40% Vmware license cost raise from October 2018 on.... by tomsonxxx in vmware

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We're a large VCPP provider. The cost of the VCPP points (like anything) should be negotiable, but it's not always an easy fight. What aren't you using now that might be interesting for your customers moving to a higher point bundle?

Offering Log Management via Log Insight would be useful for anyone who has a compliance need (HIPAA or PCI DSS).

vCD 9.1 is a big step up from vCD 8.20 if that's the last time you looked at it.

NSX is great with vCD on top, otherwise it's not multi-tenanted.

That's pretty annoying that they're dropping the lowest point bundle, but it might be an opportunity to look at possibly offering more to your customers. If none of that is interesting, that's even more reason to push back on point pricing.

Everyone loves to bitch about printers, DNS, QuickBooks, Cisco, or HP. What is something that you absolutely love? by anothercleaverbeaver in sysadmin

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I'm actually a pretty reasonable guy who's just a technologist and who can spot bad solutions when he sees them, because I've seen really good software.

Eh, fair enough. We can agree to disagree on AD.

"Simple RSOP" just make sure you don't gather extended statistics or anything is applied via local security policy, also have fun waiting when you're polling a device via a poor wan connection. Come on, none of this is "good", you've just come to accept it.

These are edge cases, but could cause you some pain. Gathering extended statistics does take a couple minutes. I don't know why you'd mix local policies and group policies other than being a masochist.

Anything beyond the most basic search requires either writing complex filters and then good luck exporting the results. This is why there are so many third party tools for working with AD.

This hasn't been true since the AD PowerShell module came out in 2009, but before that you're absolutely correct. To be fair, querying any directory via LDAP requires writing annoyingly complex filters.

Most LDAP is insanely byzantine and confusing, mostly because the standards are pretty crazy. I think they're ALL pretty bad!

Heh, yeah I wouldn't mind a widely adopted replacement standard that was a little less obtuse.

Everyone loves to bitch about printers, DNS, QuickBooks, Cisco, or HP. What is something that you absolutely love? by anothercleaverbeaver in sysadmin

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Not really surprised from r/sysadmin. It's a bunch of windows admins who've never worked on anything besides windows environments and don't realize how bad it is, which is exactly why I called it stockholm syndrome.

Oh, you're one of those *nix guys. I'm probably wasting my time even trying to discuss anything with you, but let's give it a go anyway.

They're all awful. I can't tell you the number of times I've watched people struggle to figure out how/why a particular policy was applied or try to remove it, usually with multiple reboots, sometimes for seemingly no reason.

A simple RSOP report on the client should give you a pretty clear indication of what specific policies are being applied and from where, but sure. If you had a really poorly laid out GP implementation, I could see how it might be a bit harder.

That's because all they do is right click copy, right click disable, right click password reset.

User creation, deletion, group management, hell even Exchange user management is all pretty simple in AD. I'm not sure what you're doing in AD that is that complicated, but I'm honestly willing to listen.

You like AD because you have to like AD, the alternative would be changing careers. And look being an expert at it can be attractive financially, I get it, it's the same reason I have an uncle who still writes COBOL. But that doesn't make it good.

There are some pretty strong assumptions here. I don't work on AD. Most of my focus is on virtualization, SDDC, and containers. I just make an effort to understand parts of the infrastructure I don't need to really touch on a day to day basis.

Since AD is so terrible, what is the best thing to replace it with? FreeIPA? OpenLDAP?

Everyone loves to bitch about printers, DNS, QuickBooks, Cisco, or HP. What is something that you absolutely love? by anothercleaverbeaver in sysadmin

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Like I said, Stockholm syndrome. No one with anything beneath this level of dedication and experience and any common sense would feel the same way.

I also disagree with you, and judging by the score on your original comment, I'm not alone. I'm also not sure why you're being a condescending dick here, but maybe you're just a BOFH.

There's a reason why a fair number of Linux shops run a few Windows boxes for AD. It's honestly a good product, and managing AD is pretty simple. Hell, even our helpdesk guys have zero problem picking it up.

I'm not sure I'd call group policies "naught invisible or difficult to maintain". The basics are pretty easy to pick up, and I'd challenge you to show me another desktop policy management tool that works as well as group policy.

Remember BDCs? shudder

The whole PDC/BDC concept was from NT Domain (which was released 22 years ago), not Active Directory. Active Directory was launched Server 2000 and has no concept of a primary or backup domain controller.

I'd venture to say you don't know what you're talking about, which may be at the heart of your distaste.

Anyone installed a proximity (prox) card system in their home? by PerestroikaPal in HomeImprovement

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There are some Chinese clones on Amazon that are likely pretty decent. There's really not much to these systems.

