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onlymostlyinsane 31 points

Dude, we once ordered pizza to the Rocky Horror Picture Show wait line (2-5 years ago). If you give a credit card number and instructions, they will usually attempt to deliver.

Maur2 [score hidden]

Tell me about it... I once delivered to a train that was stuck on the tracks for a few hours for construction.

Maur2 commented on a post in r/anime
Vertraggg 2 points

At the very least I will definitely concede that it certainly isn't bad.

It kept my interest throughout, even if there were a number of times where I felt myself being pulled out and going 'where the fuck is this going??'

Beyond that I can 100% see how it was incredibly groundbreaking for it's time. So many stories have clearly pulled from it since it came out that I think some of the impact has been muted for me.

But I still feel like the ending was wonky and poorly executed. It didn't leave me with deep questions so much as 'what the fuck just happened'.

Maur2 1 point

I would just like to point out that the movie was composed of the first and last books of a series. They entirely left Akira out of the movie.

It makes more sense with the middle.

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BSRussell 37 points

That's idiotic. Light's doctrine would only make sense to him, a hyper arrogant teenager. Dude is straight up evil and starts killing off innocents like 3 episodes in.

Maur2 16 points

Doesn't even make sense to himself. When he lost his memories he thought Kira was as monstrous as everyone else did.

Vanquisher1000 11 points

There wasn't a joke, was there? From what I remember, the Other said that to challenge humans was to court death, and he just turned around and smiled.

Maur2 2 points

That was the joke.

Maur2 commented on a post in r/magicTCG
Black-Mettle 12 points

Okay so I found an extremely old thread about it and apparently nothing happened. He woke up for the mazerunning and got slapped by a big tree and then went back to sleep.

Rakdos, the biggest monster on Ravnica, lord of riots and the defiler, was beat by a tree hitting him too hard. I thought the point of Rakdos was a last resort contingency when the plane gets attacked and Selesnya just has that covered without needing to worry about it killing everyone else. God I hope RtR gets retconned with this set.

Maur2 19 points

He wasn't beaten, he just didn't feel up to dealing with that stuff. Think about it, you wake up after a decade long nap, and someone hits you with a tree.

Wouldn't you just want to go back to bed?


Maur2 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
matroid21 1 point

That’s true. But the problem I have is that a super saiyan shouldn’t be able to use the spirit bomb. In order to wield it, you have to be pure of heart, and super saiyan is essentially saiyan’s embracing their lust for battle, preventing them from being pure of heart in that form. So why is Goku able to form a spirit bomb and then absorb it, when it is specifically designed to destroy evil, in his super saiyan form? It should have killed him.

Maur2 1 point

The trigger for SSJ is anger and being pure of heart after getting to a certain power level. (I believe Toriyama said Vegeta could do it since his heart was pure evil at the time. Heart just needs to be pure, doesn't matter what kind of pure.)

SSJ forms have used the Spirit Bomb in canon. In the fight against Kid Buu, Goku used the Spirit Bomb and went SSJ3 to help push it into Buu.

Maur2 commented on a post in r/anime
Wolfzun 2 points

I'm watching it rn, and they've referred to him as male at least more than 5 times.

Maur2 1 point

Okay, I just never caught that.

Trace500 16 points

I mean, they never bring it up because he's not a girl, so there's nothing to resolve. But I definitely thought it was going to be a big twist eventually.

Maur2 0 points

I mean, Kurapika does look androgynous, and I didn't remember any part where they specifically said boy or girl for him. I just figured it didn't matter and was just curious if they ever did bring it up.

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Maur2 commented on a post in r/dresdenfiles
grogleberry 7 points

Yeah, Harry makes plenty of cash.

Given that he buys loads of wacky shit like uranium, svartalf-built magic circles and such, it's not too hard to imagine him burning through what would be an upper-middleclass single person income to the extent where he's only just about making ends meet.

Of course, those should probably be classed as business expenses so he should be able to get tax relief for that. But as far as I know, tax is all self-reported in the US, so maybe he's not getting back what he should be, because sometimes he's lazy and doesn't want to bother pursuing it.

Another issue is how unreliable his income is, so he'll be scraping together rent one month, and get 20k the next, which he'll mostly blow on stuff for his lab and not save it to pay for regular expenses the next time he's short.

I wonder how long his diamond haul will last.

"I really needed this double ringed magic circle made of dinosaur fossil and gold alloy - just in case I need to summon an arch demon or an old god shows up"

Maur2 5 points

Of course, those should probably be classed as business expenses so he should be able to get tax relief for that. But as far as I know, tax is all self-reported in the US, so maybe he's not getting back what he should be, because sometimes he's lazy and doesn't want to bother pursuing it.

I think he also doesn't want to report to the US Government how he is stockpiling fissionable materials and illegal animal parts...

