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Miamiheat104 1 point

I just spent the weekend at my buddies school and went to some girls house last night. I noticed that her body was really squishy for some reason. She was very skinny so I didn’t get it. The next morning when I went back to my friends house they informed me that she had liposuction surgery. Safe to say it was a very odd and unpleasant night. And to top it off the girl was a psycho-path.

So I’m not doing great, got lots of regrets.

Miamiheat104 1 point

Okay maybe I’ll wait. But BCC is at like $1300 right now so I think I’d have about $100! I’m in college and that’s a lot to this poor kid!

carolina0406 1 point

What’s your zip?

I️ could do $35 shipped if that interests you

Miamiheat104 1 point

I found one on Barnes and noble for $30, sorry!

thedimlimlama 1 point

i tried a few times and i got through

Miamiheat104 1 point

Yeah I’m in now

andrewbuck40 3 points

Also, look at the other threads under /new before you post the 10th thread asking the same question everyone else is.

Miamiheat104 1 point

Yeah my bad

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SwollenPeckas 4 points

There was that one time that someone gave away thousands of Steam product keys on Reddit which were so obviously stolen that I was surprised the mods or anyone else didn't say anything. This is back when I used to lurk, but everyone that brought it up just got downvoted anyway. Ignorance isn't an excuse, receiving stolen products is still a crime.

Then there was that time some neckbeard decided he was a detective and started the 'find the Boston bomber' subreddit and it turned into a giant witch hunt that implicated several innocent people.

Miamiheat104 1 point

Oh God I remember that. I live about half an hour north of Boston so I was pretty invested in that.

Ronnylicious 8 points

Honestly, I wouldn't know where to start. That's what makes Reddit awesome

Miamiheat104 2 points

I guess I should’ve been more specific than “stupid.” I was thinking like most “I can’t believe they just posted that” type things

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azur08 601 points

My top 5 all time:

1) Pat Conaughton

2) JJ Reddick

3) Jacob Poeltel

4) Sean Bradley

5) Steve Blake

Miamiheat104 8 points

Fun fact, I went to school with Pat Connaughton and gave him an alley oop in tryouts (did not make the team). He went to Saint John’s Prep in Danvers MA

pellycanfly 2 points

That's bullshit you didn't make the team. You made him look good.

Miamiheat104 1 point

Politics man

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Miamiheat104 2 points


Sub_Corrector_Bot 4 points

You may have meant r/dataisbeautiful instead of R/dataisbeautiful.

Remember, OP may have ninja-edited. I correct subreddit and user links with a capital R or U, which are usually unusable.


Miamiheat104 4 points

Thank you bot, I’m very sorry

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