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Martin recommends high reps now? That shocks me.

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He goes where the science points and science points towards high reps being safer and better for strength for ordinary gym goers.

It's a marathon, if we can get the same gains in 11 years instead of 10 but minimize the injury risk by tenfold, then that's the path one should take :).

Can you suggest some titles of good strength training books you are referring to?

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Beyond Brawn. Only book you'll ever need on the subject.

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Doesn't matter over time, the increase of hormones is acute, meaning it goes back to base levels pretty quickly, and it's been measured in labs and nobody really knows the exact effects it has on the body.

The answer to your question is, eat whenever it feels best for you and you can adhere to it over time.

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doing -15% from monday top set and you can do 10x5 you aint going heavy on monday.

exactly my thoughts after today's 1st set of these AMSAP. i should try pushing more on bench next session and see what i can manage. thanks again

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Just increase the weight slowly. Don't try to find your max right away. Let it take time, as long as you're within 7-8 RPE you're golden.

Your questions depends on your goals. Is your goal to become stronger over a long time then yes the RPT program Martin advocates is enough.

Is your goal to become a bodybuilder and you don't really care that much about strength but more about aesthetics? Then yes Martin's RPT will work to a certain degree but with time more volume and specialization routines will be needed.

Is your goal to become a powerlifter? Then no, Martin's RPT won't do it. To low volume to learn the correct motor patterns. And additional exercises are needed for the stability and minimizing injuries.

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

My goal is more aesthetics than anything. I figured that was the whole point of lean gains?

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Not really, leangains is just a kind of diet, or lifestyle if you'd like to call it that.

It's used by powerlifters, bodybuilders, general population etc etc to lose fat.

If you're a beginner just do the RPT training for a few years to gain strength and after that switch to PPLx2 or PHUL.

Having bulked on LG as prescribed by the Khan, protein basically stays the same net-net, whether gaining or losing. That is just how the math worked for me, anyway. In neither case was it 4g/kg. That number/ratio is not in the book.

Closer to 3g/kg. (80kg, 240-250g/protein). But try telling that to some of the yahoos here.

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Yeah, the studies made in the subject all advocate around 3g/kg/d whilst cutting. No downsides eating as much whilst bulking even if the studies didn't show any significant increase during a bulk.

I'm not sure what the book says about protein intake, but 4g/kg does sound strange. I have a hard time believing Martin just pulled some number from the air which he can't back up by studies. Unless he just wants people to eat that much protein cause it makes it easier to keep the rest of the diet in check, due to the saturation of protein.

I'm actually unclear as to where this 4g/kg number is coming from.

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2 points · 1 day ago

The Q/A apparently :). Just saw the edited comment by OP. So yeah if the general recommendation is to eat 50-60% of your calories in the form of protein you'll easily get 4 g/kg/d. Depending on how much you weigh.

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Original Poster-3 points · 2 days ago

Because I don't break out the pitch forks? Because it's complimentary? The hate on this sub is off the charts.

Literally showing results from following the advice in the book = sales pitch. Because it works?

I guess I should have been like "book sux. I got great results but meh." = Great review!

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2 points · 2 days ago · edited 1 day ago

It looks like an ad due to the way it's written. The entire "is this you?" / "have you also tried this?" parts are typical of internet fitness ads.

The entire "this is the LGM!" and "this is not the LGM" parts also look like sales pitches.

Original Poster0 points · 1 day ago

Not being sarcastic: it was my mistake to assume that readers on this sub would care to see results and get details from someone who actually read the diet, practiced it, and got results—pitch aside.

The reality is that _most_ people on the planet have no clue, whatsoever, about Leangains. The intended audience is _not_ the astute readers of Leangains per se. That said, even as someone who has had two custom plans from Martin and followed Leangains for years, it wasn't until I read the book that things made sense to me in total.

But that'll get totally lost on this audience full of cynics.

My mistake for assuming otherwise (seriously).

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You asked why it seemed like an ad and that's just what I replied to :).

Beyond Brawn.. Not brown :)

If it's enough resistance for you then sure. Most likely it isn't.

You want to do some sort of high resistance muscle training to mitigate muscle loss over time when on a cut. And after a few years of working out, doing a solid progression based program, one tends to get to strong for so please bodyweight / band workouts (bar chins and to some extent dips).

Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

Thanks. Some of the exercises are pretty high rep stuff...the bands are a bit strange in that theyre hard to do low rep stuff with...

I have been toying with the idea of getting those adjustable dumbbells and a bench but its pricey. Maybe if i ate at maintenance calories and went recomp that would work? Just kind of exploring ideas.

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You don't really need a bench if you're thinking about bench pressing. You can as easily do it from the floor and just have a lower range of motion. Some people do that so their elbows won't get to low to

Just bands won't probably cut it, but there are bodyweight exercises that are more difficult than others, pull ups, different sort of dips, squats with some added weight and such. I don't think the band's will be detrimental or anything but I strongly think you're too strong for the band's to be anything else than some sort of pump training.

I haven't read any studies or such based on bands but I can look around and see if there is anything regarding "low resistance training and muscle retention during a cut".

-2 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

I’m interested about the “no negative effects” of going over extreme amounts of protein. This guy is well educated and you’d think he would know about this.

For one, too much protein stresses your kidneys a lot.

Also, I shared this video on another sub. Care if I quote your TL;DW?

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Too much protein does not stress your kidneys at all. Here are three studies that looks into just that. So apparently the guy is well educated and did know much about the subject.

TLDR: high protein intake has no negative effect on your kidney.

Thanks for replying, and citing your sources.

I’ll have to dig around to see if I can find my source for too much protein stressing kidneys.

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Do so, I'm very interested in reading them if they are peer-reviewed studies.

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Original Poster472 points · 3 days ago

Hahaha no, they treat us great. I did have a little girl come up to me once and ask where the house elves were. When I told her we didn’t have any she got sad and took out a sock from her pocket. She said she wanted to find one and give it to them. She then handed it to me cause I was the closest thing to a house elf lmao

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So, are you a free elf now? And what are you planning to do with your new found freedom?

793 points · 4 days ago

I get "estuprador", which is Portuguese for rapist. I have no idea why it is in Portuguese, I'm Australian by the way.

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This guy Googles Portuguese porn.

You should go all in in a lean bulk.

Judging by your pictures you have a decent single digit body fat percentage. You could easily bulk from your current bf% to st least 5 points up without noticing major differences, fat wise, on your body.

If I'd have to guess I'd say you're around 8% bf so bulking to 12-13% won't be such a disaster and it's easy to cut down again. Ideally one would want to be around 10%bf and bulk to around 15% and then cut back to 10%. Lyle McDonald have some pretty good articles regarding this.

So what is a lean bulk you'd probably ask? It's a bulk containing good solid food, lean protein, rice, potatoes, good fats.. You get the idea. Whilst being on a 200+ caloric surplus daily.

-2 points · 4 days ago

Have you checked out any articles about gaining weight? I think bulking is the wrong term, you want to eat in a caloric surplus to gain weight so focus on finding that caloric surplus and maintain it consistently! There are several ways of calculating your caloric surplus so you can use that as a base line and adjust it according to your goals and needs!

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You just literally described the word bulk...

It's probably going to be filled with all recent (by recent I mean last 6-7 years or so) of studies which proves his point. That high protein (3g/1kg lbm) diets are the cream of the crop.

one of his friends already read it and is helping him market it, lot of hype and good info, EAA's instead of BCAA's is a big one, if you consider that new.

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It's not :). EAA got popular about 14-16 years ago (can't remember the exact age) in the gyms. The problem was it tasted kind of like what you'd expect ass juice would taste like.

Original Poster0 points · 6 days ago

Great read. Does Martin support feeding windows like 3-5 hours?

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If you can eat all your calories and macro nutrients within those 3-5 hours then go ahead.

The longer you fast the better basically, up towards a certain point but that point is around 30 hours. So everything you until 30 hours is fine. After that you'd probably see a major increase in muscle catabolism.

Original Poster0 points · 5 days ago

Then why isn't this showing in my physique ? :( 'The longer you fast, the better'

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Because fasting is not synonymous with fat loss. There are additional health benefits to fasting. You're not going to lose fat faster cause you fast longer. If your only goal is to lose fat then keep the fast to 16 hours, that's more than enough to ensure your insulin and RQ (respiratory coefficient) have reach low enough levels for fat loss to occur.

When it comes to losing fat it's still a matter of maintaining caloric deficit over time. The diet that you can adhere to best is the one you'll lose most fat on.

