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I've been wanting to try out a volatile dead poets pen build. My question is, does that compare to arc poets pen? Seems like every top poets build is an arc build. Also if I do the VD build, what class should I try it on.

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Every league feels like it should belong in the core game, but then we have a billion league mechanical all competing for spawns in maps and it becomes pretty messy

I'd agree with this sentiment if we, as a nation, can agree on what is and isn't an adult in America. If we can agree to treat all 17 year olds the same in the eyes of the court, then fine. But we can't keep treating these kids like kids, then punishing them like adults when they fuck up.

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18 is such an arbitrary age.

Waiting for my bus to go to college one morning. Saw a car crash.

At least kill the meme before you serve it to us

They should send Kanye West to the moon

Canada is weird. I go there and see their gigantic cities and get the impression it's a MUCH bigger country population-wise than it actually is. They definitely have bigger cities than you'd expect with a population of only ~35M.

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80% of the population lives within 50km of the us border.

I never pick up numbers I don't know because I 100% know that they either got the wrong number, or it's a scam call

Heres my take on it. Transgender people say people don't understand what's it's like to be trapped in the wrong body. They feel like they were born the wrong sex and only thing to fix it is to transition. What I hear them saying is," I have a mental disorder and the only way to fix is it to switch gender". Fine, perfect . Do whatever it takes for you to enjoy life. If depression is anything similar to what trans people feel like before they transition, it must be extremely hard for them to live.

Not saying people should meme about tragedies, but crying over them is next to useless

Feel like? It most definitely was, crappy English, weird Instagram name, bad humour, it smells like Indian from a mile away

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😤 that's very raycism again Indiana

Why is it always an issue of black and white. It doesnt matter what race they were. The cop committed straight up murder and should be locked up in jail

Reddit is such a fucking safe space now.

Kind of looks like a metaphor for modern day America.

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Damn this is America

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🈵🆓🈹🈹🈹🈵🈹🈵🈺🈺🈵🉐🆒🈁🉐🈳🈲🈶 😂😂

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Is that how you say free vbucks in Asian? 😤😤😤😤💪☝️

Sorry but you're the type of person who caused this crypto bubble in the first place

Only long iq high dick nibbas will understand this

I'm Out of the Loop on this, why does this Serral have so much more points? And how are they earned?

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He's won 4/4 circuit tournaments this year

A line is nothing but a stroke on the paper unless it is l i n e a r

Don't want to brag, but I did buy an item for 1c early in the league from you, so your success is based on my investment

You know that poll neversink did a week or two ago? The reason fewer redditors play HC compared to the general population is because redditors get to see the pain and heartbreak on your face in your RIP clips, and no one wants to experience that themselves. You're doing a great public service.

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I dont know about others but for me personally it's because I can't get to mapping without having 10+ deaths. So it wouldnt be very fun

I definitely could, meaning I usually only die a few times up to mapping, and often some of these are easily fixable like not using a town portal before afking to help my wife with something. However it would definitely be less fun for me, and I like to play without being stressed out

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Yea it's definitely something you can easily improve on. For me I mostly find that I die to my own impatience, because i really hate going slow when leveling.

I remember some guy saying he dropped out of college so he would have more time to actually learn by watching science channels like vsauce

This made me realize that after playing incursion for 250 hours I didn't once get a decent double corrupt that I could use on my character :(

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