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There's this new thing called beef milk.

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I was scrolling for this comment hahaha

Shout out to the poor souls who have to work Saturday and don't get to enjoy the three day weekend, we'll be thinking of you

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This is very kind of you and much appreciated. I do get a day in leiu, so it's not all bad.

I had to say goodbye to my orange/white long-haired boy early this morning. He had a blood clot that came out of nowhere. Hug your little guy close and let him know that he's a good boy too. :')

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Original Poster7 points · 3 months ago

I'm so sorry about your kitty. I don't live with Ra anymore, so I give him lots of snuggles whenever I can.

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Yeah he's scrappy as hell. Big territory!

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If by dribbly you mean drooling, please have him checked out. It often means they're unable to eat properly.

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We took him to the vets about and he's checked out okay - he happily eats away 😊

Hello does anyone have recommendations for where to find high quality metal piercings? I need a new nose ring but the ones I've had before irritated the piercing.

Ninja Flower had some beautiful pieces when I visited last week. I'm checking out Flesh Wound this week as I continue my search.

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Ahh how could I forget about them! Thank you

I picture you singing "a whole new world" in this video 😍

Haha I just got back from China so it's nice to see air back in the green. It was up around 150-200 most days where I was.

very cool. I like all the unique pots

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Original Poster2 points · 4 months ago

That's what made me stop was all the different pots!

Where in Beijing was this?

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Original Poster4 points · 4 months ago

Nanluoguxiang street markets!

A really good, loud belly laugh with someone you love.

Original Poster1.6k points · 5 months ago

I guess I’ll share my story. Hopefully my family, or him for that matter, won’t see this... Its been a tricky situation. Every time he started acting jealous I’d do everything I could to show him I was trust worthy. When he acted jealous or ridiculous we’d fight about it, but I’d always apologize or he would. Our fights were rough but they never lasted more than three hours before we came to our senses and apologized.

But It got to the point where I hung out with one other person, besides my family, the whole time we were together. It was very lonely and stressful getting told I was acting suspicious for little things like staring at someone to many times (usually three), or if I wanted to spend time alone on a walk up the street it would be suspicious, if I wore make up he’d be frustrated because he should be the only person I want to impress, we were in Vegas once and these two drunk gals came up to me and told me I was pretty, and he was certain they were hookers because they wouldn’t just say something like that unless they wanted something... Tons of things like that.

So I stopped wearing make up, going out, and became more of a home body. I was a very outgoing person, I enjoyed meeting new people and listening to their stories, and I found that part of me gone. I battled with depression for a while and I finally learned to love myself, before I met him, and I found myself going back to that depressed state. Granted, he helped me stay happy for a while. I’ve never laughed with anyone more in my entire life. I love that man more than anything but I was scared that loving him would cost that love for me I worked so hard to get.

Our sex life went down hill, I was having a hard time feeling romantic towards him, and I still do. I have a bit of a promiscuous past, (and I won’t discuss that on here, I tried once and reddit can be a dark and hurtful place) and that really got to him because he always thought about how what we have was already shared with so many other people. His facial expressions are so easy for me to read, I’d know he was upset after we made love, so I’d bring it up and I guess I can be hot headed at times, and we would fight. It was something I couldn’t change or fix and that hurt me so badly, seeing how much it hurt him. So I ended up associating sex with negativity. I mean what kind of a relationship would it be with no sex.. it would be a friendship. And that’s not fair for him.

Plus there’s my family.. my mother doesn’t like the fellow because he smokes. When I told her it was over it she was thrilled and told me that if I did stay with him she wouldn’t have given me my “inheritance” money, which I would have relied on for our future kids college. It’s a fairly large amount and with the way things are going with the cost of education it was something important to me. And having a relationship with my mom is important to me too even though she can be a jerk sometimes, but she has done everything for her children, even if she did it wrong, and I’m very grateful and appreciative. Plus she’s my fucking mom, I love the bitch. A combination of all of it just makes it hard to get back together. Mostly the sex part.

We did go on a date a few days ago, he’s actually doing amazing, his attitude has changed, he’s losing weight, quit smoking his e-cig, I’m hoping a part of me will change to get that romance back.. but there’s also that part of me that’s scared he’ll go back to how he was. He could truly believe he’s changed and I know he has, but for how long? He always told me he’d change when we had our little fights and he did for a bit, then it was back to the jealousy and fights. There’s a part of me that still wants to try, and a part of me that is so jaded and done, I don’t want to try again just to hurt him again because I can’t get that love back. Not only would it hurt him again but it would hurt me as well. To break his heart twice would just break something inside of me that I’m scared of losing.