Maur2 commented on a post in r/dresdenfiles
killking72 1 point

he's killed every Knight that ever fought him

I dont think that really counts seeing as the only time in the past a knight would fight him would be at a major disadvantage.

Just a stand up fight I betcha most of those knights would've won.

Maur2 1 point

Some of them might have won and Nick just erased those records.

Maur2 commented on a post in r/EDH
rusty_anvile 6 points

Helm of the host costs a bit to much without it being part of a combo, I use it on 2 decks omnath locus of rage because getting 10/10 in stats for a land is dumb as well as when any elementals die getting 6 damage in, but the mana cost doesn't really matter because I'm ramping up so much. I also use it in a [[rubinia, soulsinger]] deck where I'm trying to either form a combo or slow the game down anyway, plus if I can get out a sac outlet and helm before casting [[dovescape]] then I'm just in control of the game until someone hits a rec sage or similar but even then I have 20 of my commander ready to take all your creatures and a full hand of disruption and draw I didn't use because I just took other peoples birds to live

Maur2 1 point

I use it in my Rhys deck, because when Rhys is doubling the number of Rhys you control the game slows way down while you have to pull out a calculator.

philosifer 20 points

i only play it in one deck and that is my [[vial smasher]] deck. it lets me cast big x spell sorceries on my opponents turns, but really is only relevant when my opponents let [[seedborn muse]] stick around. at that point ive kinda already won anyways.

Maur2 1 point

I don't run Veldaken Orrey in all my decks, but when I do my commander says "when you cast" and "once per turn".

Maur2 commented on a post in r/magicTCG
SirBlakesalot 43 points

That level of magnificent flavor reminds me of my favorite enchantment, [[Raised by wolves]]

I'd put it on [[lumberknot]] just so I could tell my opponents:

"Hey, I just want you to know that this tree was raised by wolves."


Maur2 15 points

I liked how in limited you could enchant a wolf with it.

"This wolf was raised by wolves. That is why it is stronger than other wolves, because its parents actually cared."

Maur2 commented on a post in r/magicTCG
NobleCuriosity3 2 points

Here you go. That said, the cat thing was really just a single line in that story. It got a lot of attention though after some people did fanart of Chandra with a lap full of cats.

Maur2 4 points

I remember when they showed Ajani was showing up in that set, people joked he was on a mission to find the perfect lap.

Maur2 commented on a post in r/magicTCG
redweevil 1 point

The problem with this in limited is that while sometimes you will end up 3 colours, you probably don't want to be. Also while a 3 mana 3/3 that can either sacrifice itself to bolt or nearly sacrifice to Shock is fine, it's worse than most uncommons revealed so far.

In 5 colour it can be a lot stronger but it's so obscenely slow and your playing 5 colour.

Maur2 3 points

Counterpoint, this is Ravnica. Three to five color will be a thing.

Maur2 commented on a post in r/magicTCG
Maur2 12 points

Last week I played a draft of M19. I was on BG and had a decent draw engine going with [[Colossal Majesty]]. One game, I kept drawing lands or getting my creatures blown up. It came down to me with no cards in deck and only two life. I did the one thing I could to keep my opponent from killing me.

I cast [[Liliana's Contract]].

Maur2 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Bradifi3d 86 points

If a woman is always right, and a man is always wrong, what happens if a man says that his wife is right?

Maur2 12 points

He is wrong, but for the right reasons.

AlsoOneLastThing 7 points

You have it backwards. World poverty has been decreasing over the past century

Maur2 10 points

The comment you replied to didn't say anything about poverty, only the relative wealth of people.

Maur2 commented on a post in r/magicTCG
Kopfnusskloopfer 29 points

There were alot of Storys that this card was broken in Draft: In game two, people sided out their whole Deck and sided in 40 Forests and Lost in the Woods, so they hoped that their opponent milled out and coudn't deal any combat damage.

Maur2 3 points

I heard that deck got second place in a big tournament. Only losing out to someone who sided in Naturalize.

SmartAlecShagoth 8 points

Anything is possible, though that makes Karona a 7/7 attacking you or you just don't buff your avatars. The tribe I sadly see the most of is god tribal. You know, the most anti synergistic tribe where most the creatures are rarely creatures and rarely can attack or block? SOmething integral to the Karona strategy when Karona attacks you and you need to block her with one of your pumped creatures?

I like janky decks as much as the next guy... but even I have a limit. /endtangentialrant

Maur2 2 points

I play god tribal.

Though it is more of a legendary/wrath tribal....

Still fun.

Maur2 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
TaibhseCait 1 point

I...always just assumed bunny was the cutesy or "baby word" name for a rabbit (of any type) like kitty for cat?

Maur2 2 points

Kitty is derived from kitten. So a kitty-cat would be a young or small cat (or a cat that looks young).

Though I am just being pedantic here. Use the words as you see fit.

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