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Minifig81 commented on a post in r/ATBGE
SilentBob890 36 points

Police: "it looks like his throat was crushed... by tiny fingers... My god, could we have a child killer on the loose?"

Minifig81 3 points

*Something something about "We must go hunt the man in the big White house!"*

Shitty_Watercolour 346 points
Minifig81 7 points

Hey S_W, I noticed that your watercolors are looking more.. digital. Are you moving away from the actual watercolor element and going more digital lately?

faultedcraic 26 points

Hey it sucks that your 3DS was stolen, I’m sorry! But atleast you get to start over on a clean slate and fall in love with the game more the second time over (thats what I did, started again in August after selling my 3DS about a year before) I’m on holiday at the moment and the wifi isnt great but I’m home tomorrow so if theres anything you need for your town let me know and I’ll see if I can help :) P.s. happy birthday!

Minifig81 [score hidden]

Might have to take you up on that. I need "thick glasses" "plain black cap" and a "black letter jacket", along with every fruit in the game except for apples.

Could you help me with that? I don't need anything else, not even bells... I wanna see if I can do this on my own - again.

Also; thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

Yatagarasu_3 [score hidden]

This happened to me but with all of my 3ds and ds games back in 2013. I only live like 15min from the airport so I contacted the airline pretty quickly and told them my game case and games were missing (providing pics and everything). They told me nothing was found thus meaning a worker stole it. So lame of them to take your 3ds. Happy birthday nonetheless!

Minifig81 [score hidden]

Yuppers, same thing happened to me.

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Minifig81 commented on a post in r/todayilearned
brownjr3 -2 points

ye ah fuck buisiness rights, i wish we just banned everything

Minifig81 1 point

You do realize... it used to be that way. Business rights has nothing to do with the fact at all. If you want medication, go talk to your doctor, don't listen to a tv. I'm sick of my shows being interrupted for five to ten minutes because of the fact that they need to tell me the name of one pill for what-the-hell-ailment and then five minutes of it's side effects. I go to my doctor to find out what medication I should be taking and what side effects it may have. The tv does not need to do that for me.

brownjr3 2 points

it used to be that way

what a fantastic argument

give me ONE reason why medications dont have the right fast food or other products of

i go to the doctor to ask about medication

what if your doctor recommends a drug with too strong a sideffect or any reason, there is no need to restrict it

Minifig81 1 point

what if your doctor recommends a drug with too strong a sideffect or any reason, there is no need to restrict it

Because advertising on tv restricts things? Your doctor should be the one who tells you about the drug you're taking and it's side effects. We don't need ten minute long commercials telling us what we should be taking and what their side effects are when that should be your doctor's job.

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Minifig81 commented on a post in r/atheism
Dudesan 96 points

I initially parsed the title as "The Duggar Family Who Chained And Starved 13 Children...", and my only objection was "I thought they had more than that?".

Minifig81 2 points

I'd say you're going to Hell for that comment, but seeing as you're already in this subreddit, you're already going.

Meetcha by the nacho bar?

Minifig81 commented on a post in r/gaming
jcreate4 0 points

Woah dude! Ive NEVER submitted a video on reddit before in my life... i think you meant to comment to the other guy! Lol sorry Minifig

Minifig81 1 point

I did. My apologies. There are several subreddits for new youtubers, I do not know of them though.

jcreate4 0 points

Ok gotcha! What sub reddits do you think i need to search for? The video i have wasn’r even of me! It was a funny video of a guy play games with his glasses 🤓

Minifig81 1 point

/r/newyoutubers ? I don't know. Google "new Youtuber subreddit". See what comes up. Hope that helps.

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Minifig81 commented on a post in r/cats
Meowllori 4 points

I have a question for cat owners: I am DYING to get a furry loaf, but my husband is really, really grossed out by cats walking on kitchen counters. Is there a way to truly train them to stay off of them? If so, what tactics worked for you? I know you can always just clean the counters before you cook, but the husband said that’s a no go.

P.S. don’t tell me to get rid of the husband for a cat. I’ve considered this option. Don’t tempt me even more.

Minifig81 1 point

There are things like this; ; for the very same problem your husband has. :)

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