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Love the license plate, I’m snipped also!

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Same here! One of the best decisions I've made.

Am I doing something wrong? I use OBS to record the sound of my gameplay, but the video quality is just awful.

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You probably need to increase the resolution and/or bitrate of what you're recording.

Love it, but I wish they would implement an option to steam to two or more services simultanously. I currently use, but I'd love to do it all in app if I know my PC can handle it.

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You're looking for an RTMP relay. There are lots of free options out there, although it'd be nice to have it natively in OBS.


Replacing all my junk microfiber with stuff from The Rag Company - help me spend $200 and update the wiki!

I want to replace everything I have, and add things that I don't have currently. This is probably a good basis for an "Detailing Enthusiast Microfiber Pack", so I

Here's what I'm looking for with a budget of $200-250 USD (or less if that's overkill):

  1. Drying towels
  2. General purpose interior towels
    1. Leather cleaning/conditioning towels if they'd be different
  3. General purpose exterior towels (door jams, engine bay, etc.)
  4. Glass towels
  5. Polish dust/wax removal towels
  6. Dirty stuff towels (exhaust tips, wheels, etc.)
  7. Anything else you guys think would be relevant (other towels, towel cleaner, etc.)

Hey there! More than happy to help you out and point you in the right direction :)

Drying towels - For Super Soft Paint, grab the Pluffle. For a SUPER absorbent towel, go with the twistress!

General purpose interior towelsLeather cleaning/conditioning towels if they'd be different - I would recommend the Edgeless 365 or the Edgeless 300 if you prefer a lighter towel

General purpose exterior towels (door jams, engine bay, etc.) - Creature Edgeless Hands Down!

Glass towels - Premium Blue Glass Towel

Polish dust/wax removal towels - The Eagles are great! But if you need a more aggressive towel, try the Edgeless 365

Dirty stuff towels (exhaust tips, wheels, etc.) - Go with the Edgeless 245 in Black!

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Drying towels - For Super Soft Paint, grab the Pluffle. For a SUPER absorbent towel, go with the twistress!

Why these ones over the Dry Me a River Jr.?

All your other recommendations seem to line up with what I have in my cart :)

The Dry me a River are fantastic towels, but I suppose it comes down to preference for some. The pluffle is a hybrid weave that we specifically made to be safe and absorbent due to its longer pile on top. The Dry Me a River was made to be absorbent, but due to the lower pile there is less room for dirt to go if you missed an area with your mitt. Hopefully I explained that right

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Makes perfect sense. Thanks again!

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I would actually swap the jack for one of these aluminum jacks from Harbor Freight. The saddle is considerably larger and they're easier to move around because they're lighter.

I'd also skip the impact and impact sockets for now since rotating tires isn't something I can imagine Destiny will want to do often. I'd probably just take it to a tire shop and have them rip it out in 10 minutes with a lift and air tools. For anyone else looking for tool recommendations, the Milwaukee fuel stuff is pretty damned good.

I would highly recommend purchasing a basic metric socket set though. Destiny mentioned he wanted to change his brakes at some point, and he's going to need real tools to manage it.

Maybe I'll fly down to visit and we can do a "guide to babby's first car maintenance without putting your life in danger" stream.

Score hidden · 1 month ago

Thanks for everything you all do!

I actually like "help me" posts. Maybe as a compromise, you could consolidate the "Reddit teach me basic detailing" threads to a weekly thread and allow specific "how should I address this specific issue" as their own threads.

If you guys need help with hosting (technically) or some cash to offset costs, I'd be happy to contribute.

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It’s a community college datacenter so i assume it’s pretty trash storage

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As long as you're running vSphere 6.0 (shame on anyone still using 5.5 or below), just install the HTML5 fling appliance and forget the flash client exists 99% of the time.

It only needs 2 vCPUs, 4 GB of RAM, and up to 14 GB of disk.

Unless you're using NSX, you'll probably rarely ever need to touch the flash client again.

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I'm 4'2". Someone mail me a fuckin gnome costume for fat midgets and I'll do it.

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Post proof that you are only 4'2" and I'll seriously consider it.

Good luck everyone!

IIRC the built in USB really isn't for playing video, it's for manual firmware updates and maybe pictures. It only supports old file systems to that makes it extremely limited on the size of videos it'll play.