Edit: didn’t mean to go on such a rant! I’m spacing it out to make it easier on the eyes..

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I'm really late to the party and it may have been suggested elsewhere but try to write down everything about the break up and your reasons for it. It really helped me. When you're thinking about why you broke up because often it's easier to remember the sweet memories and nostalgia rather than the issues and the person you ended up being with.

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Bad news: Sempervivums are monocarpic so die after flowering.

Good news: there are plenty of non-flowering pups in the bowl which should continue to grow and produce pups of their own.

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Original Poster21 points · 6 months ago

Oh wow really? I'll have to keep an eye on them and see how long they last then!

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Original Poster10 points · 6 months ago

Right?! It's just hanging out outside!

That should be a crime

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Where I live, it's $15 for 20 nuggets from maccas

Does your maccas not do the $10 for 24 anymore? I noticed it had disappeared from some places. Not mine though :D

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It was $10 for 20 at one point, but I think everyone got too excited and took advantage haha

Love love love! These guys are so finicky and I always worry I'm just one mistake away from losing mine at any moment. Maybe I enjoy life on the edge?

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Original Poster3 points · 6 months ago

I know what you mean! I constantly check in on mine, probably more than is healthy lol

I’m currently struggling with mine :( I’m going to try the tray with pebbles and water advice.

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Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago

Mine definitely improved after doing this!

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Anyone know where I could get a fan for my room? Bunnings, briscoes and warehouse all sold out!

Good thinking

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Looking for a well priced clothes tailor as I have a few items I need adjusted. Preferably Wellington city but Lower Hutt is also fine!


Try a hard boiled egg sandwich if you’ve never had one. Just medium hard boiled eggs, buttered toast, English muffin or bagel, and salt/pepper/seasoning. It sounds gross but it’s amazing.

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I do this but add all kinds of ingredients! Avo, Vegemite, cheese, pickles, jalapeno etc etc.. whatever you have in the fridge.

See this is me right here. Salt, pep, just the smallest cloud of paprika to fall down onto the egg.

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Oooh paprika! I've never tried but will now

I can't use it on my Chromebook! Makes me so mad, and I don't understand how I can watch it fine on my phone but not a laptop?

Try an add-on that changes your user agent ?

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Will do! Thanks!

Croissants that you can bake in the oven and warm up. Some carved ham, cheese, maybe some other spreads and condiments. Bacon as well maybe. Let people fill their own and maybe some eggs and other nibbly things on the side like fruit and coffee etc. That's what we always have and the smell of baking croissants is heavenly!

Just moved into my perfect home a few months ago and thought I wouldn't have to move for a long time. Found out my landlord is selling the house in Feb! I am all the sad.

aw craps that sucks. Will you be able to stay as a tenant?

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They're being unhelpful about communicating with buyers about staying on, so I don't want to risk hanging around then having to move out short notice


Hello! I am looking for some recommendations for personal trainers in Wellington. It could either be in the city or in Lower Hutt/Petone area. Looking for help with weightloss and diet overhaul. TIA!

3 points · 1 year ago

I'm very fat, I'm on a medical diet so he doesn't help with that. But David at snap fitness te aro is the bee's knees. I hurt after every session. He's super helpful and just the right amount of mean

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

Do you need a membership to meet with him?


We used the standard "cauli cheese breadsticks" recipe and put all our fave low carb toppings. Oh my god so good!


Tried it once and I must say I prefer the fathead base, but I think I'll try again sometime.

But I agree with the commenter on the imgur page that cauliflower smells like dirty feet lol.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

Haven't tried fathead yet! Need to get the ingredients some time.

Comment deleted1 year ago
Original Poster2 points · 1 year ago

Yeah, your way is pretty much how we did it :) lots of oregano, salt and pepper.

5 points · 1 year ago

Your rent will be between $140-$200 on average. This is high, and the closer you are to the city/uni the higher it will be. Utilities can be quite a lot, however because you'll be here in the warmer months, you wont need to worry as much about central heating (its very rare to find a well insulated, affordable house here) Food is more expensive over here, but you can get by on around $50-80 a fortnight if you plan accordingly - theres lots of great vege markets etc :) Power/internet I would say around $15 a week if you find the right flat with priorities around saving money where possible and getting the right internet plan. I've lived in Welly for three years, and was a student for those three. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

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