Some people prefer leangains, some prefer eat stop eat and other prefer to just eat all day long and keep a caloric deficit. Enough studies show that it doesn't matter which one you do. Just chose one and stick to it.

So if you have problem losing fat at a high enough rate, change something with your diet. You're doing it wrong.

Giving my wife 3 food options with 4 on my mind, and if she doesn't pick from those 3, automatically going to the 4th without saying anything. Not sure if that counts but damn is it useful.

I also tell her the opposite of whatever I want when she gives me 2 options because I know shes gonna pick the other (i.e "What should I wear?" -shows me 2 dresses-).

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Ah the good old "buy the fourth hidden option". Works everytime!

Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

Well it's nothing serious what's going on there, it's just that I have to wait > 1 year for it to become resolved (surgery). So a pause right now won't affect my health much later on.

Would it really be ideal to bulk? I mean, isn't the consensus that with > 15 % BF one should not bulk (long)? And because I don't wanna cut aggressively I came up with the body recomp idea.

Yeah, RPE 8-9 sounds like a good approach to that. Thanks a lot!

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Oh OK, sounded like you had some serious health issue!

I don't think you've 15%, more like 10% so in your case I'd say a bulk is fine. But it's as you say, a generally good approach is to bulk to 15% and then cut to 10% and repeat.

Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

No, I'm alright, just have to start a bit more careful now, but there's no risk or anything :)

10%, really? Personally, I don't think that's possible - I carry way more fat than, say, 1 year ago, so I was ~ 8% back then? Seems a bit odd to me - but we'll, can't be too sure.

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You have zero love handles, your obligues are showing and there is a clear distinction of the abs, this with the fact that you aren't that muscular, ie you don't have big abs, I'd say it's more like 10. At most 12. Either way, you're good to go for a clean bulk :)

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12 points · 7 days ago

can I wait with eating a few hours after my workout?:

There was a recent study done on clean (ie not using steroids) Muslim body builders during Ramadan.

One group didn't eat anything at all until it was allowed (upwards to 6-8 hours after the workout). The other group ate prior to the workout.

The result was that both groups gained the same amount of muscle mass (of course equated over the two groups, some people added more and some less due to genetics and such). And both groups kept the same amount of muscle mass.

Meaning it didn't matter if they ate directly after or not. It's the total daily intake that matters.

why BCAA have started to be not recommended:

Due to the fact that it only contains three of the essential amino acids. And those alone do nothing for building muscles. So the body needs to add the other six and there is a theory (due to some studies) that the body enters a catabolic state in order to release the other amino acids needed. Which in the end might be detrimental for the training.

Now this was if you're fasting. If you're not fasting it's just really expensive protein which isn't even that good, due to it missing six essential amino acids.

May I ask where you found this info on BCAAs?

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I take it you refer to the catabolic part:

Sometimes weight loss stalls, more than often due to water retention. Keep at it. If it's still stalling after two weeks increase the deficit for a while before lowering it to 500 again.

Also, it doesn't seem like you have much of a developed abs yet, so in your case reaching your weight goal might not result in the six pack you're yearning for. I'd just go for 10% body fat if I were you and then bulk and focus on building muscle.

I was looking around the sub for program suggestions haha . Yeah I guess 10 weeks of heavy lifting takes a toll

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It does :p. But I haven't been doing this bodybuilding style all the time, I was a powerlifter before but switched due to the high risk of injuries and also not having enough time to do the training necessary for powerlifting. So those years really took its toll on my body.

Touche, looking good naked> lifting heavy shit. Have you been lifting for a long time ? I need some suggestions on programs to build some muscle . I was thinkng 531 FSL3x6-8 then BBB for the oppisite lift

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Actually you look pretty good naked as a powerlifter as well. You might be thinking of the guys weighing 110+ that are just fat.

But all weight classes around and below 80 is filled with ripped guys and girls. The person showing up to a meet or competition weighing near weight limit with 6-8% body fat will always beat the person showing up with 20% body fat.

Depending on how many days you have I'd say PPLx2. Or uppee/lower push pull legs if you only have five days per week.

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I felt the same way so I divided my shoulders into the push and pull days. Had around 20 weekly sets for shoulders so I just did five sets on each push or pull day instead of 10 sets each push day.

uhannen järven maa

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