my mom has always been very strong and able to lift herself out ruts. She's not the perfect person or mother, but I can only aspire to someday be the extraordinary woman that she today. My father has his faults and may not have turned his life around so drastically but I look up to him as well.

edit 2: My mom was really touched by the positive comments! she wants me to clarify that she does not go out with her friends everynight, she works 40 hours a week, and they go to events around town like plays and charity events. And I got it wrong, her boyfriend doesn't pay for her trips, she pays for herself.

MasterJaron 7 points

I love your Mom.

MasterJaron 1 point


APerfidiousDane 1 point

I gotta ask, did you just pass through and visit the Angel Oak or do you also live here?

MasterJaron 1 point

I just passed through. Though, I've visited Charleston 2 previous times, I'd never been to see this tree. It was absolutely magnificent.

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MasterJaron 2 points

For the love of God! I just want to be able to die one day saying I saw Hugh Jackman as Wolverine fight on the big screen against Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk! Give me this one thing! Jackman said the only way he’d ever reprise the role is if he was to come in contact with the Hulk! I can’t be the only one to want this.

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Peliquin 21,180 points

Hyundai now has an alarm on the dash that makes a piercing DING! every time it detects the roadway is colder than 40 degrees. I live in North Idaho.

I would do ANYTHING to disable that fucking alarm. ANYTHING.

MasterJaron 1 point

Why the fuck would it do that?

finaleclipse 2 points

1) That looks like a D-series lens without AF-S, correct me if I'm wrong if it's not. If that's the case, your D5000-series body is unable to autofocus the lens since the body doesn't have a built-in motor. You'd need something that's D7000-series or higher for that.

2) That error message is because you need to set your aperture to the smallest possible for it to work. Rotate the ring to the '22' and the message will go away.

MasterJaron 1 point

Is there any kind of attachment I can get it to work with?

finaleclipse 1 point

No, the lens requires a body that has a built-in motor to drive the autofocus, and I'm not familiar with Nikon (or anyone else) building an alternative method. If you look at the back of the lens, you should see a spot where it looks like you could put a flathead screwdriver, and that's where the camera hooks up with the lens to spin that "screw" to drive the autofocus. Getting an attachment to work probably wouldn't be worth it anyways:

  • You'd need something that can translate the signal from the body to the lens, and also be large enough to house a motor to drive that "screw"
  • The attachment could potentially require its own power source, depending on the amount needed to drive the motor
  • The attachment would push the lens further away from the body than designed. This would unintentionally turn it into an extension tube, meaning you wouldn't be able to focus to infinity unless the attachment also built in some high-quality optics to bring infinity focus back

So there's a lot going on there, which is why no one's likely made one.

MasterJaron 1 point

Gotcha. It still takes good pictures I just have to manually move it but, the AP will only work when it’s on 22f. If I switch down to 16 or anything below that, I get that error message. There’s no way I can make it go down to 16, 11, 8 and so forth, right?

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