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Showtime barber James is great, and an awesome dude. Sometimes he’s booked a week out. And a reasonable price, like $22.

I go to Dr. Maloney on Troy Schenectady road. Everyone there is insanely nice, they even send out birthday cards for your birthday. I’ve never had a legitimate tooth problem though, only go there for cleanings at this point.


Went there for grad school. Between undergrad and grad school I went to three colleges, and UAlbany was my least favorite by far. So many classes taught by professors who had great educational backgrounds, but no practical knowledge of what my profession is really like. As a result the majority of my classes felt like wastes of time. That could have just been my program, but I do believe UAlbany has the worst academic reputation of the three schools you mentioned.

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I think you are right in general. I have taken two classes at ualbany, one was a waste of time and the other was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Both in the math department. I think for most majors Buffalo/Binghamton is better, but harder.

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Research Research Research. If I were you I’d just go online and learn as much as I possible can about everything related to it, then make a decision.

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This is extremely important. Maybe even look for people on reddit for help (which is what you are doing right now I suppose). I distinctly remember reading about how hard it is to actually get a job with a zoology degree. Not saying you shouldn’t follow your dreams, but getting advice from people who have gone on similar paths will help prep you or prevent you from making some mistakes that will cost you time and money.

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I would recommend “the gym”. Pretty sure it has everything you asked. Open 24/7 all year round.

More info:

Never too busy (may change once college is in session). I think they have around 5 squat racks, plenty of pull up bars and dumbbells I want to say up to 100 but I’m not completely sure on that. There are 2-3 bathrooms each with their own shower. Definitely not the cleanest gym I’ve been to, but it’s not terrible. I haven’t been in a while so I may not be the best person to ask.

You can probably go visit and take a tour. If you pay monthly it’s $30/month with a $35 starting fee. I think there are cheaper packages if you buy longer

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One of the best gyms I've ever used.

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Yea very true, the gym is a very solid gym that this area needs. I personally don’t do it, it was more just an observation. I edited my comment, thanks for the comment.

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Maybe try Cornell community sailing (Merrill family sailing center)?

Hello everyone,

I am a 20 year old college student with currently 20k savings. I am currently working an internship where I expect to end the summer with around $30k savings.

So, I am currently in college, but I have a scholarship that pays for everything, including food. So I will have effectively no expenses this next year and I will have no debt. I plan to probably join the workforce pretty quickly after graduating and expect to start off making $60k-70k/year in a small city/not too expensive area. I also don’t have much in bills, my family pays for my gas, car insurance, health insurance. All I pay for is food, clothes, recreation, etc but I don’t spend much on that.

I currently have $20k in savings and $1.5k in crypto that I grew from ~1k. My goal here is to find the safest way to grow the 20k in savings near potentially 5% a year, and to further contribute to in the future (I honestly don’t know if this is a high or low percentage for a safe investment). I would be ok with using 1-2k in a higher risk investment as well. I have very limited knowledge of investing, I briefly used robinhood a year or two ago to buy a couple stocks which I ended up selling after a couple months.

Thanks for any help!

Out of curiosity, what field are you looking to get into to get $60-70k per year while not in a major city?

There are certainly jobs that net you that kind of starting salary, but most of them are in high cost of living areas from what I understand. That could factor into scenario analysis for your plans.

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Currently my internship is in optical engineering and they are paying me $26/hr. And the company usually hires their interns. I know it’s not a guaranteed job, but I think it’s pretty likely if I were to apply. Rent around here is around $600/month. Most semiconductor related jobs will start you off 50-60k a year, and majority of them are located just outside of smaller cities with manageable rent.

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I’m 20 years old with around ~20k savings and would like to hear what you guys think is the best to do with that money. I have no debts, and I have ~2k in crypto that I grew from 1k. Other than that, I just have 20k in savings, which I feel like is a complete waste, as I could be growing it further. I don’t want to put any more into crypto, as it’s way too risky.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Edit: I should mention that I still have a year left of school, and my school pays for my housing, food, etc.


Down payment on a house is pretty reasonable

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Thank you very much for the reply, I should mention that I still have a year left of college. My school pays for my housing, so that isn’t something I’d have to worry about for at least another year.

Do you plan on living in a building in a year?

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It would probably depend on where I get a job. Eventually getting a house is definitely on my radar, but I’d have to settle into an area first before I make any decisions like that. Also, if I stay in my hometown, my parents will let me live at home if need be.

Ethan says nobody is getting an apology from him, yet he apologizes in the title of the video.

What even is sarcasm

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Oh, I didn’t really see the title as sarcasm, but I could kinda see that now.

