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McGrifty commented on a post in r/soccer
TheZilloBeast 30 points

They are completely different players though :O

McGrifty -9 points

Neymar should've never been in the discussion to begin with

McGrifty commented on a post in r/pics
Paul_Hollyberry 1 point

It probably means they visited a bunch of countries in Africa. It's like when you visited a bunch of European countries, you say "last summer I went to Europe" instead of listing them all off

McGrifty 2 points

No one's asking OP to list them all

McGrifty commented on a post in r/soccer
Wally450 -5 points

Wouldn't it be 'or' instead of and?

McGrifty 3 points


tossino 1 point

And Brozovic

McGrifty 1 point

let us have one

McGrifty commented on a post in r/reddevils
kamz87 111 points

Where's the dude we do we undo that...

McGrifty 9 points

He was chatting so much shit. I'll place my money on the fact that yes he did know about Kohler but he used that inside knowledge to make it seem like he knew something extraordinary about the club signing a star.

McGrifty commented on a post in r/soccer
Nocturnall 9 points

No, we were 1 goal ahead and we didn't waste time like France did

McGrifty -6 points

yeah well you're out, don't like talking hypotheticals

doorknobman 6 points

you, in one comment: You would've

in the next: don't like talking hypotheticals

fucking idiot

McGrifty 0 points

Crazy how mbappe has raised everyone's blood pressure

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McGrifty commented on a post in r/reddevils
TheJoshider10 16 points

To be fair though we don't know what it's like behind the scenes. He's vocal on the pitch and maybe in the dressing room he's one of the key figures, especially with his experience.

I agree I dont really see him as captsin myself. But he's been picked for a reason.

McGrifty 0 points

Seniority more than anything

McGrifty commented on a post in r/soccer
bellerinho -160 points

Haha guys get it? It's because Neymar rolls around on the field! Haha! XDD

McGrifty 91 points

Which part of the spectrum are you on

bellerinho -46 points

No haha I don't think you understand! It's funny because NEYMAR DIVES hahaha! That's why they're rolling around! It's very hilarious and original! Haha! Lol!

McGrifty 11 points

Fuck up

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