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Fow-T 1 point

Do you mind if I ask what settings you used? I am a little bit into photography but I would never be able to make such exposures

MasterJaron 1 point

Nikon d5500

100 iso 4 sec shitter speed 10 aperture 20 mm lens (40 mm for a cropped sensor)

Fow-T 1 point

manually focused I guess? Even the moon is damn sharp and perfectly exposed! I would love to see more of your photos

MasterJaron 1 point
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MasterJaron 1 point

Not exactly, no. They weren’t curved they were just straight down.

jetxobri 1 point

Sorry that happened :/ They look like the Cats5000 (RB4125). You can have them adjusted at the temple for a similar fit.

MasterJaron 1 point

The temple??

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MasterJaron commented on a post in r/horror
DoneDoof 36 points

Cannibal Holocaust, I can handle almost any horror movie but that movie was uncomfortable. Killing of real animals didn't help either.

MasterJaron 8 points

Regrettably, I’ve seen that thing more than 3 times. Usually, I had to watch it with people that were curious. My brother bought me the DVD one year for Christmas. For Christmas. He knew what he was doing. Imagine my dismay when my mom said, “maybe we’ll pop it in later.”

FeralFighting 80 points

Martyrs, that movie can only be experienced once.

MasterJaron 3 points

I second this. Haven’t at had it since. And I pity whomever disagrees when I say it’s the most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen. They’ll come back at me with HC2 and A Serbian Film (that’s probably the second film I’d only ever view once). Martyrs is on a whole different plain.

MasterJaron commented on a post in r/liquor
MasterJaron 4 points

It just says alcohol. Which is to say, it is just a container for holding alcohol. You could put sake or soju or baijiu or any East Asian liquor in it. I suppose you could put western wines in it, too, but it simply says 'alcohol'.

I might add that, if you read that character in Japanese, the pronunciation would be 'sake', but 'sake' in Japanese only means 'alcohol'. What we are referring to in English when we use that word Japanese people call 'nihonshu', or "Japanese wine', literally 'Japanese alcohol'.

Courtesy of my brother. A linguist.

MasterJaron commented on a post in r/Bass
MasterJaron 1 point

To me there is a huge difference in being a good musician and writing a good song. Victor moon is a good bass player but he can’t ride a good song. I’m not saying he sucks threes a piece of shit or he’s not a nice person his music just does not sound good to me.

lilgreenrosetta 0 points

I just don’t understand how to execute the action of say exposing for a black dog in some shadows or a weddings dress in the day time.

The easiest way is to set your exposure to manual and use an external light meter. Then you just dial in what the numbers say, regardless of whether you're shooting a black dog in shadows or a wedding dress in sunlight, and you'll always be dead on. Nothing will change by itself so you can keep shooting and re-composing your shots as long as the dog stays in in the shade or the dress stays in the sunlight.

If you want to use the camera's built-in meter the best thing is to set it to spot metering and adjust for how far off middle grey your subject is. So for the dog, expose lower than what your meter says, for the dress expose higher. Start with maybe a full stop but look at your LCD and adjust if necessary. Again, you're in manual so after you nail exposure once you can stop looking at your meter and just keep shooting until your subject moves to different light or a cloud rolls in or whatever. The meter will give different readings every time your meter patch hits something brighter or darker, but in Manual that won't affect exposure so you can ignore it.

If you're in an automatic exposure mode like A or S or P, then just dial in the exposure compensation accordingly - again down for the dog, up for the dress. Keeping the exposure consistent is a little bit trickier in auto modes, because you have to either use exposure lock or keep the metering patch over the subject every time the meter wants to take a reading.

Hope that clears things up.

MasterJaron 1 point

I wanna slap myself in the head. A light meter would fix everything wouldn’t it? I have one if my phone.

MasterJaron commented on a post in r/AskReddit
woah_dontzuccmedude 8,174 points

This was actually in the news a couple of months ago. We had a really hot summer last year, and the boys at my little brother's secondary school were mad that they couldn't wear shorts but the girls could wear skirts.

The Junior Leadership Team bought it up at a meeting, and the headteacher jokingly went, "alright If the boys want to wear skirts,then let them."

A group of boys went to school wearing skirts the next day. Then it wasn't just a group of them

MasterJaron 4 points

I remember hearing about that.

MasterJaron commented on a post in r/AskReddit
charliebewsey7 1,080 points

The crack in a bathroom stall door is something that really unsettled me when I went to America for the first time, I legit thought the door was broken or something so I moved stall only to find the same thing, can anyone explain what it’s point is?

MasterJaron 1 point

So air can get through.

MasterJaron commented on a post in r/BuyItForLife
MasterJaron 1 point

I understand why ‘people got mad’ at the guy for trying to keep his passion and business going but, I think they’re being too damn critical. Dave’s designs are superior to anyone else’s I’ve seen. They use the top of the line material. They stand by their 100 year guarantee. They don’t employee children and aren’t unethical in their work conditions. I’ve never had an issue with customer service. To me it’s a solid company with a goal to be classic in means of quality and innovative in ways of design. I’ve got one of their XL classic leather bags. I’ve had it for a year. I have TRIED to break it, kicked it around, what have you. Not been careful with it so to speak. The thing just gets more beautiful the more I do it. So, kudos man. I’m happy you got a piece of leather to fill your pocket that’ll last you forever and a girlfriend that understands you enough to know to get this wallet.

Speaking of wallets, after having talked up Saddleback, I’ve had a Johnston & Murphy wallet for about 8 years now. Bought after I got back from a trip to China and my forever wallet fell apart while there. Looks just about the same as the day I bought it. A fine wallet I hope to give it to posterity one day.

MasterJaron commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Chowderhead1 7,233 points

Went on a blind date with a guy when I was 16. He was nice the whole time. I thought it went well.

Talked to the guy who set us up. Date said that "I had a nice rack but should never smile in public again". I had crooked teeth that my parents never bothered to correct with braces. That one stung.

He's now some loser not paying child support and I'm a wife and mom in a nice home, who has nice straight teeth now :D I also never stopped smiling.

MasterJaron 1 point

Hey! And you gotta nice rack to boot. :D

Erger 1,088 points

Not for long, here come the Oreos!

MasterJaron 2 points


MasterJaron commented on a post in r/AskReddit
[deleted] 1,668 points

Holy fuck I was not a expecting the face to be there as soon as I clicked the link

MasterJaron 5 points

My eyes shut then opened and everything.

morphakun 11,370 points

I remember reading a post of a young woman that was on a road trip thru the US. And on one of her stops for the night at a cheap hotel in a small town, something didn't feel right about the interaction with the clerk and later in the bedroom she didn't feel comfortable.

Also, the bed had bedbugs and so she decided to sleep in her car.

During that night, she woke up to some noises and she saw the clerk and some other guys going into her room and closing the door behind them. (don't remember the numbers, but something like 2 guys enter the room, and few moment later 3 guys come out of it ) It appears that maybe 1 guy has hiding inside the time she was in there.

The guys came a check the car where she was able to hid under her mount of dirty clothes and partially tinted windows.

Reading that story really creep me out, and anger me, my blood boiled thinking what if those guys was not the first time doing that. how many other victims are there..

Edit: been trying to find the source but cant think some keyword that would led me to it.

Edit 2: other users do remember reading this same story, i added more details that i had forgotten.

Edit 3: thanks to /u/DDJFox found the post. link

MasterJaron 0 points

I remember that story very well.

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