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!Remind me 3 months

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Wow only down 85%, not bad man. I woulda thought 95%+


Hello everyone,

I have absolutely no idea the first thing about graphics cards, so I was hoping I could get some good information here. I have a lenovo t540p laptop (was gifted to me), that currently uses an intel hd graphics 4600 card. I have no idea what that really means, if its good or bad. My goal is to play fortnite at a decent fps, is upgrading a graphics card the way to achieve this? From what I understand I want a card with high bandwith. Would a $100 graphics card be any better than the current graphics card I have?

Thank you!


I made a presentation in graphics cards and how they work including branding/pricing and what you should look for in one for school, when i get home I’ll dm you a link

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

Awesome, thank you so much!

The others already answered on the "can I upgrade" part.

I'll answer to "what the hell is the Intel HD 4600". While this is a "graphics card" in the sense that it processes graphics, it's the integrated graphics chip that's part of your CPU, that Intel bundles with it.
Its purpose it to be a low-power chip that will display graphics and handle very lightweight GPU-accelerated tasks (decoding a video for example). It's generally far weaker than a dedicated graphics circuit with its own memory, though of course there are some that are very weak too.

It's certainly not built with gaming performance in mind in any case, and as such will run 3D games with extremely poor performance on the lowest settings and at very low resolution. You can certainly play some very old 3D games or some 2D pixel-art games with it, though.

Since this is all what some people have, they still try to run 3D games with those integrated graphics chip, so you can have an idea of the performance it'll get in Fortnite, for example. Though for whatever reason, Intel used the same name for the iGPU of their desktop and laptop CPUs for the 4th gen, so googling/Youtubing for "Intel HD 4600 Fortnite" returns results mostly for desktop CPUs, in which the iGPU is far better.

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Original Poster3 points · 6 months ago

Wow, thank you very much for this response. Is there a good resource for someone who knows literally 0 about computer/laptop hardware to learn more. I feel like it’s fairly important knowledge to have.

Thank you again.

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Aspen heights/block 75 usually have a lot of students trying to sublease their apartments during summer. It’s usually 1.1k/month, but some of them are desperate to sublet and will go a bit lower.

Is this an official loopring video? How can they claim that trading will be faster. Trading on a centralized exchange is nearly instant, trading through a decentralized protocol relies on the blockchain it is operating on. For ethereum, it will not beat the trading times of most centralized exchanges. Everything else in the videos looks great, but that seems a little misleading.

You have to send your coins to the centralized wallet before you can trade, in the case of Bitcoin around an hour.

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Yea but each trade in the exchange is instant, which is important to a lot of people. Not the same for loopring

This video is not available

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Are you using the reddit mobile app? I’ve been having problems playing videos at times on the app.

That sounds like an absolutely awful way to live

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This also helps with drowsiness during the day. I’ll have my window of eating after my classes, now I rarely fall asleep in class. I’ve found eating lunch then going to class can knock me out if the class isn’t interesting. It also helps me eat healthier, as I used to snack on absolute shit at night, but now I just don’t eat at night.

If you are interested, you can start with an 8 hour eating period 16 hour fasting period, and see if it’s the thing for you. I judged my friends for doing it, but decided to give it a try and I love it.

And like another commenter said, it’s not the end of the word if you break a fast to be social or something. You can pick it right back up.

And that is why you left and that’s ok. Their PR is not going to be their legacy, and that is why I stay.

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Great point, that’s why I hope to buy back in later at some point once this blows over. PR is important though and walton’s doesn’t reflect well on the team.

I’m a big walton fan, but maybe a lot/most of the “fud” is well deserved. Two days after their twitter snafu, which put a bad taste in most everybody’s mouth, they announce a huge partnership. Then a day later, after hardcore Walton fans made a fool of themselves talking Walton up, they delete their partnership tweet possibly topping how bad they looked with the giveaway. I sold my Walton immediately after they deleted that tweet, I may or may not buy back in later.

It’s important to take off the rose tinted glasses and look at the project you are invested in. I still believe in the idea, but something funky is going on with their team, at least their PR team.

Look at my post history, do a search for V whatever the fuck that is, I literally have no clue what that coin is. I own 466 walton.

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Completely with you. I love Walton as well, but Jesus, this past week has not been good for Walton. This sub needs to stop blaming it on fud and just take the small loss for now, hopefully we will get some good answers from the ama.

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This is what gives crypto a bad rep

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Making a deal with alibaba to bring real life solutions brings crypto a bad rep? Walton is obviously terrible with western PR, but I’m pretty sure this recent deal cements themselves as a legitimate project, if the other multiple partnerships/deals didn’t already.

So about that deal with alibaba..

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Yea lol thanks, I sold at 21 after that. Oh well... may buy in later.

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