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Red ring under my left nipple

I started noticing this ring under my left nipple about a week and a half ago. It hasn’t gotten any bigger or changed colors. What is this?Image

I’m a 22 year old male. 6’2” about 205 lbs. I don’t smoke. No medication

There are a hundred possibilities, ranging from nummular dermatitis and psoriasis to pityriasis rosea and tinea. There is insufficient insufficient information to narrow the diagnoses down.

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Original Poster1 point · 57 minutes ago

Should I get it checked out? I haven’t been to any exotic places recently. I drink moderately. I’m not out in the sun often. Anything other info that would help?

This has me feeling NSFW (that’s a bad compliment OP, but a compliment none the less)

Original Poster2 points · 6 days ago

What the heck kind of porn do you watch?

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Lmao I was trying to say his girlfriend is attractive, I guess that could’ve easily been misconstrued

The tile could be the entire theme song of the Teletubbies and this would still be just as metal

Bruschetta: chop onions, tomatoes, basil, some salt pepper olive oil and balsamic and put it on some nice slices of bread and bam, restaurant style appetizer.


Need help using Macros to open hyperlinks listed in a column and search within the PDF's for a specific word.

I have a column full of hyperlinks that lead to PDF's. These PDF's contain CAD Drawings that list the Finish Coat in the BOM. I would like to use Macros (or some other method) to open the hyperlinks and search for a certain word within the PDF (in this case the word is 'chrome') and then make a list of the PDF's which contain that word. Is this possible?

How many PDF files are you talking about here? If it's thousands, then yeah - you can probably do this, but it won't be easy. You'll have to be able to hook into Adobe's programming language, and I'm not even sure they have one.

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Original Poster1 point · 24 days ago

Yeah, its about 1500 I'd say. I'm pretty new to Macros and VBA and I've been trying my hardest to google-foo this project


Do you find that it feels the same as a Pro-V? I believe the Peo-V has more cores but I’m not completely sure. I’d love a cheaper golf ball


The women who signs at concerts, first going viral for Waka-Flocka and more recently at the Firefly Music Festival, most notably during Eminem’s Rap God performance.

1) When and why did you first learn American Sign Language?

2) How did you first get into signing during music performances?

3) How did you land big concerts like Waka-Flocka and The Firefly Music Festival?

4) Is there a large part of the audience that is deaf, or is this somewhat theatrical?

5) Do you find that more and more deaf people are now attending concerts with signers also performing (side question: what is your job title, ‘signers’ doesn’t sound cool enough)?


This is not metal, maybe awwwtf, but certainly not metal...yet

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I'm working on mine too. I'm gonna stain it though.

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I’ve been putting in Floors for ten years, please don’t.

Just curious, why?

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Stain is very difficult to apply evenly to large areas. And in my humble opinion, never looks better than a natural wood finish. But in the end it’s all about what the customer wants, I just don’t like it.

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According to my girlfriend, drink apple juice. We've been together for a year and a half and she hasn't dropped it. Even after she did an Instagram pole, that she lost, and every single other person we ask takes my side.

So here's the story:

It's one of those, "everyone tells us we should date, but we pretend to ignore it and get embarrassed" things, so there is some build up. We go to our first proper date after I asked her out on a sort of date at her house. We go to a fairly nice lunch restaurant in town. We get to a table and we order drinks (we are both 17 amd drinking age when not with parents is 18 in the UK - so no booze), I obviously order the apple juice and she says nothing about it, because who would. We have a nice date finishing off at the museum (because obviously I am so immature and unclassy... Go figure). Everything was a tad awkward, but first dates when you're still fairly young and new to relationships willalways be like that. But it was good.

After... Maybe 6 months (?), she tells me in an off hand comment that apple juice was a weird thing to drink on a first date. I am confused amd rather than explain it at any point, she just says "I don't know, it just is" and doubles down.

It goes on for months every so often she brings it up and is really surprised and shocked that I don't agree with her. Everytime I get confused by her judgement of my beverage choice, she says that I am the weird one and that I just don't understand. I contribute it to maybe her having grown up in America and maybe it's a thing there (I've lived in the UK all my life).

Finally she gets so annoyed that I don't agree and forms an Instagram poll (for those who read the original, I realise I spelled poll wrong - I am a silly mongoose) asking her like 400 followers what they think. It is almost unanimously in my favour and rather than admit, she doubles down and says everyone is weird.

A year later, she has asked anyone that would answer about it and the only person to truly agree is her mum.

I give up and resign myself to an apple-juice-less existence.

I comment on a r/AskReddit post about worst things to do on a first date.

I get a bunch of replies about how she be crazy and I should dump her. I won't dump her over that, she is cool with everything else. But I WILL listen to all of those replies telling me to bulk buy apple juice and solely drink apple juice around her.

(Sorry if some words are missing spaces between them, my phone keyboard has too much of a gap below the space bar, so I miss it a lot)

Edit : everyone wanted more context, so I added a bunch.

Edit 2 : i think we solved it. I have grown up 100% in Britain, my girlfriend grew up in America until the age of 13. Everyone who agrees with my girlfriend seems to be American or at least not English. Well I can now go back to her and tell her she is just a filthy fire-ahem- that it's to do with social norms. In America, kids drink apple juice, so American adults (who are more predisposed to judging people) think it's weird and childish. But in the UK, everyone drinks apple juice and therefore it isn't weird for a British lad.

Edit 3 : i feel like I should say not all Americans clearly, but it is a thing in America, so therefore a fair few Americans do have this opinion.

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Yeah that’s definitely an American thing. I’m a guy and I think that’d be a weird drink order. Acceptable drinks are soda and water really unless you’re getting alcohol. Breakfast, maybe apple juice would be okay, still kinda weird.

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