You scan the card which reads the number, passes it back to the little controller that says "Yes, this card has access to door 1" and then activates a relay that unlocks the door. You could create one of these systems with an arduino if you really wanted to.

[HIRING] IT Manager / Systems Administrator - NYC by [deleted] in sysadminjobs

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You're looking for a manager with 5 years of leadership experience, who knows Windows, Linux, Mac, VMware, and has a solid networking background. Then they also need to be an Microsoft Exchange admin and a solid DBA for both MySQL and Postgres. On top of all of those skills, they will need to man the helpdesk and work the long days required by pretty much every startup.

Oh and all the infrastructure this poor overworked person will need to deploy and maintain needs to be PCI compliant so they sure as hell better understand the auditing and compliance world and the complexities of the current PCI DSS 3.2 requirements.

All of this for only $100k (and no equity mentioned) in one of the highest cost of living cities in the country. lol.

Go hire an MSP. You'll be better off and you won't have to deal with the high turnover this position would have at this salary.

Anyone installed a proximity (prox) card system in their home? by PerestroikaPal in HomeImprovement

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He got ripped off. Commercial installers tend to gouge on these things since most don't do them all that often (since they last a really long time and rarely need any maintenance) so the margin is usually high to make it worth their time. In all the commercial installs I've had done, we've paid about a quarter of what he he said above.

These systems are honestly pretty simple. Some basic low voltage wiring to each reader and door latch that runs back to a panel. Programming is done with a PC and is very straight forward. The hardest part is just running the wiring.

You could install one of these on your house for less than $1000 (plus wiring if you don't DIY that) for two doors. Each additional door will cost about $50 in hardware. The cards or fobs themselves are a couple dollars each.

Why is steven getting rid of everything that made this community special ? by Demokrit_44 in Destiny

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I've been around since before the switch to own3d and can definitely confirm it was like this long before Cake built Overrustle (which wasn't intended for movies, it was more of a happy accident). Hell, the after-steam chat debauchery even got the whole chat banned from the official quakenet servers way back when.

The community has thrived when Steven isn't streaming because chat has some cool duders to talk to (and to wait for the steam to start because he can't keep a schedule to save his fucking life, let's be real my dude).

New Supra Promotional Video from Toyota/GR by vodkaknockers in cars

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I'm at around 550, and it's definitely not too much. I'm going to go up to the 650 mark and see how it is. I might want more.

On a curvy back road you definitely don't get to use 100% of it most of the time, but on the highway it's a different story. It's really nice for on ramps ;)

Yeah, a Singer is a blast to drive at the 400 hp mark, but their cars are also significantly lighter than a modern production car. Keep in mind they've also put out a 964 911 that makes around 500 hp and weighs under 2200lbs.

In a modern 3500 lb car, that'd be around 800 hp to maintain the same power to weight ratio.

VCD 9.1 released by tomsonxxx in vmware

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I was in the beta program for this. If memory serves, they're saying "if you install RabbitMQ it needs to be version 3.6".

Which ones? by HeronKirigaya in tf2

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Oh, yeah, it's a fake account.

Which ones? by HeronKirigaya in tf2

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How did you find this random comment buried in a comment thread from 5 months ago?

P65-E1 White Lines by PhantomL1mb in VizioTV

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Yep, you need to go through the troubleshooting steps before they dispatch a part.

See this thread for the official Vizio response: http://goedhartvoordieren.nl/?page=r/VizioTV/comments/7y0tan/p65e1_customer_support/

P65-E1 White Lines by PhantomL1mb in VizioTV

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Vizio will send a tech to your house to replace the offending board. If your TV is wall mounted, you'll need to unmount it yourself, otherwise the tech will handle everything.

Atlantis Blue M3 by ilovemanele in carporn

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BMW Individual will do some pretty wild stuff as long as you're willing to pay for it. For instance, here is a full individual interior on a BMW M4 Convertible.

If you're interested in how much this kind of thing costs, here is the price list that was provided to the customer for him to okay before the build started. Note the red text showing that the one requested customization wasn't possible due to how the part is built, which sometimes happens.

They have a department that only handles Individual requests and investigates what it would take to make customizations for each customer. I was lucky enough to score a behind the scenes look while I was in Munich doing my Euro delivery, and they really do their best to make a customer's vision a reality. You can truly build a one of a kind car.

Atlantis Blue M3 by ilovemanele in carporn

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It depends on how custom the color is. Atlantis Blue is a BMW color, just not offered on this car, so it's a $5000 USD upcharge. Not all that terrible, considering the price of the car.

Paint to sample is more, and it's on a case by case basis. When (and if) BMW approves the PTS color, they'll send a quote back to the dealer for the color. The customer can then elect to move forward or not.

Atlantis Blue M3 by ilovemanele in carporn

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No, it is absolutely Atlantis Blue.

Here's more info from the owner: http://f80.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1451210