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For real. Look at fights they have stopped because of illegal blows, mousasi/weidman and Alvarez/poirier. Then this mother fucker turns around and wins it after an illegal knee.

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Moose wasn't an illegal knee though. But your point is correct

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Please the smell is killing me and the person in front of me put his chair way back. I have to fly 13 hours at least

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Only doing what other teams do to us

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"Somebody threw a brick through my window so I am throwing one through my neighbours cause I'm allowed to do so now"

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And it's deleted. Fuck these mods.

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Yup pathetic

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They only TRIED, not SCORED?

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They were called back by the ref

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Engeland tried to score during the Croatian celebrations according to the Dutch commentator

Krav also focuses on moves that simultaneously defend and attack.

One method for a central knife thrust that we learned was to parry with the left forearm to redirect the knife to the right and step towards the attacker while readying a right cross.

Then simultaneously deliver the cross while grabbing the attacker's forearm with your left.

While he's stunned from the cross you have like 0.01 second to use your right hand to clasp his knife wielding hand and maintain control of his arm and wrist with your left hand.

Then you can twist his arm and deliver combatives and perform any sort of disarm that you know. Anyway, that's just one way we learned.

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Never ever grab the arm/hand that is wielding a knife. A backwards pulling motion is way way stronger then the force that you can hold the hand with. Grabbing the hand used to be in the krav maga system but is has been out of it for a while now.

EDIT: the "new" way is to control the arm by locking it under the pit of your own arm. Check out vids of Itay Gil on YouTube, I think he is the best one out there.

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And you have to be careful about training to fight against groups too much as well. If you spend all your time fighting gangs, for local charities, that kind of thing, you can easily end up getting winded in a normal fight. You see, you use different moves when you're fighting half a dozen people than when you only have to be worried about one.

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You can be way more passive when fighting one person vs multiple. When fighting multiple persons you constantly have to reposition yourself so that only one opponent is between you and the group.


You keep saying that but the word does not mean what you think it does

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When have I actually said that before? Also I know what it means and I was just taking the piss because all the comments are the same on every goal thead. BANGER, Its coming home ect.

Luck is on Belgiums side. I think a lot of refs would've given the pen.

What? No they weren't. Pique didn't hold him once.

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I was speaking about Ramos and the Russian defender. I think that's where the ref and VAR focussed on aswell

You barely even see the Ramos tussle why would you be speaking about that? The replay is clearly focussed on the Pique incident.

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In this replay you don't see it but in they did focus on that much more during the match.

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Red Bull gives you wings, but the Red Bull Ring takes them away..

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Haven't seen that said before this weekend...

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Crazy that Big Rigg at one point looked like he could have been a long reigning champ especially after the GSP fight. How times change.

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I have no idea how he could've gotten so much worse in such a short timejust kidding its usada

He couldn’t cut weight the way he used to, everyone jumps on Hendricks for usada and thinks he was taking everything under the sun, I think his ability to cut weight and not be super drained had a huge affect.

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But he still looked bad at 185

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21 October 2007 is 3901 days ago. The date was correct when I made the post to r/KimiRaikkonen. I thought it was best not to post right after the France Race.

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You juicy little karmawhore ;)

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