Install Plex on your computer instead and stream it to the TV. Not only does it have a bunch more features, it's dead simple and free.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

So play on pc using plex , cast to tv for easiest?

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You don't need to play it on the PC. It makes the PC a media server that the TV can stream from directly. The TV has a built in Plex app.

What games have you been testing with?

Thanks for doing the giveaway!

I've spent a good bit of time doing ERP, but have since moved on. We looked at a few different options and ended up setting on Epicor. Version 9 was rough, but 10 seems to have fixed a lot of what was wrong from the technical side of the house.

The best advice I can give you is to change your business processes to fit the ERP rather than the other way around. Not only are most ERPs designed around best practices, trying to customize (read: bastardize) the system to fit your home grown business processes leads to a ton of unnecessary cost and pain.

Our executive team gave in to pushback from other departments and we ended up putting in a bunch of custom code and workarounds to try and make the ERP fit the business processes. A few years later we ended up re-implementing the product during a major version upgrade to undo a lot of the customization work that cost somewhere around the $2M mark.

I'd highly recommend getting buy-in on changing business processes to fit the system before you start down the purchasing road. The degree of customization you need will influence your purchasing decision.

Have fun!

I love that bikes exhaust note. Nuda, isn't it?

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He has a bunch of bikes. That video was mostly the Nuda and his S1000R.

Original Poster24 points · 2 months ago

Completely.... I wasn’t expecting the difference to be so great. Very pleasantly surprised.

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Once you're comfortable with the stock power level, I'd recommend looking at tuning options. The car is a monster with a tune.

Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

If all you do is bare basic VPS, and IaaS on ancient underutilized hardware I can see why you might question the costs of the product

Not that i do everything perfectly but...i know my environment and the things you've mentioned are basically not the issue reservations, no old hardware, rightsizing according to our product policies etc.

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We're a large VCPP provider. The cost of the VCPP points (like anything) should be negotiable, but it's not always an easy fight. What aren't you using now that might be interesting for your customers moving to a higher point bundle?

Offering Log Management via Log Insight would be useful for anyone who has a compliance need (HIPAA or PCI DSS).

vCD 9.1 is a big step up from vCD 8.20 if that's the last time you looked at it.

NSX is great with vCD on top, otherwise it's not multi-tenanted.

That's pretty annoying that they're dropping the lowest point bundle, but it might be an opportunity to look at possibly offering more to your customers. If none of that is interesting, that's even more reason to push back on point pricing.

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I'm actually a pretty reasonable guy who's just a technologist and who can spot bad solutions when he sees them, because I've seen really good software.

Eh, fair enough. We can agree to disagree on AD.

"Simple RSOP" just make sure you don't gather extended statistics or anything is applied via local security policy, also have fun waiting when you're polling a device via a poor wan connection. Come on, none of this is "good", you've just come to accept it.

These are edge cases, but could cause you some pain. Gathering extended statistics does take a couple minutes. I don't know why you'd mix local policies and group policies other than being a masochist.

Anything beyond the most basic search requires either writing complex filters and then good luck exporting the results. This is why there are so many third party tools for working with AD.

This hasn't been true since the AD PowerShell module came out in 2009, but before that you're absolutely correct. To be fair, querying any directory via LDAP requires writing annoyingly complex filters.

Most LDAP is insanely byzantine and confusing, mostly because the standards are pretty crazy. I think they're ALL pretty bad!

Heh, yeah I wouldn't mind a widely adopted replacement standard that was a little less obtuse.

Comment deleted3 months ago

Thanks, you too!

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initial setup was around $7,000 + about $1,500 per door


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He got ripped off. Commercial installers tend to gouge on these things since most don't do them all that often (since they last a really long time and rarely need any maintenance) so the margin is usually high to make it worth their time. In all the commercial installs I've had done, we've paid about a quarter of what he he said above.

These systems are honestly pretty simple. Some basic low voltage wiring to each reader and door latch that runs back to a panel. Programming is done with a PC and is very straight forward. The hardest part is just running the wiring.

You could install one of these on your house for less than $1000 (plus wiring if you don't DIY that) for two doors. Each additional door will cost about $50 in hardware. The cards or fobs themselves are a couple dollars each.

