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Miamiheat104 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Some_Mathematician 4,244 points

When I eat sandwiches, I always eat all the crust first in a circle, then I eat the middle. It’s just how I’ve always eaten them, but apparently this strategy is seen as psychotic to most.

Miamiheat104 5 points

No this is the correct way of eating sandwiches, especially grilled cheese. That last bite of pure melted cheesy goodness.

N8theGR8007 5,200 points

When I eat, ill eat all of one item first, then move to the next. No switching back and forth. Idk why its viewed as weird but it is.

Miamiheat104 1 point

Oh man my buddy does this and it drives me CRAZY. Mash potatoes and steak were meant to be eaten in one bite!

Miamiheat104 commented on a post in r/golf
I-think-Im-funny 2 points

Can someone tell me if the pin positions they use in Day 4 are normally easy ones to promote high scoring rounds, or tough ones to sort the field out?

Miamiheat104 3 points

They’re usually more accessible, where as Thursday Friday they’re more hidden

Mind__Is__Blown 5 points

Random question. To play Augusta you basically need to be a member or invited by one. Are PGA Tour pros members at all or most major clubs, or can they basically just walk in at any major course and they'll be able to play because they're a pro?

Appreciate the responses. Makes sense that most of these pros are connected enough within the sport that they could make arrangements ahead of time either with a member or the club itself.

Miamiheat104 2 points

There’s about 300 members of Augusta at any given time, and no one really knows much about membership there. They have a very strict don’t ask don’t tell policy

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Miamiheat104 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Choosecharmander 6,201 points

kikkoman soy sauce with red cap vs kikkoman soy sauce with green cap (low sodium)

it is NOT the same thing!

-edit: wow no idea this would get so many upvotes. thanks for gold!

Miamiheat104 1 point

Thank you!

bookzbuckets 1 point

Literally any café I stop at since I live in Italy and its cheap, fresh, and amazing.

Miamiheat104 1 point

I’m from the US so I can’t say I’ve ever had amazing coffee, although dunks cold brew is pretty good 🙃

bookzbuckets 2 points

I'm from the US as well but just living here for a few years cause work. I love dark bold coffee and Italians kill it with their espresso. Got rid of my coffee pot, got espresso machine. Even just making a shot of espresso with some grocery store regular coffee and adding hot water is miles ahead of anything I've had in the US.

I'm not like a coffee snob or anything and when I go back I'm going to still get gas station coffee, starbucks,and whatever else is around but for sure I'm going to invest in a 110V espresso machine for home.

The only coffee I truly have a huge aversion to is dunkin doughnuts. I would rather have 48 hour old decaf from Circle K at 2 am than a fresh cup of dunkin.

Miamiheat104 1 point

If you’re a hot coffee drinker I understand the Dunks drawback, my mom hates their hot coffee. But I love espresso, idk why I haven’t invested yet. It’s the only hot coffee I’ll drink (clearly I’ve never had good coffee as I only drink iced).

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Miamiheat104 commented on a post in r/Jaguars
Miamiheat104 1 point

As a Pats diehard fan, I’ll give it to you. Bortles played unbelievable and made some great passes. Not trying to belittle your team at all, you guys came from 3-13 to the AFC Championship against a very good team (still trying to be humble) and gave us a hell of a game. You guys are only going up from here.

Sincerely, Not and asshole Pats fan

Edit: here not hear

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