Equipment recommendations?

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There are some Chinese clones on Amazon that are likely pretty decent. There's really not much to these systems.

You scan the card which reads the number, passes it back to the little controller that says "Yes, this card has access to door 1" and then activates a relay that unlocks the door. You could create one of these systems with an arduino if you really wanted to.

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This might get buried since this thread is getting some traction...

My uncle used to work for HP (recently left about a month or so ago) and worked closely with the Omen group. I just spoke to him about this ordeal and he personally knows the executive that runs monitor and display group and he said he'll forward this to her and see what she says. I'll keep you guys posted if he hears anything from her.

edit: @7:20pm Friday... Asked my uncle for an update... He said he sent the executive the link to this reddit thread at around 4:30pm but as of right now, she hasn't responded to it yet.

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!RemindMe 2 days

It was special enough to keep a lot of people like me around for a huge amount of time even when I had 0 Interest in whatever it was you were doing on your stream.

This was already happening, you're just too new to remember.

Having 200-500 People in your offline chat with an average of 2k-3k viewers is actually insane so I don't really see how you could claim that it is not anything special.

This was already happening, you're just too new to remember.

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6 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

I've been around since before the switch to own3d and can definitely confirm it was like this long before Cake built Overrustle (which wasn't intended for movies, it was more of a happy accident). Hell, the after-steam chat debauchery even got the whole chat banned from the official quakenet servers way back when.

The community has thrived when Steven isn't streaming because chat has some cool duders to talk to (and to wait for the steam to start because he can't keep a schedule to save his fucking life, let's be real my dude).

9 points · 3 months ago

messaged me the reminders about 6 months later than it was supposed to.

Assassins Creed Black Flag?

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Why does everybody want a super powered car? Where would you ever enjoy more than 400HP max outside of a track?

I think companies like Singer got it right. 350-400HP is the sweet spot, that's still normally drivable and enjoyable for absolute majority of customers.

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I'm at around 550, and it's definitely not too much. I'm going to go up to the 650 mark and see how it is. I might want more.

On a curvy back road you definitely don't get to use 100% of it most of the time, but on the highway it's a different story. It's really nice for on ramps ;)

Yeah, a Singer is a blast to drive at the 400 hp mark, but their cars are also significantly lighter than a modern production car. Keep in mind they've also put out a 964 911 that makes around 500 hp and weighs under 2200lbs.

In a modern 3500 lb car, that'd be around 800 hp to maintain the same power to weight ratio.

Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

..from now on Rabbit MQ mandatory...?...or is the requiered part concerning Version 3.6 only if you should use Rabbit MQ`?

"vCloud Director uses AMQP to provide the message bus used by extension services, object extensions, and notifications. This release of vCloud Director requires RabbitMQ version 3.6"

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I was in the beta program for this. If memory serves, they're saying "if you install RabbitMQ it needs to be version 3.6".

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I think I know what your taking about. The type R owner was being really defensive of his car and then he started filming mr regular. You could tell it was just really awkward

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Have a link?

Original Poster15 points · 4 months ago


Corrected and coated this M4 last weekend. Overall it was in good condition. The paint wasn’t too hard and was very accommodating to correction. Three passes with Griots Fast Correct Cream on microfiber was about all it took to get 99% of the defects out. There were a couple of RIDS that required some wet sanding but they cleaned up easily. The worst was the scratch on the driver side front fender. It was deep but some 2000 and 3000 with rid stix cleaned it right up.

Where I couldn’t use MF pads on the G21 I used orange Hybrid pads on the Flex. The carbon was polished with blue Hybrid pads and Menzerna 2500. There was PPF on select areas of the vehicle so that was lightly polished as well.

I followed up with SF4000 and panel wiped with Eraser. Cquartz was layed down and the next day I applied Reload over the Cquartz and glass. Overall it was smooth sailing for this project, a welcome change from the last few.

I don’t have as many pictures or videos of this one. Even though it was going smoothly I had a tight schedule as I had another vehicle coming Sunday shortly after pickup. It was also raining heavily most of the morning so I had taken a lot of pictures in the garage. Luckily, right as the vehicle was being picked up, it stopped raining. I took it outside very quickly for some pictures and backed it back in the garage.

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Which Cquartz did you use?

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